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13th June 1990/10th August 1990 – Helping Out At A Shoot and Asking For A Job

13th June 1990

Clapham Common North Side, London

Sunday Mirror Magazine Photo Session With Simon Yasmin and Baby Amber

I went with Ollie and Lucy (Fashion Ed & Assistant) to help out on a photo shoot with Simon for the magazine. Simon was fab!

Yasmin was, well Yasmin and Amber was FAB FAB FAB! She is such a sweet baby. So well behaved. And she was copying everything I did. So cute.

I had a really nice day. The house we did the shoot in was huge and gorgeous. I sat in the kitchen with Amber and Yasmin for a lot of the shoot.

Frank came down at the end of the session and was talking to Simon about the new single. It’s due out at the end of the July and called The Summer of Violence or The Violence Of Summer – something like that. The album is called – one word…something beginning with R? No L – Liberty!

10th August 1990

Wogan TV Studio

Duran were on it and because Jo and Frank were going I said I would too. I thought it would be a laugh!

Glimpsed Simon and Nick. Said hi to Simon. Saw John get into his car and he said ‘Hi’ in recognition.

So Frank and I decided to go to John’s. Amanda was there. We rang the doorbell and she peered over the balcony and screamed for John!

John came out and talked to us. We talked about everything….so much stuff! I even asked him for a job!!! He gave us the new Album on CD called Liberty it’s due out on the 20th. I’m listening to it now. It’s OK. It’s the first time that I have heard The Violence of Summer. Liberty sounds a bit Soul II Soul-y. I don’t know. I’ll have to listen to is a bit more though.

John was fab. We kind of felt like we weren’t fans talking to him at the door.


I was really chuffed to be able to go along to a photo session with Simon. I was a receptionist/junior secretary at the time at the Sunday Mirror Magazine and I must have begged them to take me a long. Good job too as I think I baby sat Amber a lot of the time! I remember the house was pretty amazing – it was a location house – not Simon’s own house. I remember helping putting the clothes onto rails and making tea and coffee. I got to do some amazing things when I worked there I must admit. I got to see Duran again a bit later as far as I remember through work too!

Going to see John at his house was something we did very rarely now we were a bit older. I think that because we hadn’t really seen Duran at the Wogan show we thought we chance it to see if John was home. Luckily he was. I felt very¬†privileged to be GIVEN a CD without having to buy it and ten days before it was in the shops!

I do remember telling John I was very bored in my job and could he offer me some work…he was non-committal¬†about that! I had to stick with my ‘boring’ job at the Sunday Mirror Magazine, a national newspaper with so much going on – how could it possibly have been boring? Sometimes I could just slap my younger self – I didn’t know I had it so good!