16th June 1986 – Knightsbridge In The Afternoon


Went to JT’s at lunchtime. Rae went earlier as she didn’t go to school today.

JT came out and got into his car but he was mucking about. Everytime Rae and two others went up to the car he laughed and sped off. He kept doing it! He went and bought some furniture and Rae was laughing at him. He said to her ‘You have a funny laugh’. He also said to her ‘You won’t be an Andy fan for long!’

Anyway we met him outside his house later and he told us that he was going to be recording down Westside Studios. For at least six weeks.

(We left John’s to try and find Andy’s house again – but we couldn’t)

Afterwards I went home feeling sick. Sylv and Rae went to Simons. They waited about four hours and he came out and signed stuff and they had pictures done. (BOO HOO)

JT at his house

John at his house a few weeks before. COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS


When I wrote this entry in 1986 I thought that when John said to Rae ‘You won’t be an Andy fan for long’ that meant that she would like HIM instead of Andy, become a John fan.  But a few weeks later we discovered that Andy was only playing his part on the Notorious album to fulfill a contract and then he was leaving. So THAT was what he may have been referring to! I thought at the time that John was being a bit of a big head! How dare he try and take an Andy fan away from Andy I thought!

You may think how did John know Rae was an Andy fan? Well. She looked like Andy did at the time! She greased her hair back, wore clothes like Andy’s and even boxers boots like the ones he used to wear. She didn’t even smoke but she used to hang a cigarette out of the side of her mouth to look like him too! I feared at the time that we would never actually meet Andy (or Roger). We did – eventually. But we never did find Andy’s house.

Let me point out that John told us where he was going to be FOR THE NEXT SIX WEEKS! That’s how it worked. Duran WANTED fans to be at the recording studio’s. They wanted fans to be at TV studio’s. They wanted fans to show up at Premiere’s. Of course they did. What better way of boosting your ego than to see a group of  girls (and boys) hanging around just waiting for a glimpse of you, for an autograph, a picture. I can tell you that there were days where no one was around to see Duran go into a studio, but there were when Duran came out. You can bet they asked ‘Where WERE you guys earlier’! They missed fans if there weren’t any. We soon learnt that you never asked anyone that the band worked with where they were next going to be. No point as they wouldn’t tell us. You just asked the band themselves. If they wanted you around – they’d tell you!


About thedurandiaries

Long time Duran fan. Followed them since 1985 - and that means physically going to see them! I kept a diary from 1986 and thought it may be funny to write them up on a blog. And the profile picture is of the actual of diary. Yes it has Care Bear stickers on it. But this was the 80's. And Care Bears were cute. View all posts by thedurandiaries

5 responses to “16th June 1986 – Knightsbridge In The Afternoon

  • Anne

    Have you noticed Simon is still doing this? When he tweets photos out his hotel window. I’m sure it is to get fans to show up in the lobby. I think they are as addicted to us as we are to them, may more so!

    • thedurandiaries

      Oh yes Anne, they defiinitely want fans around. As long as you aren’t as mad as a bag of mad things, they will want you there! Thanks for your comments and votes! I am really chuffed 🙂 xx

  • DD

    Loving the posts, mimi xx

  • Rhonda

    Michelle!! I’ve finally gotten myself over here to read these lovely blog entries….they are simply amazing. I have to say that I’ve always wondered what it must have been like to live in England and have access to the band. It was very different here in the states in almost every single way, and as I’ve told you, it’s still that way in 2012. (well, 2011…I haven’t seen them here yet this year. :D)

    Thank you for sharing such a special part of your life with us. It really gives me some insight, and I’m just eating up the posts!! 🙂 Love ya lots, see you in November!!!! -Rhonda

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