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1989 – Catch Up News, Duran at Olympic, The Deliquents Premiere


19th November 1989

Really haven’t been keeping this up this year! I can’t believe how long it’s been going! It’s quite brilliant!

I haven’t seen Steve Ferrone since, but I have seen Duran. John has been especially nice the times I’ve seen him.  Sadly John and Renee have split up. I have also heard rumours that Steve and Jacqui have too. Simon and Yasmin had a beautiful baby girl called Amber Rose. Tatjana is now – 3 – I think. John hasn’t another relationship as far as I know….but how would I know!

I now work for Sunday Mirror Magazine. I have met lots of lovely people through working here. I even got to go on a Duran photo shoot this year. I was late getting there so thought I had missed everything – which I did! Except Simon waited around for me to make sure I was alright. (It was at their fan club offices in Wandsworth – think he thought it might be a bit scary for me!) Bless him!

John I think has changed. He seems a bit quieter the last time I saw him. He seems to have a lot of consideration for the fans these days, especially when us old lot go down and see them!

Simon too has grown up – well he should be seeing he is a father and now pushing 29!!!

Nick and Julie have been having all sorts of problems according to the press, with court orders and things. Really sad.

Thursday 23rd November 1989

Olympic Studios , Church Road, Barnes

Frank and I went down there to see Duran. We walked past the Duran fans sitting at the door and walked straight into the studios! Koran was there and then Rocks came. Rocks gave me a cuddle.

I was wearing my leopard print coat that I bought for a pound. John said to me ‘What do you think you look like? You look like a tart!!!’ Then he apologised and said he liked the coat. So I asked him if he was taking the piss, he just had called me a tart!!! and he said ‘No I mean it, I like it. I wouldn’t say I liked it if I didn’t!’

Simon was OK.

We sat and watched TV and drank 2 cups of tea. Was really good!


December 5th 1989

The Delinquents World Premier Leicester Square

I got tickets from work to see The Delinquents with Kylie Minogue  and Charlie Schlatter in. The film was OK, but not all that it was hyped up to be.

Frank, Hazel (Frank’s sister) and I went to the party after. We met Kylie, Jason Donovan, Big Fun, Mike from Neighbours (Guy Pierce), Brother Beyond, Sonia – well all the PWL lot. Tony the presenter of Motormouth was giving me the eye!!!!

The party was OK, not that many stars, most of them went home early.


The diary entries are becoming a bit sparse! I had a proper job working on a Sunday Supplement for a National Sunday Newspaper – this was important!

I love the little round-up I have given at the beginning – I am not sure when all these things happened – I am sure that someone will point out all the relevant dates, but I seemed to have focused on the relationships of the Duran members. John and Renee splitting, Nick and Julie Ann splitting, Simon and Yasmin having a baby, not much about what they were working on!

But I obviously went to see them working….I think it must have been when they were working on Liberty??  I can’t believe Frank and I had the guts to waltz into the studios! Frank always made me do crazy things and I am glad he does sometimes!

Can’t believe John called me a tart! I am sure that he was being affection in that term – hehehehe! He obviously tried to retract that comment and put in a compliment after but it’s out there now! John seems to do that – speak before he thinks! I didn’t take too much offence at the comment, I thought it was funny.

The Delinquents was my first film premier – not that I have been to many! I am amazed that I have written quite a few names of the ‘stars’ that went to this but then said not many came! I wonder what I imagined? Wall to wall celebrities? Obviously!

And that my friends was the end of the 80’s. 1990 has a little of Duran in…..amongst others!