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28th May 2005 – Homecoming Stadium Show

28th May 2005

Birmingham City Football Ground, St Andrew’s

Duran played a one off gig as part of their tour in Birmingham City’s football ground.

Lisa F drove us down there and we managed to get to the Hyatt Hotel where we wanted to stay. When we pulled in their were lots of people hanging around – all of which looked like fans. It seemed that Duran were staying there! We managed to get a fantastic room for the four of us – me, Lisa Jo and Sam with stunning views over Birmingham. I found out later that the Hyatt stood where the old Rum Runner Club once had – how cool!

We drove to the gig and once inside it was a great show. Met up with Frank, Gary and two of Gary’s friends and saw Julie M too as well as a few old faces from back in the day. Was a really lovely atmosphere.

We managed to get some aftershow passes which was basically the changing rooms at the back of the stadium! We met up with Koron again which was mental! We had a really long chat – some of which got a bit emotional. Chatted to John for a few minutes. John’s dad was there……they are so alike! Saw some of the Duran’s kids around too.

John with Sam Jo and I at the after show Birmingham 2005 Copyright Michelle Coldwell-Simons

Back at the hotel it was mental. Lots of fans had figured out that Duran were staying at the hotel too. It got very crowded. We went for a walk up the street to get some food – it was too mad in the hotel to hang out there so we went back to our room.

Some news…Sam is pregnant with TWINS!!!!!


I think this was the first time I had seen Duran in a stadium venue. I remember that there was quite a bit of space where we were standing to the left of the stage and Sam and I were doing cartwheels – we had just found out she was pregnant with twins too!!! I remember laughing a lot at the gig and that there was a great atmosphere at the gig. Once again I cannot tell you the set list or anything else about the actual show itself – having too much fun! One of these days I really must take note of the show itself and try and write a proper review!