April 13th/15th/19th 1986 – DD go Westside then States side?


Went to Westside Studios again. Waited for a bit and saw JT and Renee. She looked really pretty (as usual) and she was shivering! JT was really nice to us again. It was really cold today and it was Sunday so not much was happening!

Nick came out and I took the last of my pictures of him. He was really nice too – stood talking to us for ages even though it was raining. Tracey and some lady called Pat was there. Pat had some amazing pictures of Simon & Yasmin and Nick & Julie-Anne. We also met some ‘Known Fans’ today – Amy and Sam – who have met the band loads and Duran know them. (SO WHAT!!!)

Nick arriving in the rain at Westside April 1986

Nick arriving in the rain at Westside April 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS


We couldn’t do nothing as we had school. But Terri went to Westside again as she lives nearer than we do. She saw Nick and JT (BITCH!!!) She got Nick’s autograph and she asked John about the teddy that we gave him the other day. At first he apparantly said ‘Huh?’ Then she said.’We gave it to your mum last Friday.’ So he then said ‘Yeah thanks it was sweet.’ So Terri says.


Had school all week and mock exams to revise for so not been around this week. So we went to John’s and Nick’s today to see if they were around. Both houses look all shut up like no-one was there so we went to check out EMI. Nothing happened there either. Maybe they have gone to New York? But it was fun hanging out.


I put three entries together as not much happened this week! I obviously had more important stuff to do as I concentrated on school work so didn’t go to Westside that week.

I also noticed the bitchy side of me coming out for the first time! I always was polite to people, I was a nice girl!! But I obviously started to get a bit of a jealous streak around this time. On meeting the ‘Known Fans’ Amy & Sam and putting in brackets ‘SO WHAT’ – now that right there was total jealousy! I didn’t like the fact that I had been around for weeks going to see Duran and not seeing many other fans, then Sam and Amy turn up and Duran chat to them like old friends and knew their names and…..grrrrrrrrr! I was miffed! Funnily enough Sam and Amy are my closest friends now 25 years later! Funny how things turn out!

I started writing ‘swear’ words then too. BITCH was the rudest word to date that I had written – well I had written that JT was a GIT before, but that was about it! I didn’t feel the need to be rude until this point I think. I was still friends with this Terri – I had written the word to show my annoyance that she had gotten to see Duran and I hadn’t. See, jealousy!

We always assumed that if Duran weren’t at home then they would be in New York. Don’t ask me why, we just did. I think that we thought that London and New York were the ONLY places pop stars would be so therefore if they weren’t in London they’d be in New York! Who knows where they went. I know that my next entry isn’t until May – and it was a BIG entry. Something to do with some big yacht and a big shot lead singer……..


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Long time Duran fan. Followed them since 1985 - and that means physically going to see them! I kept a diary from 1986 and thought it may be funny to write them up on a blog. And the profile picture is of the actual of diary. Yes it has Care Bear stickers on it. But this was the 80's. And Care Bears were cute. View all posts by thedurandiaries

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