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No Duran – Just Some Idol Flirting

27th July 1990


Jean from work got me in. It was fab! When I got there I had tea in the green room, Billy must have come straight in and went to make up. He was on TV for 10 minutes then he came into the green room. We were introduced and he just said ‘WOW!’

He had to go back on TV so I watched it in the studio. When he had finished I got talking to him. I asked him how long he was in the country for and he told me he was going home Tuesday. I said he was never here long enough. He said he did come to the UK a bit but didn’t tell anyone. Then he said ‘Maybe I should tell SOMEone’

Billy Idol, the Green Room, TVAM July 1990

We talked some more and he said ‘You’d look great in high heels!’ I just told him i’d fall over in anything higher than what I had on (mega flats).

He’s staying in the Halycon Hotel, Holland Park. I don’t know whether or not I should go and see him there?


What an ABSOLUTE GREENY I was! ‘You’d look great in high heels’!!! WHAT THE HECK? Reading it now I can see that he was coming on to me – but I had NO CLUE WHAT SO EVER! Saying he should tell SOMEone about coming to the UK – NOTHING! Saying I’d look great in high heels – NOTHING. Telling me which hotel he was staying in – absolutely no twigging whatsoever that he was flirting. NONE. I was 19 at the time. What an innocent.

Needless to say I didn’t go to the hotel!