Sunday 8th/Monday 9th February 1987 – Airport/Savoy/Grosvenor House for the BPI Awards

Sunday 8th February – Heathrow



Not a lot happened seeing as Spandau, Whitney Houston, the Pet Shop Boys and Duran were ALL ON THE SAME FLIGHT!

Spandau fans all mobbed JT for some reason so didn’t get to see him. So that was boring. Nick and Simon didn’t seem to get mobbed. I missed Steve and Warren though. Going to the Savoy to try to see Duran tomorrow.

Monday 9th February – Savoy/Grosvenor House Hotel

Went to see Nick and Si leave the hotel at 8 in the morning! I had to get up at 6!!! But saw them and it was nice as there were only five of us there. Simon was OK today. We all had individual pictures done with Nick and Simon. Which was good.

Nick Simon & I very early at the Savoy 9 Feb 1987. They are wearing shades. In February. COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS







(We thought that John will be at the BPI awards, but he wasn’t going and we didn’t get to see him either)

At the awards though I missed seeing them. I did meet Debbie Harry at the Savoy though twice – and she’s great! I wanted to see Jon Bon Jovi desperately but I never got to see him come out. Wanted to see Boy George, Curiosity, Blondie, Bon Jovi, George Michael but had to leave so saw no-one. I did see Spandau though. Gary came out and said to me ‘It’s Michelle isn’t it?’ He remembered – aaaaarrrggghhhh. Sorry about the writing I’m so damn TIRED!!!


I can’t believe that I didn’t have that much to say about that trip to Heathrow in my diary entry for Sunday. I mean, WOW! On one plane, landing at Heathrow, were Duran, Spandau, Whitney Houston and the Pet Shop Boys! How fantastic is that? Imagine being on that plane!? I am not sure why they were all on that plane or where they were flying back from but I assume it was a tv show in Europe somewhere. If you can enlighten me – please do. I’m not too happy am I about the Spandau fans mobbing John!? I should be OK with it seeing as I went to see Spandau all the time, but still! My Duran jealousy is evident in this entry!

How indignant am I about having to get up at 6 to go and see Duran at 8!? I wasn’t happy. Nick and Simon wearing sunglasses at 8am on a cold and damp February morning meant they probably wasn’t too happy about the early start either! At least they look human in the picture above. I looked miserable. Scratch that. I ALWAYS looked miserable it seems. I always thought I was a happy soul! Teenagers eh? This pic was another first though. The first time I had a pic with TWO Duran members at the same time.

The BPI Awards are now called The Brits. I remember meeting Debbie Harry and thinking how wonderful she was – but that was at the Savoy. I remember having high hopes of meeting lots of celebrities at the BPI’s. When we got to the Grosvenor House Hotel it was obvious that we wouldn’t see anyone really. Lots of press and crew around. I really wanted to meet Jon Bon Jovi and Boy George, both of whom I have still never met. I was really disappointed. My disappointment shows as I seem to take hardly any interest when I DID meet Gary Kemp again after not seeing him for six months. I should have felt ecstatic that he remembered my name after all that time, but I don’t seem that bothered. Oooh. Fickle me.

Reading this diary sometimes make me want to go and visit this ‘me’ from the 80’s and give her a little slap! How lucky was I meeting ANY of the celebs back then? That’s the trouble with anything though isn’t it? You have a little but you always want to have more!


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