21st June 1986 – Chest side Story


Waited four hours for Nick and five hours for JT to go in at Westside. And altogether 8-9 hours for them. They came out at 8.50ish.

I took a picture of Das and Nick and got Nick’s autograph. He got carried away with the kisses! I got FIVE!!!

JT had the same shirt on as Nick did at EMI a few weeks ago (black and white flowery thing) but he wore it open necked and the arms down over his hands. His hairy chest is a right turn off! It’s light brown and YUCKY!!

Nick was really sweet and he was wearing a black and mauve shirt. It was a really nice day today. Everyone got a tan – APART FROM ME!!!


Oh yeah. Simon wasn’t there coz he went on a boat race in Ireland on DRUM.


I can’t stop myself from laughing and cringing at this entry. The chest hair reference! Each time I read it I shudder. I think this must have been the first time that I had realised that John was a ‘man’ and had a hairy chest. I obviously wasn’t very impressed with what he had! I was a very young 15 year old I must admit.

I didn’t go and see Duran because I wanted to be a groupie. I wanted to see them because I loved their music and talent. And of course their looks. But at 15 I didn’t ‘fancy’ them in a sexual way. I didn’t want to sleep with them.  At all! It never crossed my mind. I am sure that there were others around at this time who thought they could get lucky with a member of Duran.  I wanted to have my photograph taken with them. Get their autograph. Maybe engage them in some conversation. The most I wanted out of Duran was a nice photo and the hope that one day they might know my name. (After 25 years even THAT hasn’t really happened!)

I had no agenda other than to meet them as many times as I could. I would say  that this was an ego boost – for me! I used to go to school the next day and say ‘John Taylor wore a t-shirt I bought him yesterday’ or ‘Nick Rhodes said he liked my shoes’ or ‘Simon Le Bon shook my hand when I got on his boat’ something banal and silly like that. I was doing something a lot of my school friends weren’t. It meant I stood out from the crowd. Most of the people I went to school with had no interest in going to see the bands they liked. They were content enough to just listen to them on the radio. Most of my contemporaries probably thought I was a ‘saddo’. Even so, it made me feel good, having an outside interest that not many other people did. It gave me an edge. I liked being different. Going to see Duran certainly was different! I met so many people from all over the world. Ate out in restaurants I would never I have dined in before. Travelled to places all over the country that I never would have if I stayed in Hackney and hung out in the park! Going to see Duran meant I was always going on an adventure!

(And my desciption of John’s chest hair says it all really. ‘YUCKY’!)


About thedurandiaries

Long time Duran fan. Followed them since 1985 - and that means physically going to see them! I kept a diary from 1986 and thought it may be funny to write them up on a blog. And the profile picture is of the actual of diary. Yes it has Care Bear stickers on it. But this was the 80's. And Care Bears were cute. View all posts by thedurandiaries

4 responses to “21st June 1986 – Chest side Story

  • kaz

    Ha ha I love that you thought JT’s hairy chest was yucky. I wouldve been the same. They seem to have always treated you girls with a lot of respect which is lovely to read.

    • thedurandiaries

      I think it is hysterical how I felt about his chest! I laugh every time I read that line ‘It’s light brown and yucky’! I mean I was 15! Not 5! I sound like such a baby!

      Duran were always great to us. I think it was mutual, we weren’t over the top mental with them and they treated us nicely. It’s another story when a fan goes a bit bonkers at them…..I have a few stories like that to tell! Maybe later though! Thanks for reading, I really REALLY appreciate it! Mx

  • Amanda

    I really appreciate your explanation about what motivated you to be a fan at this level. I do think being a fan does set someone apart from the crowd, which is more than just wanting to sleep with a band member, more personal, really.

    -Amanda (Daily Duranie)

    • thedurandiaries

      I thought I should make the point that THAT wasn’t what I was interested in! Did you see me back then anyway? I looked like I was 10 when I was fifteen! I didn;lt have a CLUE about stuff like that! I was very green. Looking back I am so glad that I was! Mx

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