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The Only Entry For 1994 – Duran At Wembley – Simon Wore Blue Bacofoil and John Wore A Kilt!

28th January 1994 – Wembley Arena

It was quite bizarre. We travelled down from Fulham in Sam’s car. Jo, Sam and I left at 5.30pm but was stuck in traffic for nearly two and a half hours! Anyway we finally made it and got our tickets.

We met Julie and James, then Amy. Then we got as near to the front as we could, which happened to be near the gate that the people who were going backstage were using.

We saw lots of people coming and going. Naomi Campbell and Tony Hadley went through. Yasmin and Amanda with the babies.

Anyway. The three of us (Sam, Jo and me) got excellent vibes for getting into the party afterwards. We met with my darling Frank as well as Gary, Tracey and Alison. We also saw Maggie and Banger!

The concert was excellent. Simon wore a suit of which I can only describe as Blue Bacofoil and John wore a KILT!!!! Nick looked the same as usual.

John Taylor and Said Kilt. Wembley 1994 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

John Taylor and Said Kilt. Wembley 1994 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

They did old and new songs. They did ‘White Lines’ and Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five came on and did the song with them which was excellent.

After the show we went and stood at the door where the after show was. As luck would have it I saw S****** B***** who I used to work with at the Mirror. I asked him if he was going to the party and he showed me his pass. He said he would try to help me out and ask if he could have some passes. Then I couldn’t believe it. Ten minutes later he came back and gave me some passes! I got Sam Jo Julie and James and Frank in.



John and Amanda were interviewed on the Word TV Show that went out live. Simon went MAD when he saw Sam. He couldn’t believe he was seeing her! Later she mouthed across the room to him ‘I Love You’ and he mouthed back ‘I Love You Too!’ We were really laughing!

I didn’t talk to the band. I talked to Rox a lot and his girlie Elenor. Then this weird thing happened with this guy called M****** who was with S****** who got me a pass. He said he remembered me from when he filmed at Westside in 1986. He still has the video somewhere he said.

I stayed until around 12.45. That was the first after show I have ever gotten into. It was fun.

We might go to The Big Breakfast because Simon is going to be on it. We are CRAVEN!

31st January 1994

We decided not to go to the Big Breakfast Shoe as we had so much fun at the after show that if it is rubbish it would spoil it. They are flying to France tomorrow, but God knows if anyone is going to the airport.


It looks like I was only seeing Duran once a year by this time and looking ahead I only saw them twice in 1995. Then it is very skimpy until 2004 I think! Oops!

I loved going to this after show party as it was my first one. There was lots going on, lots of people, the film crew for the word, journalists, photographers – it was busy! I was so lucky to meet with an old colleague who had connections to let me and my friends in. It was OK as we didn’t bother the band, we just hung out and acted like we belonged. I think that at this time even the bar was a free one – not like it is today!

The Word was a TV show and one that Amanda De Cadenet was one of the presenters of. It wasn’t a great show – in fact watching it was a bit like car crash TV! Things went wrong, the presenters didn’t know what they were doing and it was on TV just when the pubs had shut so no one really cared! There will be another blog entry very soon about this TV Show.

I was not a very good critic when it comes to concert reviewing was I? It was excellent, Simon wore bacofoil, John a kilt and Nick looked the same. Review over!!! I don’t really remember what this gig was like. Feel free to refresh my memory!

As it turned out, none of the people I was with went to see Duran fly to France. I am sure actually that there are no more airport entries in my diary. Although it is a great place to meet them if they are in the right mood I was never a lover of meeting them at the airport.

Like I said, my next entry is the following year. My Duran Diaries are running a bit on the low side…….