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6th November 1986 – The Boys Are Back In Town


I had the day off school today – because Duran are BACK!!!

Them lot went to see them on TOTP but they never told us. (They couldn’t, apparently).

We waited at the Savoy Hotel to get a wave from Nick and Simon as we waited at the wrong exit.

Then we raced to Capital. We missed them going in but they were only 20 minutes or so. John was really moany. So I tried to cheer him up!

'Moany' John & I Capital Radio November 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

Then we jumped in a cab and went back to the Savoy. We beat them back so when they got there they chatted to us for a few minutes.

Then we waited outside the hotel for them to leave – they were flying to Strasbourg to tour Europe and promote Notorious – the new album. (They are using a new drummer called Jerry. Yesterday Steve Ferrone kept asking for me – saying ‘Where’s Michelle? Where’s my fan’!!)

AND there’s a new guitarist for the tour. Warren. Rae says she’s in love with him! I mean he’s cute, but she has only known him for 5 minutes!

When they came out of the Savoy John got straight into the car. No one went to him – so I did. I kept telling him to cheer up and that if he didn’t by the time we got to the airport I’d kill him! He just kept tweaking my nose!

Then Simon was saying all our names but he had to be told mine because he doesn’t know it! He called me a ‘cute lil thing’!!! He’s gone loopy I swear.

John was really quiet. He said it was because he was tired. I got chatting to him about Billy. He said he liked ‘Man For All Seasons’ and ‘Don’t Need A Gun’ from the album.

Good Day!


I do keep on about how green and naive I was, but I just accepted that John was ‘moany’ and quiet all day because he was tired. But maybe he was on a comedown from drugs? Or badly hung over? I don’t know. I just didn’t see any of the drinking and drug taking the whole time I spent in their company up until this point. I really didn’t. Of course it would have happened behind closed doors and not in front of us, but still. Was I just blind to it and didn’t recognise the signs? Yes to drug taking as up until then I had never seen anyone taking drugs or under the effects of drug taking. But I knew about drinking because my Dad liked a drink! I can’t work out why I was blind to it. Devotion? Not hearing a bad word said against Duran? Probably.

Also, the first mention of Warren…….more of him to come later!

So I took the day off school to go and see Duran. That was with my Mum’s permission I’ll have you know! Mum let me have a day off here and there if I was working hard!

I mention in the first paragraph that ‘them lot’ went to Top Of The Pops to see Duran, and didn’t tell us. ‘Them lot’ were the ‘Known Fans’  and yes, some of them STILL kept information to themselves. But it was getting better.

I was told just yesterday by Sam, who was a ‘known fan’, that she had had enough of keeping things from me and that she thought I was a nice girl and should be told more. Bless! Sam is one of my best friends now, she was my witness at my wedding and we live just down the road from each other on the coast when we are both Londoners! So more than anything, Duran gave me great friends!