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28th May 1986 – Someone’s in Trouble in Pinner


Went to John’s house and Simon’s again. At Simon’s there was this girl called *Amanda. (She’s been to boarding school and apparently been expelled and she runs away from her dad). *Amanda was there with her friend and she was frightened. Her dad was trying to find her as she had left school again without permission.

Then her dad drove up and barged up to Simon’s house. He banged on the door and demanded to see him. He got let into the house for about 20 minutes or so.

This pic was taken outside Simon’s house the previous summer. COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

Then Simon came out. He didn’t look happy. He told us to move on. He said ‘Thanks for coming girls but i’ve got a lot on my mind’. So we said ‘Bye’ then he said ‘I wanna speak to you two’ to *Amanda and her friend. We moved down the street a bit.  He talked to them for about 20 minutes, kissed them and waved them off in *Amanda’s dad’s car!

I know that she was unlucky to have an experience with her dad like that but I sure would like to meet Simon and get all the trimmings!!!


(I changed the girls name to *Amanda – in case she reads this and doesn’t want to be named!)

This is something that members of Duran must have had to deal with occasionally – an irate parent. This girl should have been in school – I think she was a boarder – and her dad was angry. How her dad knew where Simon lived I don’t know!

Having to deal with a parent who was obviously distraught about his daughter meant that Simon had to have a good level of maturity to cope.  (Simon was around 27 years old.) I suppose he could have passed the buck to someone else in his house – I think his parent’s where in. But he dealt with it brilliantly.

I can’t imagine what Simon said to calm her dad down when he was inside the house, but I assume he was told that his daughter had to stop coming to see him and go back to school. He was talking to her dad for around 20 minutes inside and left him inside whilst he came out to talk to *Amanda and her friend.Whatever was said must have worked because I didn’t see her around much again!

Funny that I wished I was the one in trouble so I could get ‘all the trimmings’! That meant a cuddle and a kiss – nothing more as I wasn’t that type of girl!


27th May 1986 – Chelsea, Knightsbridge and success in Pinner


Went to John’s, Nick’s then Simon’s in Pinner with Mary from Brum. After while at Simon’s his mum came out. Then a man knocked on the door and Yasmin answered. Sam the dog ran out and we tried to get it back. Then Simon came out!

WOW!! He wore black jeans and a drum t-shirt with a skull and crossbones on the back.

Simon in Pinner 27th May 1986 Can’t believe how old the cars in the background look! COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

He said ‘Thanks for coming but we are doing something in the house today and there are bad vibes (?) out here’ or something like that. Then Jo said. ‘We did get to Greenwich before you!’ And he put his thumb on his nose and went ‘Naaaanaa’! He was gorgeous!


Another short entry.

Mary, who we had met in Portsmouth, had come to stay for a few days and we were taking her around the Duran’s houses. We got lucky at Simon’s. I remember chasing all over the street for that dog. It think it was a Shih Tzu – butI could be wrong.

Just look at the cars in the background of the pic! Makes me feel really old. The cars look so old fashioned.

Not sure what he meant about bad vibes…..just a nice way of saying ‘Go away now please’ I think. He was never not polite and as I have said before I would imagine that a group of girls hanging outside your (in Simon’s case parents) house, must have been a real pain. He was playful with us, courteous but firm in trying to make us go home. Which we did. We had got what we came for – for Mary to meet a member of Duran. She hadn’t met any of Duran before- even living in Birmingham. And they were a Birmingham band. It made me feel lucky that we could go and see Duran more or less whenever we liked – in London.

24th/25th May 1986 – RUN THE WORLD!! (Or not)


Went to Virgin Megastore and saw Sting. Then went to JT’s but no-one was in. Then spent two hours at St Katherine’s Dock/Tower Bridge coz Drum was moored there. Simon wasn’t on it. We did see Skip Novak, the skipper for Drum and loads of crew members and their families. We are doing ‘RUN THE WORLD’ tomorrow, hope to see Simon then.



I decided NOT to run the world coz I could go and see Simon! Sylv and Mary, who finally turned up from Brum did do it. I went back to Tower Bridge. I missed Simon doing a moony! Everyone said his bum was really tanned! Then as soon as Drum left the dock we bombed it down in a taxi. Five of us piled in – Me, Rae, Brum Sam, Das and Joanne (John Fan). We whisked down to Greenwich to see Simon.

Map of the route from Tower Bridge to Greenwich.

He was wearing shorts and a Drum t-shirt on. His brother Jonathon was totally gorgeous sporting a new haircut. We called him (Jonathon) and he looked up, we waved and he covered his head with a coat! Simon waved lots and signed a few things but there were a few famous people there on Drum too. Paula Yates and Fifi, Kevin Godley, then Sting, Duncan Goodhew (swimmer) and BOB GELDOF turned up!

It was a great atmosphere. We also so David Le Bon who has just got married and Ann Le Bon too. Yasmin looked nice with shorts on. We got in this ‘q’ to get autographs and I got stuck, as did a few people, with a pole rammed in my back! Anyway only a few got his autograph, about 40 or so that got in. I didn’t mind as he was only signing with S L B – boring I’d say.

