24th/25th May 1986 – RUN THE WORLD!! (Or not)


Went to Virgin Megastore and saw Sting. Then went to JT’s but no-one was in. Then spent two hours at St Katherine’s Dock/Tower Bridge coz Drum was moored there. Simon wasn’t on it. We did see Skip Novak, the skipper for Drum and loads of crew members and their families. We are doing ‘RUN THE WORLD’ tomorrow, hope to see Simon then.



I decided NOT to run the world coz I could go and see Simon! Sylv and Mary, who finally turned up from Brum did do it. I went back to Tower Bridge. I missed Simon doing a moony! Everyone said his bum was really tanned! Then as soon as Drum left the dock we bombed it down in a taxi. Five of us piled in – Me, Rae, Brum Sam, Das and Joanne (John Fan). We whisked down to Greenwich to see Simon.

Map of the route from Tower Bridge to Greenwich.

He was wearing shorts and a Drum t-shirt on. His brother Jonathon was totally gorgeous sporting a new haircut. We called him (Jonathon) and he looked up, we waved and he covered his head with a coat! Simon waved lots and signed a few things but there were a few famous people there on Drum too. Paula Yates and Fifi, Kevin Godley, then Sting, Duncan Goodhew (swimmer) and BOB GELDOF turned up!

It was a great atmosphere. We also so David Le Bon who has just got married and Ann Le Bon too. Yasmin looked nice with shorts on. We got in this ‘q’ to get autographs and I got stuck, as did a few people, with a pole rammed in my back! Anyway only a few got his autograph, about 40 or so that got in. I didn’t mind as he was only signing with S L B – boring I’d say.

We met some girls called Gemma, Fiona, Lib and others too but I kept forgetting their names! I got my face tanned and Simon and Jonathon were GORGEOUS!

(I also saw Richard Branson!)


Run The World was a Sports Aid charity fun run raising money for Africa. I obviously didn’t do the actual run – oh no! Far too busy trying to follow a boat through London to do that! I did give the money I raised to charity though – you can be assured of that! The charity record for this was Tears For Fears ‘(Everybody Wants To) Run The World’ and I bought that too!

I remember not feeling bad at all about not doing the actual run! It was really hot that day and I never ran for anyone, let alone for charity! It must have been a bumper day for me  on this day because I only ever got taxi’s on very special occasions with my family. So getting into one with a bunch of Duran fans, three of which we had only just met, was really exciting.

I didn’t have a camera on this day. Which is a shame as I saw quite a few celebrities. Paula Yates with Fifi – she must have been about three years old then. Sting again! I don’t remember why we went to the Virgin Megastore to see Sting but it was probably something to do with Run The World.

I seemed to be quite taken with Simon’s younger brother Jonathon!

I remember feelling really miffed that I didn’t get to see Simon’s tanned bottom when he did a moony! We were on Tower Bridge. When Drum left to make the journey down the Thames to Greenwich, Simon decided to drop his trousers and moon us! Where I was looking I don’t know – probably trying to be grown up and hail a cab. Darn it!

So we rushed into a cab to get the Greenwich. It was a race to see who would get there first. Us or Simon. (I think we did actually.) I remember getting to the area where Drum would moor and ending up in a queue of people all waiting to get to Simon and get his autograph. At events like this there was a lot of good cameraderie, I loved meeting new people. We were in this queue for quite a while and as I said I didn’t get to get Simon’s autograph. I didn’t seem to mind as Simon was apparently only signing his initials – and I wanted something a bit more than that!



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