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26, 27, 28 August 1986 – You Say Duranie, I say Duran Fan

Abbey Road


Today was Okay. John wore my shirt again but it had a stain on it. He gave me a lovely big smile today! Maybe coz he saw I was pissed off. (Coz S*** turned up).


They kept going back and forth today. Nick went out and did the shopping. They all came out with wives/girlfriends to go and see Julie-Ann and the E-Bab. Then they came back. Then John and Renee went out. Renee was lovely. I said ‘Baa’ like the way I say Bye and she went ‘Baa’ back!

John was in a great mood today. I cheered Nick up a bit by asking after Julie-Ann not the E-Bab. Simon was normal!

By the way we were told that……

The baby has Julie-Ann face.

Nick’s lips.

Has tufty brown hair.

Weighed 8lb 11oz.

And Julie-Ann and baby Tjarner, Tatjana (don’t know the spelling!) are doing well!


Steve Ferrone turned up! I love him! I told him I never did get a drumstick from him so he is going to give me one. He slapped my bum and tickled me before going in.

Today I never saw Nick but Simon was OK. He was being pestered by this girl called D***** – a girl who thinks she knows everything about Simon.

John was lovely! He walked up to me and said ‘Heeellllo’ breathing all over me. Had a photo done. Lovely day!


Today Steve gave me drumsticks. He gave them both to me but I gave B***** one of them.

Simon was lovely today. He signed autographs and had pictures done, me and B**** had our done together. He was really lovely.

John, however was in a foul mood. Rae burst into tears like a Duranie because she couldn’t get near John and she is soooooo upset about Andy. SOB! He just went into the studio’s. Boring. We all have our off days I s’pose!


I put these three together as it was the last days of Abbey Road. As you can see there was lots of too-ing and fro-ing over these few days as Julie-Ann had just had Tatjana and the band and girlfriends were visiting. It was nice of someone to let us know what the baby looked like wasn’t it!? It’s amazing that Nick didn’t have any real time off because the baby had only been born a few days before but he was back in the studio! Workaholic!

(I called babies E-Babs back then as you can see. There was a phase of talking in a silly language called ‘Back Slang’ where I lived. You would put ends of words in front of beginnings to form a language that not many other people could understand. That’s the reason for the E-Bab references!)

I think it is funny that I thought that John was lovely to me  – breathing all over me! That was the day that S*** had turned up. The first time after she stole the Prince tickets off me. I remember that no-one talked to her. She stood on her own. She didn’t really come near Duran either. I think that was the last time I saw her with Duran. I still saw her at school, but she wasn’t my friend anymore. Sad isn’t it? See kids – don’t try to impress people by stealing something – it doesn’t work and loses you friends!

I don’t seem to have a camera on the Abbey Road days. My nan must have been on holiday this summer as I didn’t own my own camera – just borrowed my nan’s disc camera! I had pictures done on these days but I don’t have the pictures. I must have never gotten copies of them. If you were with me on these days and still have the pictures – get in touch!

Not sure about the part where Steve slaps my bum and tickles me…….erm. Not saying anymore!

Final thought. Back in those days in the UK we didn’t want to be called Duranies. Back then if you were a Duranie it meant that you were a screaming, crying fan. The group that I followed Duran with would NEVER want to be called Duranies. That was a derogatory term back then – to us anyway. We were called Duran Fans. Pure and simple. I think that maybe it was just a British thing. Whenever Duran were in the newspapers in the 80’s and they talked about fans, they called them Duranies and showed pictures of weeping hysterical girls. We weren’t like that! I know that now there are fans that are OK with the term Duranie. But I am a Duran Fan. It’s just something that has just stuck from those days. No offence to people calling themselves Duranies. That is absolutely fine with me! This is why I so scathingly put that Rae was behaving like a ‘Duranie’ because she cried when she couldn’t get to John. It meant she was crying and hysterical – something that a Duran Fan would never do!


25th August 1986 – Singing In the Rain


Chalk Farm Photo Studios

We went to a photo session, for the album I think. John Nick and Simon were OK going in, but coming out they were amazing!

It rained all day and night so we started singing! ‘Doe A Dear’ and silly stuff like that. So Duran sent some food down. I nicked the bottle of Perrier water to drink!