We met some girls called Gemma, Fiona, Lib and others too but I kept forgetting their names! I got my face tanned and Simon and Jonathon were GORGEOUS!

(I also saw Richard Branson!)


Run The World was a Sports Aid charity fun run raising money for Africa. I obviously didn’t do the actual run – oh no! Far too busy trying to follow a boat through London to do that! I did give the money I raised to charity though – you can be assured of that! The charity record for this was Tears For Fears ‘(Everybody Wants To) Run The World’ and I bought that too!

I remember not feeling bad at all about not doing the actual run! It was really hot that day and I never ran for anyone, let alone for charity! It must have been a bumper day for me  on this day because I only ever got taxi’s on very special occasions with my family. So getting into one with a bunch of Duran fans, three of which we had only just met, was really exciting.

I didn’t have a camera on this day. Which is a shame as I saw quite a few celebrities. Paula Yates with Fifi – she must have been about three years old then. Sting again! I don’t remember why we went to the Virgin Megastore to see Sting but it was probably something to do with Run The World.

I seemed to be quite taken with Simon’s younger brother Jonathon!

I remember feelling really miffed that I didn’t get to see Simon’s tanned bottom when he did a moony! We were on Tower Bridge. When Drum left to make the journey down the Thames to Greenwich, Simon decided to drop his trousers and moon us! Where I was looking I don’t know – probably trying to be grown up and hail a cab. Darn it!

So we rushed into a cab to get the Greenwich. It was a race to see who would get there first. Us or Simon. (I think we did actually.) I remember getting to the area where Drum would moor and ending up in a queue of people all waiting to get to Simon and get his autograph. At events like this there was a lot of good cameraderie, I loved meeting new people. We were in this queue for quite a while and as I said I didn’t get to get Simon’s autograph. I didn’t seem to mind as Simon was apparently only signing his initials – and I wanted something a bit more than that!


12th May 1986 – Simon talks about Drum on Wogan


Wogan again. Simon is on there to describe his boat journey. I didn’t get in this time but Rae and Anna did. They said it was a great show and he told the audience that Andy hadn’t left Duran.

Simon had the same coloured socks on as I had, PURPLE! He looked brill and said that the best thing was getting back to Portsmouth to see all the people waiting for him.

I told Sylv what exit to wait at but she didn’t realise and she didn’t come which made me miss Si getting into his car. I was flung onto the passenger window by people. I must admit I cried, I was hurt and worked up. I missed him because of Sylv. I COULD HAVE KILLED HER! But I forgave her.

We are going to try to see the 9 1/2 Weeks premiere with John and possibly Simon.


I can’t get over the fact that Simon was booked on a chat show literally hours after arriving back on his boat! He had come in at around 5am day before and there he was – on Wogan already! I also can’t believe I had the energy to travel to Shepherds Bush to go and stand outside again so soon after staying up all weekend. Oh to be a teen again!

I remember feeling pleased that Simon had mentioned that Andy hadn’t left Duran. It was bad enough for me to have started to go and see Duran and Roger, who had been a favourite of mine, had left. It comforted me that only one member of Duran had left. Well we found out more about Andy as the months went on!

I love the fact that I had to note that Simon and I were wearing the same coloured socks! I had a thing about brightly coloured clothes. Bright colours were, let’s face it, the fashion of the 80’s. I used to mix my colours so much.

Travelling to see Duran

Travelling to see Duran. Amazing colours!

This pic is taken on a District Line train in 1986.

I am wearing my favourite lilac silky jacket. I loved that jacket. Big shoulder pads and sleeves you could scrunch up your arms. White top. Light blue leggings. These leggings were ribbed I do remember. Also back in those days most of the leggings you bought didn’t contain much – if any – lycra. Therefore if you sat down too long you got ‘knees’ in them. They looked ridiculous then.

I remember one night at a sleepover my friend Rae had a brilliant pair of black and white striped leggings on. When it came to going to sleep, she didn’t want to take them off. So she slept in a chair, with her legs propped on another chair, so not to get ‘knees’ in them! All night!

I had white socks on this day, presumably to go with my white jazz shoes. You had to have jazz shoes in the 80’s. I think I had a black pair too. And I am cleverly hanging an umbrella off my foot. I was dressed for summer, but obviously had learned to expect all kinds of weather!

When Duran came out of TV shows there were quite often not just Duran fans waiting outside but people that had been to see the show too. I had obviously hung out outside with other fans whilst Sylv and Ana went in to watch the show. But by the time Simon had decided to come out, the audience from the show had left too.  That meant even more chaos! I said I was flung on the passenger window. You did used to get jostled and shoved about. That was par for the course. But I doubt that my crying was anything to do with getting hurt, although it probably did hurt! It was probably more to do with the fact that I didn’t get to see Simon!

