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29th March 1986 – Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to Nick’s we go….


Went to Nick’s again and met another Duran fan. She was an Andy fan.

We waited outside Nick’s for ages. Just as we decided to give up and started walking back up his road to go home we saw his car go past. So we ran after it!

Nick just ran into his house. But Julie-anne stopped and talked to us. She said she had recieved our pressy. She said that it had ‘frightened the cleaning lady’!

We saw him again, he looked at us from the back seat of his car and probably thought we were crazy!


So we went again to Nick’s house. This was how it worked. We had seen Nick a few times now so we got it into our heads that we should go to Nick’s whenever we had a spare minute! And we would spend a lot of time literally just hanging around. We would walk up and down the same stretch of street. We would go to the local shops as quick as we could to get refreshments, just in case we missed something. We would NOT go to the toilet!!! We would just chat aimlessly. Take pictures – of just the outside of Nick’s house. It really was quite mindless at times. It was a lot better at studios as there were more fans to chat to.

And we probably did look crazy – tearing up the street after Nick’s car like our lives depended on it. It was no wonder he just leapt straight into his house. I don’t think I ever ran after a car again after that. All I kept picturing was what the heck must we have looked like pegging it after his car – I mean really look like? Scary that’s what. I never ran after cars. Just walked. Quite a quick walk, but walked all the same!


27th March 1986 – Back to Nick’s house, AGAIN!

Thursday – from 5.30 onwards.

Today we decided to go to Nick’s house again. This time we found out that Simon and Yasmin were there. And we waited and waited and waited and saw Simon, Yasmin, Nick and Julie-anne walk out of Nick’s house and into a taxi!!!

They didn’t see us, or they did but just ignored us. But they looked gorgeous. Simon and Nick’s hair is now BLONDE. They all looked brill and I was nearly crying. We were going to go to EMI but it was late so we didn’t. We reckon they must be discussing Duran getting back together.

Anyway we chucked a teddy bear over the gate wrapped up really nice and an Easter card. It was great tonight. We are the only ones who have seen Nick and Simon and know they are making decisions on D2 getting back together.


This was a great occasion for me. Seeing Simon close up! I’d seen him on the Wogan show of course. But this was CLOSE UP! Although we were hiding behind cars when we saw them. I always felt uncomfortable going around their houses. But this, at the time, was often the only way you would get to see them. And when we got braver, as following diary entries will show, we actually TALKED to Duran and ASKED them what they were doing and where they were going!

I of course had no idea what they had got together for. I said that they were getting together to discuss Duran – they could have just been going out as friends for a meal somewhere for all I knew! I do remember telling some fans that we had seen Simon and his hair was blonde and they didn’t believe me. (Simon had been very dark for a while). And once again a present was deposited over the gates. A teddy bear this time – along with an Easter Card. Looking back I wonder why we bought these pop stars presents. I mean I was a 15 year old school with barely any pocket money yet I was spending whatever I did have on silly trinkets for a band that could quite easily afford my little gifts 50 times over! We all did it at the time. It was in the hope that they would keep it forever! When in all actuality said gift would go in the bin/charity shop/understairs cupboard never to be seen again!

Oh and to make it quicker to write I always used to write Duran Duran as D2 – like Duran squared……..

20th March 1986 – Trying the Duran’s houses (again)

From 4.30pm onwards

Today, Thursday, we organised a meeting. Me, Sylv, Rae and Anna (who we had met at the BBC a few weeks back) decided to tour around the Duran’s houses.

We went to what we thought was Andy’s house near Sloane Square.  Turns out it isn’t his. Then we went to John’s in Knightsbridge and as we walked past his window his mum and dad were watching tv so we just stood at the end of his road for a bit.

Then we went to Nick’s in Fulham. We bought a box of Ferrero Roche chocolates and stood outside Nick’s house from 7.30 til about 9.30pm. Then we decided to tie Rae’s silk pink scarf round the choccy’s and give them to him. But he had dinner guests so we waited. And waited. Then when more guests arrived the door opened and we saw Nick coming down the stairs!!! Then I saw Julie-Anne washing up at the window.

