April 11th 1986 – The Lucozade Luck Ran Out!


After being half an hour early, Terri, Sharon (a girl we met at Saturday Supersotre as well), Rae and I sat outside JT’s house. About half an hour later again JT’s mum came out and said ‘You can’t stay here today girls. People are coming to view the house next door to buy it’. So I said ‘Could you give John this teddy. He has been really nice to us this week and we wanna thank him.’ (The present was a dog soft toy with big floppy ears and I put my keyring on it that said ‘YOUNG’). We said to her ‘He’s really nice your son, he’s been lovely to us’. And she thanked us and said she was glad he was nice to us.

Then we went to Westside Studios. It’s a recording studio. John said they were starting there. We got there and waited for around two hours. And guess what. We missed them! Terri stayed and later phoned Rae from a phone box to say JT turned up literally 5 minutes after we left!!

But his mum & dad were nice and we hoped he liked his teddy.

Nobody home! John's Aston and House in Knightsbrigde 1986

Nobody home! John's Aston and House in Knightsbrigde 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS


Can you imagine living next to or anywhere near John Taylor in the 80’s  – and having to sell your house? How do you explain to potential purchasers ‘Yes we have an amazing roof garden with views over London, stunning shops such as Harrods a stones throw away. Oh and a hoard of girls hanging around, all times of the day and night. They sometimes sing too.’ NIGHTMARE! Good job John’s mum was on hand to shoo us off to aid the neighbours in their house sale!

It was a beautiful area that John lived in. A cobblestoned street the houses kind of  the same but with slight quirky differences about them. It was quiet and private. So when a deluge of Duran fans turn up in your exclusive courtyard terrace it had to be a bit of a shock to the private residents, most of whom were very well-to-do extremely well off people. This was Knightsbridge you know! It was miles away from what I was used to in my council house in Hackney, in distance as well as class and taste.

Getting the phone call that we missed them was gutting. But funny remembering phone boxes! Phone boxes back in those days were our only way of communication. You had to have a stack of 2 pence pieces, then it moved up to 10 pence if I recall, if you wanted to make a call. They were bright red kiosks and all that was in them was a phone and a couple of phone books hanging under a little shelf,  which often got used as a seat!  The pages were always ripped out of the phone books, there was graffiti on the walls, empty beer cans on the floor and calling cards stuck everywhere for prostitutes & taxis. They stank of men’s toilets and cigarettes and quite often didn’t work! Sometimes you would walk literally miles, making yourself later and later, trying to find a phone that worked. This was so your could call your mum to say you were going to be late! This was how we communicated in the 80’s. Feels like the stoneage thinking about it.

Westside Studios were in an area of London that at the time wasn’t the best of places to hang out. It was in an area of London called Ladbroke Grove which at the time was pretty run down. It wasn’t far from the lovely houses of Holland Park, but Ladbroke Grove was a seedy, dark place back then. Yet we spent hours there – often quite late – and didn’t really think of the consequences. Coming from Hackney it seemed just like home from home to me to be honest.  Both Hackney and Ladbroke Grove are now pretty expensive areas to live in.

We spent quite some time at Westside. It was great because it was out of the way, we didn’t disturb anyone and we could hang out in a big crowd. But that’s to come…


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