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Friday 12th January 1990 – If I Had A Car I’d Drive It Insane

Olympic Studio’s, Barnes

Amy and I went down to the studios to see if Rocks was around. We went inside to see him. He wasn’t working that day. We were just about to leave when Simon came out. He was just off home too.

We walked out of the studios with him. There were loads of fans outside waiting. I think a lot of them were Italian. Simon asked us where we were going next. We said home. He asked where. We said East London. But we were going to Hammersmith Station to get there. He said he’d give us a lift!!!!!

I swear he cannot drive! It was so funny, I thought I was going to die. I think it was Yasmin’s Fiat Panda, he looked too big to drive it. Amy got in the back so I had to sit in the front. I was so embarrassed. I can’t even remember what we talked about.

At one point this car pulled up alongside us in the traffic and they recognised Simon! They were pointing and staring. Funny. There was also a coach full of people when we were stuck at the roundabout at Hammersmith staring into the car.

Amy thought it was really sweet of him to offer us a lift. He even went out of his way to take us as he lived nearer the studio.


I can’t remember whether I have explained this before but Rocks was Nick’s roadie and Amy and I got on well with him. Our purpose that day was to go and have a drink with Rocks but we ended up getting a lift with Simon!

I never expected to get into Simon’s car. In fact I think he only asked us to piss of the fans that had been waiting outside all day! Playing us off against each other. If you were one of those fans outside that day – I didn’t want to wind you up, I was in shock that he would even offer to give us a lift to be honest.

I hated Amy for getting in the back of the car! I wasn’t a huge fan of Simon’s, as you may well have read from previous entries, and I felt really self-conscious and shy sitting next to him. I can’t recall having a conversation with him but we must have done for the journey was probably around 20 minutes or more and the traffic, being a Friday night was horrendous. I wish I could recall it! I couldn’t remember it on the DAY we had it so I have no hope in remembering it now!

That is the one and only time that a member of Duran has offered me a lift, a once in a lifetime car trip! But all I remember about that journey was me thinking ‘If we crash, the papers will say that Simon Le Bon was with 2 girls in the car, none of which was his wife!’