Duran and The Scissor Sisters – April and May 2004

Wembley Arena – 24th April, 30th April and the 1st May

Fantastic set of concerts. Best i’ve ever seen them. Went backstage after the 30th April show and met Roger for the first time in 18 years! What a sweetheart! I also met Jake from the Scissor Sisters.

I met Ana from the Scissor Sisters on the 24th show. She was so lovely. So I called her over on the 30th’s show too and she introduced me to her best friend Christy. We had a great time.

On the 1st May show – it was a fantastic night. It was the last show of the tour and the atmosphere was superb. Met Ana again and Christy and we chatted for a while. Then we went backstage and we found out we can use our  passes to go to the party to celebrate the end of the tour at the Cafe Royal on Regent Street.

Wembley Pass 2004

Wembley Pass 2004 Copyright Michelle-Coldwell-Simons

It was so cool. Got a smile and a wink from John but the place was so full up – it was like a cattle market! Simon was huge headed, Roger was cool and Nick was laid back.

Met up with Rocks which was lovely. Fantastic set of gigs. Superb!

Notes About This Entry

The five dates of the Wembley tour was supported by Goldfrapp for the first few and the Scissor Sisters the last. For my birthday that February my husband Gary had bought me the Scissors CD. He had heard Comfortably Numb on Jo Whiley and thought – ‘My Michelle would love them!’ He was so right. No-one else had heard of them in my circle of friends except perhaps Frank so I, for once, was so excited to see a support act. It was amazing to meet Ana for the first time. She had finished her support set and came to the side of the stage to watch Duran – she is a MASSIVE Duran fan. I was standing at the front left of the stage on the barrier so called her over for a chat. She was so lovely. The following gig she did the same but this time came over to chat to me! She had been so excited to meet Duran – even got things signed! It was so refreshing!

Another after show party – I was so lucky to go to them I can tell you. In reality there really isn’t much reason for going. Duran aftershows are normally jam packed to the rafters with industry people, models (of course), some fans (how the hell did they get in!!) and sometimes the band themselves. Not all band members would go to some aftershows. This one was attended by all although I don’t remember Andy being there…..I sat and talked to Rocks (DD’s roadie from the 80’s) and his girlfriend Elena most of the night!

(I have also written a small piece on the back of this entry where there once was a backstage pass – it had been ripped off and some of my diary entry was missing too. I had gone to see the Scissor Sisters perform in Brighton at the Concorde 2. All I can make out of the entry was that it was a sweaty gig. Ana came out to say hi, we spent half an hour chatting and she persuaded me to never get a tattoo! She also gave me an email address to keep in touch.)

There is another gap of nearly a year or so in my diary. The next entry will be from 2005 – the year I get to fulfill one of my dreams!!



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