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30th June 1986 – I Said It Wouldn’t Last!



Well. Simon was a right moany bastard today! He wasn’t very happy and Korin and Rocks told us it might be in the papers what he was upset about, something that’s ‘Not to do with the band, or personal’. So God knows.

Don’t know what JT was like as I went to see Nicky Baby today!

He took the piss out of my accent. I said

‘Nick, can you do me a favour?’

‘Favour? Favour?’ he kept repeating it in my accent! Anyway I got his autograph for Carmela. He also did me a doodle. It went (here I draw a little sketch of what looks a bit like a mask). God knows what it is a doodle of though!

Nick is sooooo Nice! I don’t like Simon. I like NICK!!!!

Nick at Westside Studio in a playful mood taken June 30th 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS


Oh the fickleness of a teenage girl! Liking Simon on Saturday, then Nick on Monday. No doubt it’ll be John on Tuesday. Then back to Simon again next week. John the following month……..

I remember that my favourite Duran member changed all the time in the first year of following them. I suppose I got to know them a bit in that year and every woman is entitled to change her mind! I know that before I went to see them I loved Roger. Then Roger ‘left’ so that changed to Simon. Then later on after I had met Duran a few times, John became my favourite. The truth is that as a teenage girl, I liked whatever member of Duran was the nicest to me that day. Simon was nice to me on Saturday so he’s my favourite. Nick was nice to me on Monday, so he’s my favourite.  If they weren’t very pleasant that day, like in this entry , then out of favour they went. It amuses me the complete contrast between my previous diary entry and this one. Just two days before I LOVED Simon. He was GORGEOUS. Now this entry – ‘I don’t like SIMON I like NICK’.  Like I say. The fickleness of teenage girls!

So Nick was my Duran of the Day! And once again he was mocking my accent. I wonder what I must have sounded like then? A little cockney girl on helium I imagine. I wish I had a recording of me then. Then again. Maybe I don’t!

Korin and Rocks were Nick’s roadies if you will. Rocks (that’s a man!) would set up and test Nick’s keyboards in the studio and on tour. (as far as I know!)  I am not too sure what Korin (Rocks girlfriend) used to do, I think help Rocks?  We all used to talk to them quite a bit at the studios. They must have got quite bored sitting around all day waiting to twiddle Nick’s knobs(heehee) so they would often come out and chat to us.

I wonder who my Duran of the Day will be in my next entry???

(I can’t recall what Simon was upset about that day – but Korin and Rocks said it would be in the papers. It may have been something to do with Drum, the yacht that he had just sailed in. I can’t remember. Again, if anyone has any info on that, let me know!)


28th June 1986 – You Saw Me Standing By The Wall



Simon came first and he sat in the shade by the wall. I sat next to him. I asked him if her liked the earrings that I gave him yesterday. He said he couldn’t wear silver. He said he liked them though.

I had a photo done with him sitting down. He put his arm around me and leaned his head on my shoulder. It was sooooo sweet. Then I had another taken standing next to him. He put his arm around me and I put mine around him!!! God he’s gorgeous!

Nick and John were nice too. They signed my old D2 fanclub book. I got a ‘X’ from Nick and a ‘X’ from John too. It’s the first time JT has ever put a kiss on my autographs…..


Simon Le Bon and me. Westside Studios Jun 28th 1986 You saw me sitting by the wall.....COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONSSimon Le Bon and me. Westside Studios Jun 28th 1986 You saw me STANDING by the wall.....COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS


I was really disappointed that Simon couldn’t wear the earrings. Do people have a problem wearing silver? I mean – isn’t Tiger Baby silver? I’m sure I haven’t heard of an allergy to silver before. Maybe he was just being polite and just didn’t WANT them!

So it got me to thinking that Duran must have received a steady stream of gifts throughout the years that of course may not be to their taste. So they would have to have a few ‘go to’ phrases to be nice when receiving something they didn’t really want. Like ‘I can’t wear silver’ for mine for instance. I would imagine that most celebrities have an allergy to boxes of chocolates, or home made cakes for instance! They apparently go straight in the bin fact fans! You never know what a fan can put into an edible gift! (And I don’t even WANT to think about it!) I know from John wearing the t-shirt we had previously bought that sometimes clothes and scarves, that type of thing would get used. I don’t think I gave a member of Duran a gift again after this. I was mortified that it wasn’t wanted. (sob!)

I do believe that in ONE of these pictures I am GENUINELY smiling. Not Sniling at all! (see previous entry!) I was one happy bunny on this day. Not only did I get some cuddly pictures with Simon – I got a kiss from John! Albeit an autographed one. But that was enough for me.

I know that there will be some people that I know now that will read this entry disbelievingly as I am not known to gush about Simon! But it did happen. I was smitten. I think that if you read the next day’s entry – THIS WILL CHANGE!

27th June 1986 – West Side Story Part 4 – Hide and Seek



Simon, John and Nick all arrived in JT’s Aston Martin. JT and Nick got out of the car together and they were chatting to us.