Amy, Sam and Das singing for their supper. 25th August 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

Before that we went to some museums for something to do. We went to the Victoria and Albert. John’s suit from A View To A Kill is in there. But it wasn’t his suit. It’s the jacket and trousers to what he DIDN’T wear in the vid.

We came back to the studio and got even more wet. That was when the food came. We got to sit inside the studios then, by the stairs.

When Simon, Nick and John came out they all had great make up on. I had a photo done with John. (JT kept talking about Andy. He kept calling him a wanker in front of me.)

This is the shirt John calls 'my favourite'! Photo shoot 25th August 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

I chatted with Simon too, but he had to leave. The doors were shutting and he wanted to go so I called him ‘Boring!’ but he was lovely. John was lovely to me too. He was sooooo nice.

I said to John ‘You’ve got the shirt on again!’ and he said ‘Yeah, your favourite!’


I think this was a typical British Bank Holiday Monday in August – it rained all day. I think there were about 10 of us at the photo studios that day. Duran would have told us roughly how long they were going to be – all day on this occasion. So we took ourselves off to get some culture!

All I remember about the V&A Museum was traipsing around trying to find this suit that John had worn in the View to a Kill video. I was most disappointed as he obviously had worn two different suits in the video, a jacket from one suit and trousers from the other and the V&A had what he HADN’T worn! Why I was bothered about that I don’t know!

It did rain all day that day. The studio’s had this little covered over bit so we had some shelter. That’s where we sang. The picture in this entry is of Das, Sam & Amy singing Doe-A-Dear from The Sound of Music! God knows why we sang that! We did a medley from musicals and I guess that why Duran sent food down – to fill our mouths to stop us singing! I mention the bottle of Perrier. I remember thinking this is POSH! Perrier was expensive and I hadn’t had it before. God I was green!

This is a day where I think John’s sadness about Andy leaving turns into anger. I was so shocked because I think that I had never heard a member of Duran swear like that. John calling Andy a wanker had shocked me – when I wrote ‘John called Andy a wanker in front of me’ – showed how shocked I was! IN FRONT OF ME!!! I was a 15-year-old girl who up until that point I had never heard a member of Duran swear!!! John was hurting at that point. He just kept on calling him it. It was sad.

This was the photo shoot for the Notorious album and promotion for it. I think there’s at least one picture somewhere either on the calendar in 1987, or the Notorious tour programme where there’s a picture of John in my favourite shirt! Although looking at it now, I think I would have to be insulting and tell him his shirt is terrible! It was a light coloured denim and had white tassel fringing on it. GROSS!

23rd August 1986 – Nick is a Dad & I’m Insulting


Nick and Julie-Ann became parents! She had to be induced, we don’t have any more details yet but Nick is really proud!

John has had his hair cut! I called him ‘a moron’ when he went into the studio today. He said ‘Why? Don’t you like it?’

Coming out of the studio I said to John ‘Sorry, for calling you a moron.’ He then jokingly said ‘That’s alright – you’re the insulting type!’ SOD! But I love him.


Then when he was in the car I said ‘I won’t insult you again’. He wound down the window and said ‘Alright, and I won’t insult YOU again!’


Congrats to Nick and Julie-Ann.



The picture I have put into this entry was from a few weeks before. There is a caption on the back of it. It says ‘Me saying Sod You Then to John’. That says it all really. I WAS an insulting type! I had a bag of chips (french fries) in the picture and John ate one. I asked him if he wanted to take some more. He said no, so I said Sod You Then! I must have felt really comfortable with him to say things like that because I was actually quite a shy girl. He loved the sarcastic comments, he used to crack up laughing sometimes. We must have provided the entertainment a lot of the time at the studios!

I remember Nick going to the hospital from Abbey Road to see Julie-Ann. He told us she had been induced and rushed off in a taxi! Nick didn’t drive and still doesn’t. I am amazed at that, but that’s all part of Nick’s charm!

I don’t say in this entry how I found out that Andy had left. I had written this in the bottom of my entry in capitals. I obviously meant it as a BOLD statement! This was a question constantly asked at the studios but never really replied to, ‘Has Andy left?’. I think that even at this late stage of recording the Notorious album, Simon Nick and John had no clue as to whether Andy would join them. There seemed to be a lot of bad blood between them at this time, especially I felt between John and Andy.

