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The Only Entry For 1993 – Dominion Double And It’s Just Like Old Times

20th March 1993

Diary still Going! Can’t believe it!

Duran got to number six in the UK charts with their first single in years ‘Ordinary World’. They toured (briefly). They played Birmingham 19.3.93  and The Dominion Theatre twice – once at 7.30 and once at Midnight.

Dominion Theatre Midnight gig. 1993 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMON

I got front row tickets with Sam to the midnight gig. It was OK. Actually It was a bit disappointing. It was an amazing view, but I thought Simon seemed a bit spaced out. John was great. Nick was the same.

Dominion Theatre Midnight gig. 1993 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMON













We nearly got into the after show party but Jo ended up arguing with a security guard on the door so we got chucked out!!! I got to bed at 4 o’clock and I was knackered! Getting old now I’m 22!

Jo, Sam, Amy, Julie (5 months pregnant!), Jason, Alison, Frank – some of the old gang all back together again – it was so amazing!

They are supposed to be touring again in July, but Sam and I can’t wait that long! We are hoping to see them again soon. Just like old times!


I had obviously had a few sparse times with Duran having not written an entry for 3 years! I am sure I must have popped to see them in these in between years but just not written them down! I am actually surprised that this diary has any entries in at all after the 80’s. On writing this entry in 1993 I had left home, moved into a flat with my boyfriend, moved into another flat and then bought my own house so moved again! This diary is probably one of the only consistent things I have had since I was a child! How bizarre is that! And I am still writing in it today….although there are only a few pages left!

I remember feeling that at the Dominion show things didn’t seem right. I said that Simon seemed spaced out…..I remember him babbling a lot in between songs. I particularly remember him talking about Jim Morrison either before or after their rendition of Crystal Ship. It just didn’t FEEL right that gig.

There I am, my 22 year old self saying I am too tired  and that it must be because I am getting old! At 22! Unbelievable! It is such as shame you can’t get these years back. The truth is that youth is wasted on the young! I think that now I am 40 I have lots more energy and stamina! Good job really as I am still going out and about seeing Duran. I must admit though – the days of going to see Duran are now slowly coming to an end……