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4th-30th April – April in Paris But I’m At Home & Other Stories

Saturday 4th April

Sam called me from Paris where Duran are on tour at the moment. She wanted to let me know what was happening. The concerts are really great apparently. When they all came on stage at the end Sam said they called to Steve and he said ‘Where’s Michelle?’ They said ‘In London’ Great ay?

STEVE’S BIRTHDAY 25th April – he was 37!!!!!

Wednesday 29th April 1987

I phoned Steve at his hotel in Edinburgh! He was out but I chatted to Jacqui for about 15 minutes. Then at around 10.45 Steve phoned me – after the concert!!!! He and Jacqui are so sweet to me!

Thursday 30th April


Went to see if Jacqui would come out of the terminal but Simon, Nick, Warren, Steve and Jacqui came out together!

I spent loads of time with Steve & Jac. They were great. I didn’t go near Warren – we have been told some things about him!!! Simon was OK. I was chatting to Nick quite a lot. He was asking about exams and stuff. And about the school fire alarm going off.

Had some pictures done with Steve. The roadie took a Polaroid of me again and again wouldn’t give it back. IFFY!

Steve & I at the Airport 30th April 1987. Check out my big hair! COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

Steve was great. Told me what happened on his birthday a few days ago. He told me he sang! He told me he went with Max Bygraves on tour when he was a kid!!! Really nice day.

John turned up later when most of us had left the airport. Jenny was the only one he saw.


As you can see if you have read my previous entries I am seeing a lot less of Duran by this time. Partly because I was a little older and had to get myself sorted, with exams and revision. Mostly because my mum wouldn’t let me go on the European tour, only allowing me to do some of the UK gigs. So my slightly older friends did a lot of the European leg of what I always called the Notorious tour (Think its official title was Strange Behaviour Tour) whilst I stayed at home, revising!

I have talked before about not having mobile phones and the effort it used to take to get in touch with people back in those days. So I was grateful for my friends doing the tour calling me from time to time to keep me posted. I wouldn’t have just called Steve at the hotel because I was a chicken and not brazen enough to do that off my own back. The girls would have seen Steve earlier in the day to find out if he minded if I called. Duran used to stay in hotels under assumed names, so unless you knew the name you wouldn’t get past reception anyway. So one of my friends would have had to ask Steve what name he was under for me to call him! So it was lovely that he actually called me back after the show – and asked for me during it too. I was flattered!

Looking at that little entry stating Steve’s birthday – now that rocked me! Steve was 37!  Just 3 years younger than I am RIGHT NOW! That was ANCIENT to my 16-year-old self!

Reading my diary for this blog has made me realise what a naive bunch we really were. It is both refreshing and scary JUST how green we were! We were so innocent!