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1988 – Not Really Being Followed; Briefly Seeing Duran & Screaming Bros Fans

1988 Diary Entries

January 3rd 1988


Went to the airport for the possibility that Nick would fly in. Duran are doing some big concert in Rio de Janeiro. Turns out Nick is in the Caribbean. Simon told Das that. Only Simon flew in with Yasmin. I’ve done it again. Just met Simon. He gave Das a cuddle and shook mine and Frank’s hand.

Sometimes I really hate Simon!

Friday 29th January 1988


Steve is drumming with Eric Clapton on tour so me and Das went to see if we could see him.

He came along after Eric Clapton, Elton John and Renate went in. He was really sweet. Gave me a cuddle and kiss, so did Jacqui. I got introduced to Steve’s mum who was really sweet. We also met Eric Clapton’s head of Security, Alfie or Arnie or something!

Anyway, I might go there again on Sunday. Maybe Tuesday. I dunno. I’m fed up with waiting around for people – I’m just a bit pissed off at the moment – I don’t know why.

Steve was really nice to me though. I’m glad he still knows who I am, even though I’m not the most important person in his life – OOH VERY SARKY AREN’T I!!!

31st March 1988


Me and Das went to see the many Bros fans as Bros were signing their new album Push. It was so funny. Screaming, getting pulled out of the shop, girls on stretchers!

We went after 5 minutes and went to see Dee, the receptionist at Chrysalis. She told us Billy’s sister was running the fan club now. Nothing very interesting!

Then we went back to HMV to check out the Brossies! We were there about five minutes when Bros came. We were killing ourselves laughing, the fans were going potty! Bros waved from the windows upstairs, I think I took two pictures. We were absolutely killing ourselves laughing at the divvy fans!

Me and my crosses. In my living room in 1988 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS










Yep. That’s it for 1988 folks! One Duran entry in January, that I wasn’t pleased about. (I was still on a Simon Downer. Or should I say Dur-owner!) Then Steve with Eric Clapton. Then Bros. That’s it!

I started to have to get a bit more serious about life in 1988. I had left school, got my first job as a junior secretary at a business magazine so therefore couldn’t do all the following like I did┬áthe old days. That and it seemed that Duran wasn’t about that much. Or maybe they was and I just didn’t know about it!

Seeing Steve at Eric Clapton was I think the last proper time I saw him. That is sad as I really liked Steve and felt for a good while like he was part of Duran….I was obviously a bit upset when I wrote that entry as I seem to be coming to the conclusion that I was fed up with all the hanging around, waiting for people in bands who I though didn’t really give a damn whether I was there or not. It is funny that as a 17-year-old girl I was thinking this yet at 40 I still occasionally do the self-same thing! AND come to the self-same conclusion. Sometimes, no strike that, MOST of the time, going to meet bands can be a disappointing waste of time and effort. The only good part was then and is now the hanging out with good friends part! (That and that it is very aDDictive going to meet Duran for some reason!)

I don’t even have those Bros photo’s! I do remember that day though. I was amazed at the level of mania that these Brosette’s┬ácaused at the time. I had never really seen this mental fandom with Duran funnily enough. Apart from the odd girl going a bit crazy I had never seen THAT MUCH madness with a band before. I remember the fans climbing on their car when Bros had left it to get nearer to them as they were hanging out of upstairs windows in that HMV store. I remember the stretchers of girls coming out of the store, I remember the screaming! I was starting to feel old – at 17!!!