February 4th 1987 – Conversations with Steve Ferrone

Savoy Hotel/BBC Television Centre

I went to see Duran but spent most of the time with Steve Ferrone! He’s brill! At the Savoy he was so glad to see me I got smothered! At the BBC he was happy to see me again. We went to the reception area and we were waiting for the rest of Duran to arrive for about 25 minutes so we just chatted.

We talked about what I wanted to do as a career, his drums, his girlfriend – who he is marrying next week. He said his kids were doing great. He asked me if I had tickets for the Duran tour and he said he would put me on his guest list! I will be with Jacqui his new wife! We talked loads and he even said he will send my a birthday card in a few weeks!

At reception at the BBC 4th Feb 1987 All of Duran at the time and me with Steve Ferrone. COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

We got into one of the dressing rooms but Simon chucked us out when Warren (the new guitarist) had let us in! Warren was great to us. He said he liked my cross (necklace) and thought my bright red worried looking face ‘becomes’ me!! The make up artist for them was trying to help calm it down by putting witch hazel on it for me!

So Simon wasn’t very nice, John and Nick I don’t really know about as I never really spoke to them, being with Steve all the time. But they said they were supposed to be flying back on Sunday….


I obviously used to get on really well with Steve. He was genuinely interested in what I had to say. I remember telling him I wanted to be a journalist and he was very encouraging – like a dad would be! He WAS old enough to be my dad let’s face it! That’s how I saw him anyway – like a father figure. We chatted for a long while whilst hanging around waiting for Duran to arrive.

I do remember being let into the dressing room by Warren. We didn’t know anything about him at this time. He had only just appeared on our radar around then. We thought he was a lovely man for letting us escape those dreaded commissionaire’s that were chasing us. Simon obviously had other idea’s and told us to leave the dressing room when he got there! Fair enough – I don’t blame him at all! We didn’t get to know more about Warren and his reputation until much later…..

I was very chuffed about getting on Steve’s guest list for tickets. And that he had offered me and not that I had asked him too. The other ‘known’ fans had been on guest lists before but this was new for me! I didn’t take it too to heart though as the tour wasn’t coming to the UK until May and I might have been forgotten about by then! It was just nice to be thought of in that way that Steve would like me as his guest! I was chuffed!

Looking briefly through my diary there isn’t as much written in 1987 as there was in 1986. Further along the years even less! As I got a bit older I obviously had less time to go and see Duran, what with leaving school and getting a job. I still did go and see them as you will see if you continue to read my entries. I hope you are enjoying them still. I enjoy reading your feedback so let me know your thoughts!


The picture in this entry features the following people:- Jenny, Ruth, Moraine, Daska, Sam and Jo. If you want the picture removed please let me know.


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