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We’ve Come A Long Way! Christmas Concerts – December 2005

21st and 22nd December 2005

Earls Court

The first gig (on the 21st) had a great atmosphere – they played really well and seemed to enjoy themselves. The gig was packed out. Met up with Rocks and Elena too which was really nice.

Second gig was not so good. It hadn’t sold as many seats as the first night and some of the arena was curtained off. It really showed in their playing, the gig just wasn’t the same.

I went to the after show though – that was a laugh. I got quite drunk! I was with Amy, Frank, Jo and Sam – who had given birth to twins only a week before! She’s MAD!

The highlight of my night was John saying to me ‘We’ve come a long way from the BBC haven’t we? And you came to the USA too!’ YAY!

(Amy was the only one to have a picture with John. I asked if he would pose with Amy, at first he said no. He said ‘If I say yes to Amy then I will have to do it for everyone’. So I said ‘It’s Amy, please???’ and he said OK! Bless!)

One more thing. I met Matt Willis! He must have thought I was a right mad old drunken loon! I had my picture taken with him. How sad!

Matt Willis at Earls Court After Show for Duran Duran copyright Michelle-Coldwell-Simons










Notes About This Entry

I remember the atmosphere at that second gig. Going into the arena the day before and seeing it packed out then coming back the next day to a half-filled auditorium must have hit Duran quite hard, therefore the gig didn’t have the same energy. It was probably one of those things where they released the one date at Earls Court, near to Christmas and people treated themselves or family members to a Duran gig as an early Christmas present. I might be wrong but the second gig was probably added without much fanfare and people didn’t know about it. Shame really.

I remember that day going to see Sam with her newly born twins and she was saying – ‘I want to come with you to the gig tonight’. We kept in touch throughout the gig and then towards the end of the show Jo went out and came back in with Sam! I never would have thought that she would even want to come – she had just twins by a c-section so should have been in bed – but not Sam! She came and partied with us! Mad Woman!


And Matt Willis was in a band called Busted, for those who don’t know!