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1st July 2007 – Princess Diana Would Have Loved It!

Wembley Stadium Princess Diana Memorial Concert

We had really high up seats. It’s the first time I have been to the ‘new’ Wembley Stadium and it is impressive. But out seats are REALLY REALLY HIGH! I felt a bit giddy to be honest! Couldn’t really concentrate on the show, couldn’t tell you what songs they did or anything!

We wandered around the stadium for a bit and after a while managed to get into the after show…..

It was surreal! I actually met Prince William! Frank and I had pictures done although mine ended up being with a whole load of blondes! The after show area was really lavish. The bar looked amazing and above our heads there were scantily clad acrobats on long satin ropes! MAD!

I also met someone who I have loved since the Lost Boys – Keifer Sutherland! It was quite by chance. I went to the outside area to have a cigarette. No-one else I was with smoked so I went on my own. After my cigarette I went back in the building and standing in this stairwell was Kiefer! He was chatting to people and having pictures done. I didn’t have my camera with me just my phone so I asked someone if they wouldn’t mind taking a picture for me. They were really rude! They said no! Kiefer overheard this and looked at this other man and said ‘Would you mind taking a picture for this lady please?’ of course this man obliged! What a lovely man! After that I thanked him and he said ‘No problem’ and then held a door open for me and let me pass through first. He was such a gentleman! When I got back I told Jo who I was with too and she was so annoyed she didn’t get to meet Kiefer too! I was so chuffed.

Had a picture with Jason Orange from Take That. Saw other famous people wandering around. Didn’t really see Duran, although I did glimpse Nick sprawled over what looked like a huge bean bag fast asleep!

What a bizarre day!


This is a very short entry considering the amount that seemed to have gone on that day. Prince William, Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Orange and Duran! Not a bad after show! I don’t really remember much except what I have written above. I do remember how brilliant Kiefer was though – such a gent. Luckily I kept the image on my phone – and it wasn’t a great  phone let me tell you – and saved it onto my computer. Even though it isn’t very good quality, I really like the picture. It’s the only time I have ever felt glad that I smoked!


Kiefer and Me Princess Diana Memorial Concert July 2007 Copyright Michelle Coldwell-Simons

(I think that I also went to the Live Earth concert that Duran did the following week at Wembley Stadium but I can’t be sure! I didn’t write about it in my diary, sometimes I forgot! I don’t have another entry in my diary until 2009 and that is a brief description of seeing Duran in 2008!)