April 9th 1986 – DeJa Vu John’s House


Met JT again. This time he just came out to talk to us. He didn’t have a car to go to or anything. He talked to us, signed stuff – a poster to me – signed ‘To Michelle With Love, John Taylor’. Cool! I got his autograph too for my penpal in Canada, Carmela. Anyway I took more pictures and I got some with me in them! Terri told me that she took a pic of me looking up at him and him looking down at me! Wow!! Sweet!!! I know I ran down John in an earlier diary entry, but he WAS a git then. But now I have met him he’s really great!

JT & I - The Lucozade, the clothes, the LUCK!

JT & I - The Lucozade, the clothes, the LUCK! COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

He talked to us for about 10 minutes. There was one other girl there we didn’t know – her name was Debra I think. She wanted to talk to him about a band called INXS (Aussie Band) and she asked him whether it was true that he was offered the part of James Bond. JT said ‘I got offered an audition and I turned it down.’

John looked amazing. Really amazing outfit. He said he was going to a premiere of a theatre show called Time. I think it’s something to do with Cliff Richard????

BRILL! WONDERFUL!!! Sorry about the writing – I am so excited. We are going back tomorrow!


John Taylor, outside his Knightsbridge home with his Aston Martin, suited for a premiere (COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS no use without permission)


John quite often liked to just come and chat with fans. I have always thought that most of the time he enjoys the banter. He was obviously all dressed up with somewhere to go and he just told us he was going to a musical called ‘Time’.The Wikipedia entry says this :  “The  West End production, directed and Choreographed by Larry Fuller (assisted by  Arlene Phillips), had a world premiere on  April 9, 1986 at the Dominion Theatre in London England, where it ran for two years.  Cliff Richard starred as Wilder.”

As I said in a previous entry, if you asked people that worked for Duran what was happening, they wouldn’t tell you. Ask a member of Duran – and they would! He was quite happy to tell us that he was going to a premiere, he was quite happy to answer questions that we had. It was interesting about the playing Bond question as that one seemed to crop up all the time in the press – presumably because Duran had done the theme for A View To A Kill a year or so previous. That and the fact that John had said a few times that he was a big fan of Bond. Well, he could have made an amazing Bond – we all know that he has acted quite a bit nowadays!

When he was talking about INXS they were relatively unknown in the UK then. He had chosen a song of theirs called ‘Original Sin’ for his ‘My Top Ten’  – a Radio One show where pop stars would put together a top ten list of their favourite tracks and they would play them on air. I have this recorded off the radio somewhere  – although who know’s where! I don’t remember many tracks he chose, but ‘Original Sin’ by INXS and ‘Life On Mars’ by Bowie were definitely two that I do remember.

Obviously as we had seen him that day – it meant that the whole ‘lucky’ routine had to be repeated. Same clothes. (John must have thought I was homeless or something!) Same Lucozade. (Can’t stomach the stuff now!) And of course the obligatory Twix bar. We were going back tomorrow….!


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