26th June 1986 – West Side Story Part 3 – HE WORE THE T-SHIRT Gaaaaaah


JT had our t-shirt on!!! (Beats Runs Wild – on the t-shirt)

I said ‘Do you like the t-shirt?’

He said ‘Yeesss’

I said ‘We bought it for you!’

He said ‘I know’

JT knows us!!!

We couldn’t wait for Nick as he didn’t come out until after 10 o’clock.

Sylv got her photo’s out from the other day. The one of me and Simon is YUCK! Everyone else seems to think otherwise but my head looks twenty feet long and my face looks YUCK!

Anyway. A good day all round. (BTW Jo calls me ‘Miss Purity, no spots, blonde hair, blue eyes’ Wow that’s interesting!)



We were so proud that he wore the t-shirt we had bought him for his birthday. It was a special moment. As you can see by the look on my face in the picture with John. Pure joy.

NOT! I was discussing this with someone called Simone today on twitter about the facial expressions pulled when you are a teenager. The picture above really does express that when you are a teenage girl, even if you are standing next to one of your idols, and said idol is wearing something you bought him,  you STILL cannot crack a smile. Unless it is a snarl/smile. A ‘I am really excited to be here but I’m not going to show it’ smile. Like the one above. I was ecstatic that he wore that t-shirt. Did I look it? Did I heck! (John had hacked the neck off the shirt. And the arms. But I was thrilled. As you can see)

The picture that I mentioned of me in the entry was the one I have posted earlier of Simon, with me in it. The one where my mullet hairdo is on display. It’s no wonder that I said my head was twenty feet long with THAT hair style. I never liked having my picture taken anyway. That’s why I took most of the pictures and was hardly ever IN any. I know it looks like I’m in a few. But over the years compared with a lot of my friends, I have very little in the way of photo’s with Duran. I’d rather take the picture than be in it.

I can’t believe that I dismissed a compliment from someone in this diary. Don’t you just wish you could go and see your 15 year old self, give her a good shake and say:

‘ENJOY THIS! You won’t have great skin, good hair, a flat-ish stomach again. ACCEPT every compliment. They don’t come so often in a few years time’!!

When I think that back then I thought I was so overweight, so badly dressed (well it was the 80’s so I probably was!), so boring when in reality I had everything going for me. I spent far too much time wrestling with what I thought were HUGE problems that looking back were merely little blips, no real drama. Hindsight as they say is a wonderful thing.


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Long time Duran fan. Followed them since 1985 - and that means physically going to see them! I kept a diary from 1986 and thought it may be funny to write them up on a blog. And the profile picture is of the actual of diary. Yes it has Care Bear stickers on it. But this was the 80's. And Care Bears were cute. View all posts by thedurandiaries

2 responses to “26th June 1986 – West Side Story Part 3 – HE WORE THE T-SHIRT Gaaaaaah

  • Anne

    Awwwwww! you look so cute! (as does the guy in the pic 😉

    How sweet that he wore the shirt you gave him and remembered you gave it to him! He does seem to be a real nice guy.

  • Simone

    Of course he cut the neck and sleeves off, everyone did then! Fashion lol

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