The Duran Diaries 1985 to……….

Hello. My name is Michelle. And ever since I was around 12 years old  I have loved Duran. When I was 14 I started to try and MEET Duran. I was lucky. I lived in London. Duran lived in London. (Some of the time!) I had many failed attempts of finding where members of Duran lived, where they could be recording, where they would be flying to and from. But I made many friends along the way. Met Duran quite a bit. And I kept a diary from January 1986 until, well, now!

I thought that it may be fun to keep a permanent record of my diaries – in case the real one had a distaster happen to it. Bless my little red, Care Bear stickered diary! It has many good memories in it. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Thanks. Michelle x


About thedurandiaries

Long time Duran fan. Followed them since 1985 - and that means physically going to see them! I kept a diary from 1986 and thought it may be funny to write them up on a blog. And the profile picture is of the actual of diary. Yes it has Care Bear stickers on it. But this was the 80's. And Care Bears were cute. View all posts by thedurandiaries

2 responses to “The Duran Diaries 1985 to……….

  • Vesna Taylor

    Hy Michelle! Just wanted to say that you are very lucky! I’m now 15 and a big big Duranie. So you know how I feel because you remember a lot of things when you were 14. I almost cried to all these photos, especially the ones with John. Thanks for sharing this with us! And what’s your twitter if I can ask?

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