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March 28th/29th1987 – All around London Town



Simon was on Saturday Superstore but me’n’Jenny decided to see if we could see him at the Savoy instead. But he wasn’t there.

After trekking round London all day trying to find them we went to the airport where D*** lied her heart out about what Duran were doing tomorrow. Sam got annoyed about the whole lying thing and so they stopped lying and told us all about tomorrow.



Went to the airport to meet John, Simon and Nick from Paris. Met them – JT has had his ears pierced!!! That was OK I suppose. Then we went to the Palladium. I saw Steve and we talked for a few minutes. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and went inside. We then found out that they were staying at the Mayfair hotel, Barclay Square. So we went there to try to see them.

When John arrived I asked him if Steve was coming to the hotel too. He was really high or something. He goes to me ‘I’m Bored. I’m Bored. Are you Bored?’ (He was looking at my badge on my jacket that says ‘I’m Bored’!) Then he said ‘Are you bored of waiting for me to answer this question? Steve has gone with his wife to have Sunday dinner, then he’s going to the pub, alright?’ He was laughing when he was saying it though.

Warren came and said ‘Hi’ like he remembered me. Steve came along later and we had a photo done, his roadie took it on a Polaroid and wouldn’t give it to me! We couldn’t talk long. I was talking to Jacqui about the wedding and giving her my congratulations and everything.

All in all we had a very cold day, a long day and I ended up feeling so starved I thought I was an eethy but I had a laugh!


On the Saturday Jenny and I had traipsed all over London on false leads and hunches. Do I sound like a private detective? Sometimes it was a bit like that. Asking questions, getting gut feelings. We all had ways of feeling if our hunches were true too. If I got butterfly’s in my stomach when we arrived somewhere that Duran were supposed to be, it invariably meant that they WEREN’T there! If I felt nothing and told everyone we were in the wrong place – that meant that they WERE there!

That Saturday we decided not to do the usual and  break into BBC TV Centre, and tried to find them somewhere where there weren’t so many people. It backfired I suppose. Remember these were the days without mobile phones. When you left your house for the day, you left your house for the day! You weren’t contactable on the move. Unless you called home to ask if anyone had called or left messages, you didn’t have a clue what any of your friends were up to. Or if they had left messages to let you know where they were.

On this occasion when we did meet up with D*** and Sam at the airport, they at first attempted to tell us lies about what they knew. This wasn’t unusual. I was getting used to that. But this was breaking point for Sam who had had enough of lying to me. She proceeded to tell me the truth that day and ever since then – 25 years later – we have been the best of friends!

That Sunday was obviously a busy one. Airports, hotels, theatres. I have said that this was an Amnesty concert. They were called The Secret Policeman’s Ball for some reason. On the line up on this show were people like Kate Bush, Mark Knopfler, Dave Gilmour and even the Spitting Image puppets! I didn’t see any of those I’m afraid! Saw Duran at the theatre, left to see Duran arrive at their hotel!

I have implied that John was high in this diary entry. I was only just 16 when I wrote this and I’m not sure what I meant by high. I think I thought he was drunk. But I can’t be sure. I couldn’t tell you if he was on cocaine or anything like that as I had never SEEN anyone on coke before. I had only seen people DRUNK before. I don’t think he was that pleased in me asking about someone other than himself either to be honest! He was being funny with me and my ‘I’m Bored’ badge!  (That badge got a lot of attention! I wish I still had it!)

Lastly I said I was hungry and that I felt like I was an ‘eethy’ Horrible I know, but it was a slang term at the time in my area of London. If you were hungry you said you felt like an ‘eethy’ short for Ethiopian. Horrible I know, but I write everything that’s in my diary and that is  written in my diary, unfortunately!