It was a great night! We ended up hanging the chocolates over the gate by the silk scarf, with a note on it and Rae’s phone number!!!


First of all I found it funny that I had written ‘from 4.30 onwards’ at the top of this entry – just in case my parents saw it and thought I had ‘bunked off’ school! We used to be pretty good. I hardly ever took time off to go and see Duran. If I wanted to during school time I always asked my mum and got her permission. Other friends usually didn’t tell their parents. Sometimes where all nighters were pulled, to see Duran coming out of clubs or parties, ‘staying at Michelle’s’ was often used to get them permission to be out! I never went to these all nighters I have to add. I just let friends use me as an excuse. I was always too scared to go out beyond 10 o’clock to be honest!

On John’s birthday in 1986 a couple of friends went to John’s house as he was apparently having a party there. These friends had to hide as there were apparently police cars crusing the streets.  (John lived in an area where there were many celebrities, George Michael lived around the corner. This sometimes meant there were clashes of fans – the Duranies against the Whammies!) Where did they hide when the police drove by? Under parked cars! I remember them coming back to my house on the first tube the following morning, stinking of petrol and really filthy! But the grins on their faces as they recalled being outside John’s house on his birthday meant it was worth it!

Oh and Ferrero Roche chocolates were, we thought at the time, the most sophisticated chocolates and that sophisticated Nick Rhodes would be overjoyed at receiving them.  And Julie-Anne washing up? I don’t believe I actually saw that but I must have done.  And why did we think in leaving a phone number that Nick would pick up and call one of us?? The naivety of us teenage girls is laughable now!

May 15th 1986 – TVAM in the AM


Don’t know what Simon talked about but probably about the boat again. We went down there to see him come out. I got some pic’s and he was brill.

Afterwards we spent the day looking around trying to find all the Duran’s houses and seeing if they really lived there. In which, nothing happened.

Ah well, better luck next time!


Very short entry this time.

TVAM was an early morning chat show on ITV. It was filmed in Camden, so not so far for me to go to as it was in North London. Going to TVAM meant obviously an early start, although we said we were going for when he came out – so that meant around 9 o’clock. (I obviously didn’t have school that day.)

Simon leaving. You can see Yasmin sitting next to him. On some days this was the best picture you got!COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

I didn’t take many pictures that day. In fact I didn’t take many pictures at all in the 80’s. I only have one photo album from that time as we didn’t have a camera in our house back then. I used to borrow my nan’s camera sometimes. She had a disc camera which at the time was very cute. But they didn’t take brilliant pictures and not many people developed the films as the negatives were on what was called a ‘Daisy Wheel’. Tiny little negs they are!

Saturday 8th March 1986 – John on Saturday Superstore

BBC TV Centre

Went to see John this time, well what a git!!

Some girls that ran in through the barriers  and got inside managed to see him  and they said he was ‘moany’ and when they called him he ignored them! He also left by an exit that only a few girls were stood at. We were at the main gates and there was about 100 of us!!

Afterwards we decided to go to JT’s house and he wasn’t in apparently. But out of his front door came these two girls and we asked them who they were. They said they were old friends of John’s and they ran off up his street holding hands and laughing. After that we went to Nick’s but he wasn’t in either. Saturday wasn’t a good Duran day really. We did meet up with some nice girls though. One called Charlotte who was a John fan and another called Anna who was an Andy fan.


Hanging outside BBC TV Centre was something you did if you wanted a chance to see your idol back in the 80’s. You would hang outside these large gates that were flagged by sentry boxes. The BBC security guards were in them and the BBC called these security guards Commissionaires. The gates would be lifted by them when cars came in with celebrities or workers. This was often the best opportunity to run in alongside a car and try to get into the building! It was often tried and sometimes people got lucky and made it in. Your whole time in the building was spent being chased by these commissionaires – who were usually old and could never keep up! If you got into the BBC you hid in dressing rooms, toilets and once I found myself in a boiler room! I am amazed today at the guts we used to have. We even used to climb over the back fences and get in that way! This is what you did to see your idols in those days. And all we ever wanted was a photo with them or an autograph!!