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One Night Only – OH What A Night

London ITV Studios 12th March 2011

We all had to apply for tickets for this One Night Only Special and luckily we did. Andrew got some priority tickets and off we went.

We first got in and spotted the stage but the stage hands put us all along these stands way back from the stage. Eventually they let us all go to the stage so naturally I stood on John’s side, right in front, as near as I could. Like I do. Ahem.

The format of the show was that Christine Bleakley chatted to them and showed some old clips in between and they also did pretty much a gig! We got to chat to Duran between songs. John give me water from his stash as they never seem to offer that on these tv things. They want us to shout and sing and dance and sweat but we never get a drink of water for it! Ah well.

Simon’s voice was a bit shaky on some of the songs. Seemed like his voice was going a bit. He pulled it off though.

They played about 8 songs, all was good. Was quite an intimate gig seeing as we were in a tv studio. Not looking forward to catching the show though. I hate to think what I look like jumping up and down like a loon to Duran! And I wore a red shirt, probably looked like a sweaty squashed tomato! Stylish!!


Notes on this entry

The one thing I didn’t write about this entry was about the fact that Sam lost the jewel from her engagement ring that night. Too much banging on the stage! We were all on our hands and knees afterwards searching for a little green gem (I think it was an emerald) and obviously we couldn’t find it. The set people were vacuuming the area as silver confetti had been shot over us at the end of the gig, Frank even asked them to empty the vaccum cleaner to see if it was in there! No luck though.

And was this the start of Simon’s voice problems?


02 Shepherds Bush Empire – A One Off Gig

7th March 2011

Arrive early-ish and went to Westfield Shopping Centre before going to the gig. Al was already there queueing  as she has VIP standing tickets. Andrew had seats, Sam, Julie, Amy, Frank, Kelly, Lorraine and Gary and I all had standing.

The gig was amazing. The new stuff sounded brilliant. The old stuff sounded EXCELLENT! Friends of Mine was particularly superb. Did lots of dancing, laughing, singing. It really was a fab gig. Then we went to the aftershow.

Rocks had asked me to pass on his number to Nick so I did and had a brief chat. Simon had blocked Sam on twitter. Sam had been particularly sarcastic to his tweets of late. When Sam and Simon met up he took her to one side for a chat. He had apparently been upset with her comments on twitter, so much so he blocked her! Can’t believe Sam’s sarcasm had hit him so hard. Bless. I hope he lets her tweet him again!

We had a group pic taken with Nick, then with Roger. Roger’s sons were ther as well as Nick’s daughter Tatjana. Didn’t see John but stood talking to his driver for a bit.


It was a fun night. Gig sounded brilliant, it was vibrant and energetic. I think the band enjoyed it a lot. Going to go to a lot of the tour……Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Bournemouth. It’s going to be an expensive one!

Notes on this Entry

Once again reading back on diary entries for gigs annoys me! One song I mention. ONE! I really need to do a set list, or at least try to review a Duran gig but I get so excited and involved, singing and dancing with my friends that I simply forget! So hats off to all those people that do gig reviews. I wish I could stop behaving like an excited puppy for a second during gigs to do one like you!