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Heathrow, Heathrow, Heathrow and not a plane to catch! Sept/Oct/Dec 1987

17th September 1987


Went all the way there for old dog face Simon! So disappointed! It was BORING! Simon said that Steve was doing his own album in LA. Great. So I will never see him again!

18th October 1987


Went to see John and Renee fly in from Copenhagen. John was okay. Renee was lovely as usual. Both of them looked really good, John was dressed in black trousers and Jacket and Renee in a grey dress and a brilliant black coat! Great Day for Renee!

Renee Simonsen & I Heathrow Airport 18th October 1987 Beauty and the Beast Hair! COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS










29th October 1987


Went to see Simon fly in from Paris. The flight – the first one that is – was coming in at 8am. So I had to get up at 6am. I didn’t really want to go because it was supposed to be just Simon. But Das said Nick could be flying in too – so oh well!

So around 8am, Yasmin came through. She ignored everyone. She ignored Amy’s calls to her. She looked straight through us. Simon didn’t come through. So we didn’t see him.

So Michael Caine and his gorgeous wife and their daughter – WOW!

3rd December – 5th December 1987

Steve Ferrone/HEATHROW

I got a phone call from Paris where Amy and Sam are to say that Steve was doing the album. So I phoned Jacqui’s parents to find out where Steve & Jacqui were and Steve was there!!!

He was really sweet. We talked about him going to Australia with Eric Clapton, and going to Brazil with Duran. He said he was in the LA earthquake! He said he was flying to Paris on Saturday and asked me to go and see him off and have tea before he goes!

When I got to the airport I was too late and missed the flight! I am hoping to see him when he flies back (if he ever does!).


Steve and Jacqui sent me a Christmas Card! I sent them one back!


As you can see these entries spread over nearly four months and they are ALL about seeing them at Heathrow Airport!

At the time there were only three terminals at Heathrow. I am sure that I have discussed Heathrow before in a diary entry but BOY did we spend a LOT of time at that airport! We mostly never knew the flight numbers or even times of flights but we did usually know from WHERE they were flying from. Then we used the powers of deduction to try to meet them from their flight.

We used the free shuttle buses between terminals very often! This excited me because I had never been on a plane and it felt like I was going away somewhere! (Didn’t fly until I was 18!) We would get off one shuttle bus and head for arrivals, wait for a flight to empty and if it wasn’t that flight look up the next one. Then if necessary jump on another shuttle bus to another terminal to wait for that flight! This could happen all day! We spent a lot of hanging around time in Sky Sh0ps, often reading magazines with Duran articles in or fashion magazines with shots of Yasmin or Renee in to pass the time!

I loved Renee. I don’t think there was ever I time that I met her that she wasn’t lovely. I put in this entry the picture of me and Renee taken on that day so you can see the contrast between a smiling/snarling teenage girl and an absolutely stunning supermodel!

Yasmin on the other hand in this entry wasn’t very pleasant and that was unusual as she was normally really lovely. We all have our off days – unfortunately I captured one of Yasmin’s in this entry – sorry Yasmin!

I seemed to miss Steve every time I went to Heathrow! If he thought about it – which I am sure he didn’t – he might of thought that I did it on purpose! I didn’t of course but I was very unlucky and never seemed to catch up with him. So Steve if you ever read this – I did try to see you at Heathrow, several times – I just never got there in time! Blame on the fact that I lived in East London and getting to Heathrow took a bloody long time!

Please note – I was obviously not feeling the love for Simon at this time – calling him dog face! This happened a lot in my time seeing Duran – always falling in and out with Simon. Sorry for calling you dog face Simon…..this time at least!