At first John seemed quite sad when you asked him about Andy, like he was losing his wing man and he couldn’t quite understand why. I may have this all wrong of course but at the time that’s how I felt John was feeling. He makes his feelings known for Andy a little more strongly in my next diary entry! I liken his feelings to when someone close to you dies. You know, stages of grief. Up until this moment John seemed sad about Andy, grieiving. The anger part comes next!

19th/22nd August 1986 – Need Some Air Studio’s

Tuesday 19th

Being trapped at Air Studio’s ain’t much fun but when Simon spots you in a crowd and says ‘Hello, How are you?’ What can I say? I was in pain! But I just said ‘Oh, I THINK I’m ok!’

Nick and John came together. They didn’t seem very happy. They were OK.

Nick at Air Studio's. The Awning was Burger Kings! COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS













Friday 22nd

Today, some girl told John that the shirt he was wearing was weird. Then he got in his car. I tapped on the window and mouthed to him, ‘I LIKE your shirt!’

He rolled down the window and said ‘Ta’! Then started to roll it back up. Then said ‘I like you too!’

My God. Whatever next?!


Duran were now at Air Studio’s for a few days. They went back and forth as far as I can tell between Abbey Road and Air Studios in the next few weeks. Air Studio’s is a MAD place to have a studio. It is on London’s Oxford Street and next door to a Burger King and a few shops away from Top Shop’s largest store. It was MAD! People doing their shopping, tourists, traffic and a band recording an album. A great recipe for madness! Simon also used to use the tube to get to the studio and get off at Oxford Circus. Sometimes he would walk down the street and have a crowd of people just walking behind him, in awe that Simon Le Bon was casually walking down one of London’s busiest streets.

I remember one day Simon casually strolling along from the direction of Oxford Circus tube. I was sitting on the floor outside the studio’s just watching. A girl holding lots of shopping bags was strolling along, walking towards Simon. At first she did not notice him, she was chatting to her friend next to her. Then she looked straight ahead, saw Simon and all hell broke loose! She flung down her bags and ran full pelt towards Simon! She jumped onto him going absolutely bonkers! It was scary and funny at the same time! I remember everyone trying to pull the girl off him and get him into the studio’s safe. That must of been really scary for Simon as none of us obviously did that sort of  thing. At the studio’s he was used to a handful of fans being calm and acting normal. This was an unknown person, flinging themselves at him. It must have happened all the time, but that was the first time I had witnessed such a frenzy!

John and I had a funny kind of  banter back in those days. You will see that as time goes on in these diaries. He would say things that would obviously cause friction between other fans. I mean, when he said that he ‘liked me too’  I was in full earshot of other fans. That meant that I was probably gossiped about and bitched about too. Such was the nature of the Duran fan! But I was extrememly flattered! John and I used to be sarcastic to each other a lot in those days. And now too, to be honest. I am very sarcastic and John can be very cutting too. It made meeting him even more interesting, as I love a good banter!



14th August 1986 – The Ticket Snatcher


Saw Duran go into Abbey Road then went to the Prince concert again at Wembley.

We met Steve Ferrone outside the gig and he gave me two tickets to join him and his girlfriend Jackie. GREAT! Then S*** snatched the envelope with the tickets in out of my hand and ran through the turnstiles! SHE’S A BITCH!! It meant that me, Das and Rae couldn’t get in and were left outside. I couldn’t believe it. We were so annoyed at S*** that we went back to Abbey Road and TOLD THE BAND!!!!

Nick was really lovely. He was quiet and didn’t believe a friend would do something like that!

John Taylor August 1986 Only have one photo of Duran at Abbey Road for some reason. This was taken the week before at Maison Rouge. COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

John said ‘Really? Who did it? Who did it?’ He really cheered us up. He said ‘You show me who it is next time you are here and I’ll do something about it!’

Steve (who had come back from the concert) told me to ‘Kick her up the arse!’ He was lovely and told us not to sleep on the streets tonight. (We were staying at S*** house that night).

They all told us not to sleep rough. Renee was saying to John ‘What are we going to do? We can’t let them sleep out all night?’ But John just said we’d be fine. Renee was so lovely.  (Simon wasn’t around, I think we must have missed him)


I haven’t named the girl who did this, but she was one of my closest friends at the time. I got on really well with Steve Ferrone and I was so chuffed that he would give me his spare tickets to the gig. Steve knew I was a fan of Prince. A crowd of us had gone down to Wembley, some had already seen the Prince gig a few days earlier. So it was nice to be singled out for some attention!

