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July 30th 1986 – Seeing ‘The Rivals’

Maison and the BBC

Went to see Simon John and Nick go in and then went to see Spandau Ballet at the BBC. They are doing TOTP. (Top of the Pops)

We got in finally and they were great. Especially Gary Kemp. He was really nice and remembered my name.

I also saw Chris De Burgh (who did Lady in Red) and the DJ Mike Read. We nearly got caught in the BBC at first. We ran around trying to find places to hide. We ran into some toilets and Doris and Lorraine from 5Star were in there! We had photo’s done in the toilets!!! It was really funny!

Good day. Brill day in fact. Gary Kemp was soooooo nice. So was Steve Norman. Rae got her photo done with her favourite Spandau, John Keeble.


Oh-Oh I hear you think. She defected to the enemy! NO NO NO! A few of the fans that followed Duran used to go and see Spandau too. One day I just tagged along – when they were on Wogan. The same fans went to see them doing Top Of The Pops so again I tagged along. I mean, Duran were in the studio’s and not coming out for HOURS, so it was something to occupy our time. I would go and see Duran when they went into the studios, then go and see Spandau somewhere, then jump back on a tube and see Duran come out of the studio’s. We didn’t tell Duran who we had been seeing though! That is how it started off, as a way of occupying the hours in between when Duran entered a studio – early afternoon – until they left – around 10 o’clock at night. Duran were still the band that I wanted to go and see, but I used to like going to see Gary Kemp too.

I was really chuffed that Gary Kemp remembered my name. After all I had only met him briefly once before. I had met Duran quite a few times and they had not once remembered my name! Gary was a really lovely man and we came from around the same area of London so we had quite a bit in common. I used to go and see Spandau but not talk to anyone else in the band except Gary really. My first concert was actually a Spandau Ballet one that Christmas 1986…….but that’s a different story!

Gary Kemp and I at the BBC July 1986


This was another day that we had not been legitimately let  into the BBC. I am not sure if this was a ‘run under the barriers at the front of the BBC’ entry or a ‘climb over a fence at the back of the BBC’ entry! We had been chased around again by the security guards otherwise known as the Commissionaires and ended up this time hiding in the toilets, where two of the girls from 5Star happened to be! I can’t believe that we had asked them for a photograph. In the loo! And they said yes! I remember seeing the picture afterwards and in it was the girls from 5star, us girls and some toilets in the background! I don’t have that picture unfortunately. I hope someone still has it somewhere!

I know this blog is called the Duran Diaries, but I did say I will mention other celebrities that I met along the way…..this entry hardly mentions Duran at all! Sorry Duran fans!


July 1st to 29th – Bits and Pieces

For pretty much the month of July, I didn’t keep a proper diary. I had just written what I presume I thought were key events or happenings. They go something like this……

July 1986

I’m not writing everything anymore, just the important stuff!

Roger is going to be coming back! In a few months! Yipeeeeee!

Andy is coming back too…….

Today 17th July 1986 I went to Maison Rouge Studios. Nick Simon and John. No Andy or Roger. They were alright. But lots of foreign fans mobbed them.

Giovanna turned up. She had been to a Julie Anne baby shower/party or something. Talked a lot to Korin today.

18th July 1986

Today I saw Simon Nick and Roger go in to the studio’s. (Maison) I also saw Spandau Ballet and  5Star. (At Wogan) Steve Norman is gorgeous!

PS I also saw today Holly Johnson and Wolfgang (Holly’s boyfriend) and Tim Moore of The Crew (Nik Kershaw’s band.) So good day for famous people.

21st July 1986

I saw Simon Nick and John. And Steve Ferrone! I just love that man’s kids! I played with them all night. JT left early as he went to Spain with Renee, had to go to catch a flight.

The kids, Jason and Becky were really great. I love those kids. I had lots of pictures done with them.

Me with Becky, Steve Ferrone's daughter.

Me with Becky, Steve Ferrone's daughter. COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

28th July 1986

Today I waved to Si, I was the only one who had seen him coming and he did a big wave back to me!

Also today I stood on my own when Simon and Nick came out. They got mobbed! I went and stood on my own and got another little wave from Simon.

JT was in a mood today. I asked him about Renee and her driving. He said she’s been working so hasn’t had time to practice.

Good day for me and Simon.

By the way. Saw George Michael the other day. He was in the Fulham Road. In an open top sports car. A Merc I think. He was playing Wham! and looked really nice.

Behind the Masion Bars. I had run in the gate to take this pic! COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS


I don’t think I stayed this blase about keeping a diary as I go back to writing a full entry on most days after this. I think I just must have gotten bored of writing ‘We sat around all day, chatted. Saw Duran, chatted. Took pictures. Came home’. Because that IS what happened most of the time!

I love that I had written that both Roger and Andy were coming back. That ended up NOT being the case. That was the only time I ever saw Roger’s ex-wife Giovanna and having a baby shower obviously meant that Julie Anne was pregnant. (I hadn’t mentioned this before in the diary.) At this stage I had never seen Roger!

Seeing other celebrities often happened when we were going to see Duran. We often went to the filming of TV shows so obviously we saw whoever else appearing on it. We also saw celebrities just out and about on the streets of London. I remember that we met Holly Johnson and his boyfriend just walking along the Fulham Road which is where Maison Rouge Studio’s were. And George Michael too, just driving along. Well he did bring attention to himself in an open top car blasting his own music out didn’t he????

Maison Rouge was a studio where Duran had previously recorded some of Seven and the Ragged Tiger album. Some of the fans that I was getting to know in ’86 used to go and see Duran at Maison in ’84. That was called First Maison. The recording of this album was Second Masion! First Maison didn’t haven any fences or gates around the studio doors. I went to see Maison the summer before – just on a Duran pilgramage to the places that they had been. There were no fences or gates. When Duran started recording in the summer of ’86 – there were fences and gates! I think the owners must have learnt their lesson from the years before! The new security meant that Duran could actually brace themselves before leaving! Open the studio door, then hang around at the fence and chat, then open the gate and make a run for it!

Simon escaping Maison Rouge studios. The doors before the fences and Gate!

Simon (and Nick) escaping Maison Rouge studios. The doors before the fences and Gate! COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

I mention Steve Ferrone. He was the drummer on this album which, as you can probably gather, is the Notorious album. He is a lovely man and I got on with him really well. He brought his kids to the studio that day and left them outside with us! We just played with them, looked after them, baby sat them actually! Steve had unpaid babysitters whilst he was drumming with Duran! Not bad eh?