Then Simon got out of the car. He was looking for Sam who kept hiding from him. He was so sweet to her. She kept running away from him!

I got his autograph and gave him a pressie to which he said ‘Thanks’.

Simon was really sweet but only really nice to the people he knows, but he didn’t really notice *Tina and he used to always chat to her……

PS Jo2 thinks she’s right in with the ‘known fans’ now because she slept round Jo1’s house last night.

Nick and I at Westside 27th June 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONSJohn and Simon Westside 27th June 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

Simon and John at Westisde 27th June 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

It didn’t happen that often that the three of them arrived together in one car, not that often that the one car was John’s either. (It was always suprising if his brown Aston turned up as it always seemed to be breaking down!)
Simon had a great relationship with certain fans. With Sam she quite often used to ignore him and wind him up and I think they enjoyed that kind of relationship! That day they were chasing each other around the car park! I said that he didn’t notice *Tina that day. I must have noticed that *Tina wasn’t getting the usual attention. Duran did have their favourites….the ‘known fans’ as I called them!
I had given Simon a pair of silver earings. I think they were sleepers and one had a charm of the Eiffel Tower on. I didn’t really give gifts often. I thought it was a bit pointless as for One I couldn’t afford it and Two – they COULD afford to get their own gifts! But I remember loving these earrings and thought that Simon would to. We shall see later if he did!
I didn’t seem happy about the girl I  called Jo2 did I?. There was Jo1 who was a ‘known fan’ and Jo2 who was a recent addition to our little crowd. We started becoming a group of ‘known’ and ‘newly known’ fans, I suppose.  Jo1 must have invited Jo2 around for a sleepover and I was obviously not that happy about it! I mean – I had known Jo1 longer than Jo2! I felt that she should have intivted me round her house. I think a touch of jealousy here!
I put three pictures in this entry all from the 27th June 1986. I love the pic of me and Nick – shame it’s over exposed and a bit blurred. But you couldn’t check those days with film cameras! I used to love that shirt, white with pink roses all over it. The one of Simon you can see the said shirt next to him. I think that’s when I gave him the earings. The pic of John is a funny one. The girl next to him was an Italian fan who was getting hysterical and over emotional. You can tell that from the fans reaction behind. You sometimes got a fan that went a little bit over the top. I think I have written about a fan’s reaction to Simon in Oxford Street further along in the diary. I think John was quite calm about this one and just tried to get inside the studio’s as quick as possible!
Oh and in the pic of me and Nick – I’m snarling/smiling! I might rechristen that look Sniling!

26th June 1986 – West Side Story Part 3 – HE WORE THE T-SHIRT Gaaaaaah


JT had our t-shirt on!!! (Beats Runs Wild – on the t-shirt)

I said ‘Do you like the t-shirt?’

He said ‘Yeesss’

I said ‘We bought it for you!’

He said ‘I know’

JT knows us!!!

We couldn’t wait for Nick as he didn’t come out until after 10 o’clock.

Sylv got her photo’s out from the other day. The one of me and Simon is YUCK! Everyone else seems to think otherwise but my head looks twenty feet long and my face looks YUCK!

Anyway. A good day all round. (BTW Jo calls me ‘Miss Purity, no spots, blonde hair, blue eyes’ Wow that’s interesting!)



We were so proud that he wore the t-shirt we had bought him for his birthday. It was a special moment. As you can see by the look on my face in the picture with John. Pure joy.

NOT! I was discussing this with someone called Simone today on twitter about the facial expressions pulled when you are a teenager. The picture above really does express that when you are a teenage girl, even if you are standing next to one of your idols, and said idol is wearing something you bought him,  you STILL cannot crack a smile. Unless it is a snarl/smile. A ‘I am really excited to be here but I’m not going to show it’ smile. Like the one above. I was ecstatic that he wore that t-shirt. Did I look it? Did I heck! (John had hacked the neck off the shirt. And the arms. But I was thrilled. As you can see)

The picture that I mentioned of me in the entry was the one I have posted earlier of Simon, with me in it. The one where my mullet hairdo is on display. It’s no wonder that I said my head was twenty feet long with THAT hair style. I never liked having my picture taken anyway. That’s why I took most of the pictures and was hardly ever IN any. I know it looks like I’m in a few. But over the years compared with a lot of my friends, I have very little in the way of photo’s with Duran. I’d rather take the picture than be in it.

I can’t believe that I dismissed a compliment from someone in this diary. Don’t you just wish you could go and see your 15 year old self, give her a good shake and say:

‘ENJOY THIS! You won’t have great skin, good hair, a flat-ish stomach again. ACCEPT every compliment. They don’t come so often in a few years time’!!

When I think that back then I thought I was so overweight, so badly dressed (well it was the 80’s so I probably was!), so boring when in reality I had everything going for me. I spent far too much time wrestling with what I thought were HUGE problems that looking back were merely little blips, no real drama. Hindsight as they say is a wonderful thing.




‘Oh no , the nib’s broke off my eyeliner’


24th June 1986 – Westside Story Part 2



JT came out with Renee and he was a bit moany. I got a photo signed for Sylv and that was about it with him.

