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January 6th 1986 – Wogan for Arcadia

This is the diary that all this comes from!

Wogan BBC TV Theatre

Sylvy and I went to see Wogan. Well we tried. I got a ticket but Sylv didn’t so I got in to see ’em. Simon and Nick performed ‘The Promise’ (Arcadia). And they were really great when they came out. I nearly got Si’s autograph, but he said ‘Sorry Girls’ and walked away with Yasmin. Nick and Julie-anne was there too. I grabbed hold of Simon (very gently). So it was the first time I got to see them.

Well. Not really. Sylv and I also went to see them coming out of Saturday Superstore, BBC TV Centre on Saturday 30th November 1985. I couldn’t see Simon. but I stood in front of Nick’s limo window and he waved!!!!


The BBC TV Theatre where Wogan was filmed is now the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Back then it was a TV studio for ‘Wogan’ a chat show hosted by Terry Wogan. All tickets were free to this show and often people in the queue had spares, hence the reason I went in – but obviously only got one ticket as I left my friend outside! This happened a bit and it wasn’t such a problem as you met other fans outside of the shows. This was sometimes a good thing. Meeting other fans could sometimes mean finding out more about what Duran were up to. Later on it was the best part of going to see Duran, meeting the other fans. A lot of who I met in 1986 are very much a part of my life now!

In saying that though Duran fans have always been a secretive bunch. You will find that out when you read more of my diary entries!

BBC TV Centre, where the Saturday morning kids TV show Saturday Superstore was filmed, was a mainstay for Duran fans. At White City, TV Centre was a massive building filled with studio’s filming many shows that Duran would appear on. I have been there when Duran have filmed shows such as Saturday Superstore, Late Late Breakfast Show, Top Of The Pops and later Jonathan Ross.

This place holds many memories, certainly later on when getting into this building was a feat and most definitely against the law!!

This entry is very basic – it is only the start of my diary that spans the mid 80’s and goes on to present day. There will be more interesting entries coming up, but for the sake of posterity, I will be adding all my Duran Diary entries, however interesting they may or may not be!


The Duran Diaries 1985 to……….

Hello. My name is Michelle. And ever since I was around 12 years old  I have loved Duran. When I was 14 I started to try and MEET Duran. I was lucky. I lived in London. Duran lived in London. (Some of the time!) I had many failed attempts of finding where members of Duran lived, where they could be recording, where they would be flying to and from. But I made many friends along the way. Met Duran quite a bit. And I kept a diary from January 1986 until, well, now!

I thought that it may be fun to keep a permanent record of my diaries – in case the real one had a distaster happen to it. Bless my little red, Care Bear stickered diary! It has many good memories in it. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Thanks. Michelle x