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Whiteley’s Bayswater/National Lottery Show December 2010

Studios in Whiteley’s Shopping Centre, December 2010

Simon and John are recording a tv show called Something For The Weekend in  studios which are based at the top of a shopping centre in West London Called Whiteleys.

We didn’t see them go in, we couldn’t find the place for a start! John tweeted a picture of a sticker on the floor of the shopping centre and we basically wandered around trying to find this sticker so we could find the studio! We eventually did find it.

Really sweet John’s reaction to Amy when he got out of the lift! Chatted to John who said he was really pleased to see us and we got hugs off him! Awwww bless.

We are going to the National Lottery Show too – it is on Christmas Eve! EEEK!

Christmas Eve 2010 The Natural History Museum London National Lottery Show

I didn’t get to chat to any of them but Julie said she spoke to John and he was pleased to see her. It was really really cold! The BBC staff handed out mulled wine and hand warmers though! They played three songs. I was so cold. Other stuff happened but I am too cold and tired!


Notes About This Entry

Can’t believe at my age I would travel to London on Christmas Eve to stand in the cold to see Duran do three songs! On Christmas Eve! I have said it before and I will say it again, it is an aDDiction I tell you! I think we got home about 1am Christmas morning. Dedication that is. I still remember how cold I was! Brrrrrrrr