Nick was lovely. He got talking to me about how I pronounce my name. ‘Meechelle, Meeeeeechelle’ etc etc. Anyway he signed a piccy of him for me and he was really cute. Chris gave him Rae’s book to sign. There was a pic of him with Andy. HE DREW ON ANDY!! He drew on some glasses and stuff! So I told him ‘You are gonna have to graffiti yourself too you know’. And he did. He put ears and a hat on himself. It was a right laugh today.

Nick catching flies at Westside 1986

Nick catching flies at Westside 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

(PS My cat Tut-Tut died today)


Quite a short entry again.

John being a bit moany probably just meant he was knackered! Renee was always sweet to us, so I didn’t write anything about her.

I remember Nick ‘graffiti-ing’ Rae’s picture though. Sometimes, if you were lucky you got a bit more than an autograph from Nick. He would add a little doodle or something. But this was a full scale graffiti assault on a picture of Andy! I think this was a sign of what Nick felt about Andy at the time. (It was still not official that Andy had left. In fact we thought he WAS coming back. Everyday we expected Andy to join the rest of the band in recording the new album. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that we got the definite information that Andy indeed was leaving.)

So Nick gave Andy’s picture a makeover with some glasses and a beard. At the time I thought ‘Rae’s going to be so annoyed’ as Andy was Rae’s favourite Duran member. Luckily she thought it was funny when I gave it to her next time I saw her. I think she did have a pretend go at Nick though the next time she saw him. She would have one hell of a bit of memorablilia in the future though! A one off piece of graffiti art by Nick Rhodes!

Nick was saying my name in a over the top cockney accent! He said it for a few minutes. ‘Meeechelle, Meeechelle’ taking the mickey out of  the way I speak! In fact I hated my east London accent. I thought that I was quite good at NOT having one! Obviously not. Although Nick wasn’t one to talk, with his sometimes very broad Brummie accent. I was probably just pleased he was saying my name, in whatever way he liked!

My little PS about my cat is quite sad. Tut-Tut was my cat and I was so upset when he died. Going to see Duran took my mind off the fact that he wasn’t well. It helped me get over the grief if you like. Seeing Duran and therefore seeing my friends was like seeing a grief counsellor for me!

23rd June 1986 – Westside Story Part 1



God it was brill! I took my Rum Runner book and Nick said to me ‘Where did you get this?’ So I said ‘Ah well – it’s a secret!’ He then signed it to me. Then John, who was wickedly staring me out, looked at my book. So I said ‘Do you want to sign it too?’ So he said ‘It’s Michelle, isn’t it?’ so I said ‘Hey you remembered!’ Then he said ‘No! I read your chain!’ So he signed it too.

Nick's autograph from that day.

Nick's autograph from that day. Signed in a rare 1981 booklet. COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

John's autograph from that day in the rare 1981 booklet. COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

Before signing it Nick said to John ‘Look John, how old it is!’ At the book. (They’ll probably recognise us next time.

It was brill. BUT *Tina got run over by JT’s wheel, he was really shaking and upset. It was sad to see. *Tina was fine though.


The booklet I got signed that day is one of the most precious bits of memoribilia I have left from Duran. I have it signed by all five members of Duran – albeit at different times! Nick and John in 1986, Roger Andy and Simon in 2004! I have sold a lot of my other memoribilia to afford to go to gigs! This is one that I will NEVER part with.

It is funny because Nick and John discussed the booklets age back in 1986 but then it was only a few years old. They seem to think it was ancient! And it was a secret where I got it from. I met some girls from Birmingham back when Drum came in in Portsmouth and they came to London to try and meet Duran with us. To thank us for getting them to meet John and Simon they said they would send me some things from the Rum Runner – and that book was one of them.

The secret was that the Rum Runner was being knocked down and the girls I knew could get into the building. It the disused nightclub, was a whole bunch of Duran memorabilia. ust laying around on the floor. I think there were negatives of Duran from backstage at the Rum Runner, posters, flyers and compliment slips. (Who knows where they are now!)  I got the booklet plus a very rare centre of a Duran record that didn’t actually get pressed. (Which I have now lost!) I couldn’t let on where it came from, I didn’t want to get anyone into trouble! Maybe John was ‘wickedly staring me out’ because he thought I was a thief????

I was so happy when John said my name like he remembered me! I felt so chuffed! So when he said he read it from my necklace it was a bit of a blow I can tell you! I so wanted them to remember me by name. They knew the’known’ fans names and I just wanted to be one of them. (I used to love my name chain!)

John didn’t really run over *Tina’s foot. He nearly did and she milked it! He was horrified and terrified at the same time. All colour drained from his face and he shook like a leaf. I think that she would have needed the hospital if a tonne weight Aston Martin rolled over her foot! But she just walked away afterwards.  I thought it was mean at the time, she got a hell of a lot of attention.

The Birmingham Hyatt is now on the spot where the Rum Runner once stood, fact fans!

*Name changed