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Battersea Studios, London Part ???

30th June 2011

John Simon and Roger all came at the same time, so a chance for me at least to have a rare pic with all three of them. No Nick in sight sadly. Got Simon to sign an old book of mine, as a joke really for my daughter. John wanted to have a flick through it though first, bringing back memories. He saw my daughter’s name written down and said ‘Oh you and Roger have the same daughter’s names’. We don’t and we had had this conversation years before but of course JT wouldn’t remember.

Joked with Simon that he’d be back on 14 year old girls bedroom walls again soon. To which he replied ‘Where I SHOULD be!’ Laughingly.

Went for a coffee and returned to the studio  a while later. John’s driver was fixing a flat tire on his car so chatted for a while. Gela arrived but none of us went to talk to her, unsure of what her reaction would be to a bunch a middle aged women, waiting around for her husband. She probably thinks we are demented. Which we are obviously.

When they finally emerged Nick came out of the door first which was a surprise as we didn’t see him going in. Had a chat with him about his virtual 2nd life thing and about the tour. (Simon hasn’t had a voice since May) He suggested without actually saying that the European tour may be off.

Would like to think that after 25+ going to see this band there would be more camaraderie between us and the band. Sometimes, well, there’s just. Nothing. Feeling a bit like I really have stop all this.

Notes about this Entry

Seems like my love affair with Duran is petering out, doesn’t it?  I do have really bad days, months even. I haven’t done this diary for a good while as Duran simply just got on my nerves! I am sure I will have nicer entries coming up. But don’t count on it!


Girl Panic Video Shoot, Savoy Hotel, London

6th June 2011

Not sure why we went to this. We found out about this video shoot and decided to go and check it out. What a total farce. I felt like an absolute imbecile. Really hated the whole day, apart from…..well

We did get to see some supermodels. And JT kept coming out to the car with various people to play them an extended remixed version of ‘Other People’s Lives’  that JT himself had ‘rapped’ on. He kept blasting it out of his car, all the windows were wound up. We were sitting in a little park area next to his car and we could hear it! Apparently he wants Tinie Tempah or someone to actually do the rap – it wouldn’t be JT. I couldn’t bear it – I was cracking up.

We did get to have afternoon tea. Which wasn’t as pricey as I thought and the Savoy is a stunning place to be. Only £6 for a china cup of coffee. So That was good.


Security moved us on a lot. It was tedious. It was uncomfortable. It was another one of those ever increasing times that I really thought; I am too damn old for this, I’m not doing it any more.


Sadly though. I am aDDicted. 😦