It was emotional going to see them. Sometimes you would be hanging around for hours on end, getting tired and hungry and bored. So when you missed seeing them after all your effort it got upsetting! After a few more weeks of hanging out waiting for Duran in the coming months, I soon got used to hardly seeing Duran, and making friends instead!

May 10th/11th – Waiting For The Night Boat


Simon was due back on his yacht Drum so we went to Portsmouth. We got the train out of London, took about 2 hours. When we got there we went to the Whitbread Info place and they told us that his boat was due in at 5am!!! So we had to stay there on park benches etc, stay up all night!

Close up of me in Portsmouth in 1986. I thought I looked cool.

Me in Portsmouth in 1986. Not the right clothes to stay up all night in! Although the trousers ARE PJ bottoms!

We met Mary and Traci from Birmingham who are great and said they would give us some Rum Runner stuff they had. We also met a girl called Tina from Southampton, Marci from Chicago Illinois, Lanka (?) from Los Angeles, Karen from Southampton and loads more. We were filmed by lots of different film crews singing when Cote D’Or boat came in (French boat). We stayed up all night til gone 5am WHEN SIMON CAME IN!

Drum had arrived!

Drum arriving at last! This was around 5am. All those press men in the background became teddy bears! COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

After customs etc, and Yasmin going to meet him, Simon waved to camera’s and to us. He shouted down to Yasmin and his brother Jonathon who were on the pontoons. Jonathon helped Yasmin bring some booze onto the boat.

After a while we were allowed to go down on the pontoons, and then – ON THE BOAT!


I pulled myself onto the boat and took two steps forward and stood slap bang in front of Simon! He kept saying things like ‘WE DID IT! WE DID IT!’ (They came third). He also SHOOK MY HAND!!!!! He knows Tracy (fan who was puking at Westside) who was on the boat and he said in a really silly voice to her ‘I saw the biggest best-ist and loudest helicopter you will ever see!’ (Tracy likes helicopters apparently) He was half pissed on the champers and beer they were serving up. Yasmin looked ok. Simon was really funny and nice to us. He was happy being back in the world.

We nearly capsized the boat there were so many of us on it.

He said on the radio the night beofre that ‘I would like to see the shore. And some Duran fans at the port.’

I think he’s great!


I remember so much more about this day that I had written. I remember getting to Portsmouth and finding out that his boat wasn’t due in until 5am and having to find a phone box to call my mum and tell her I wasn’t coming back! She was NOT happy! I had to persuade her that I was with a lot of other fans. That I was OK. Finally, after posting many coins in the coin slot she agreed for me to stay. Then it was the turn of the other friends I went down there with to phone their mum’s. Did they tell their parents they were in Portsmouth and weren’t coming aback until the next day? NO!  They told their parents that they were staying at MY house!

I remember walking round the harbour, then walking down to the area where we thought Simon’s hotel was. I remember going into the hotel to use the toilets and thinking that it wasn’t a very posh hotel and that surely Simon would stay somewhere better than this! I remember that between the four of us that went to Portsmouth, we only had enough money for a cup of tea each and a portion of chips to share between us. I remember it getting really dark and really cold, really quickly!

But the thing I most remember was when it started to get light again, I started to hallucinate! I was so tired and cold and hungry that I started to see things. All the press men turned into teddy bears. One minute everyone was singing, we were all shattered but we sang to stay awake. Then I looked at where the press photographers were and they became bears! It was so strange as I had never hallucinated before and never have since!

I remember the Birmingham girls had brought a bottle of sparkling pomagne or something and started drinking it. I was totally against alcohol then and didn’t drink. It scared me. So I just watched and hoped that they didn’t do anything silly.

I remember the HIDEOUS clothes I wore. They were flimsy too. A pair of pink pj bottoms, a purple shiny shirt and a purple shiny jacket. Yep! Style! It was no wonder at 5am we were freezing cold!

It was amazing to get onto the boat. I never saw that coming. One minute we were all singing on the dock. Then next we were on the pontoons scrabbling to get onto the boat! And it did literally start to keel over. The other crew members kept trying to move us about to balance it. I was so happy to shake Simon’s hand and to be part of his triumphant return. It was a really special weekend.

The thing that brought the weekend down was getting the train home. We all got on and promptly fell asleep. We were woken by the inspector who wanted to see our tickets. Our tickets were valid for the day before. He told us that we would have to pay a fine at the end of our journey. I was so upset! I started crying, saying we had been up all night and that we never meant to miss our last train but we were waiting for this boat to come in etc etc. He told me to come and find him at the end of the journey. Everyone else went back to sleep but I couldn’t, worried that I had to pay a fine and I didn’t have any money.  When we got off the train the inspector was waiting for us. Luckily, he believed our story and told us to try not missing the last train again and waved us off. I was so relieved!

This diary entry went over two pages and the writing was very erratic and barely legible. I wrote it as soon as I got home. I bet as soon as I had finished it I fell straight to sleep. It was such an amazing, unique weekend. And my first ‘all nighter!’