In those days Wembley had turnstiles. You just turned up, handed your ticket to the attendant and went through the turnstile. S***, who snatched the tickets, gave the spare one ticket to Sam then ran through the turnstiles! Sam was part of the group I called the ‘known fans’. I think that S*** was trying to become part of the ‘known fans’ little group so she did something to try and win them over – steal my tickets! It backfired on her big time though because the people who witnessed the snatch couldn’t believe it and thought she was terribly mean! S*** tried to come back to the studios a few times afterward this incident, but I wasn’t talking to her and the other fans thought her nasty, so she stopped coming in the end.

We didn’t actually sleep on the streets that night. We still slept at S*** house. We just didn’t talk to her. For the whole journey to her house. The whole time we were in her house. And we never talked to her again. Her silly act cost her some good friends. And the chance of going to see the band she liked. Silly really.

The funny thing about this story is that apart from Renee, who was really concerned, the rest of Duran didn’t seem that bothered that a bunch of 15 year old girls were prepared to spend the night sleeping on the streets! I think that it was a case of out of sight out of mind for them to be honest, we were forgotten about as soon as they drove away!

I finally got to see Prince in concert a few years later. Wished it was that tour though. Still gutted about it 25 years later!

August 11th/12th 1986 – Abbey Road For The Fab Four


After being at Air Studio’s for 4 days (or is it 5) Duran went to Abbey Road. You know. The Beatles. The Fab Four. Now being used by the Fab Five. Or is it????

John, Nick, Simon and Steve Ferrone are here so that’s four I suppose. Rumour has it that Andy had done a photo session with Duran. Rae asked Simon. Simon said ‘I don’t even know if Andy is even in the country.’ Erm.

Today, apart from seeing SLB who has gorgeous blonde streaks now, JT and Nick I also met the Pet Shop Boys and talked to Chris Lowe for a bit. And Siouxsie and the Banshees. (Siouxsie and Budgie). And Ped and Mark O’Toole from FGTH.

Talked to Koren and Rocks today and met Koren’s brother too.

I gave Nick a letter today and he said it was funny! JT was nice today too. Simon was. Well so-so.

Nick and I Abbey Road August 1986 John is behind me! COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS


Duran went to see Prince at Wembley in concert – the Purple Pain! So we went to Wembley too!

Just missed them going in – we sat and listened to it outside as we could hear it. We also got interviewed on TVAM about Prince. They asked us if we liked Prince and if we were there to see him and everyone said ‘No we are here to see Duran Duran!!’ Except me! I said I liked Prince!


This must have been Duran’s first day at Abbey Road. Previous to that they had been at Air Studio’s, which is in the middle of Oxford Street. A nightmare for Duran as I think a later entry will discuss! I would imagine, as I have no knowledge of this, that different studio’s did different things, hence why they moved around from studio to studio. Either that or they could only book certain slots then other bands needed the studio. I am sure that someone could enlighten me! My entries do go back to Air Studios, they didn’t use Abbey Road for long.

But it being Abbey Road meant that we got to see quite a few other bands, as you can read. I used to love Siouxsie Sioux , she looked scary with big hair and make up but was the sweetest lady! The Pet Shop Boys were also lovely. We saw the FGTH (Frankie Goes To Hollywood) guys around a bit in those days too. It was like there were pop stars on every corner in 80’s London you know!

This August 11th entry is bizarre in one way. Because TODAY, the day that I am writing THIS,  is August 11th 2011. So this page from my diary that I am looking at and transcribing from was written on this very day TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO. Wow. That kind of blows my mind!

(I wonder if anyone has that TVAM interview outside the Prince concert? I didn’t have a VCR then so just watched it the following morning. I think I was just seen in the footage. But I was heard saying that I liked Prince when the others were just saying they liked Duran!)

I find it a bit sad that even at this point that Duran were making what was to be the Notorious album, we still hadn’t heard if Andy was coming back. Just dismissive comments from Simon not knowing if he was even in the country. We had heard that Roger wasn’t coming back as Steve told me he was booked for the album. But we hadn’t seen any session musicians turn up to play Andy’s parts so I think we must have assumed that at any minute Andy will stroll up at the studio’s. He didn’t at Abbey Road. But he does soon…….

As a little footnote, there was a LOT of graffiti at Abbey Road from Beatles fans. Some of us Duran fans may have added to that somewhat…….sorry Abbey Road!