A DDistraction from the DDiary – a DD Duranictionary


The idea for this came about on Twitter recently as a bit of fun when some DD related words kept cropping up in tweets. This brought me to thinking that it would be amusing to compile them for this blog. I have tried to credit everyone that I can. If your Duranictionary word and definition is here uncredited then let me know and I will rectify it. Along with the Duranictionary there will also be explanations of some acronyms and silliness that DD members come up with themselves too. Remember this is a bit of fun…….

& – The latest way Simon leaves Twitter

aDDict – self-explanatory

Bass God – He Who Is John Taylor (Queenofthe80s)

Bonvultions – similar to JTingles (traceySMith71)

DeDDication – What is needed to be a fan of Duran Duran

Durama – Much used word about the drama surrounding Duran and their fans

Duranalin – DD version of adrenaline ie when you keep dancing through a DD gig even when in extreme pain

Duranasol – a medical preparation for soothing Hemorrhoids after much sitting on cold floors whilst waiting to get into general Admission gigs

Duranathon – A period of time, usually longer than 3hrs, during which one listens to/watches NOTHING but Duran. Common side effects include Duranorexia, Durowner & WithDDrawal. (Amanda Duffy)

Duranatic – Someone who’s looney over DD (TraceySmith71)

Duranapathy – Empathetic and supportive of ones love for DD (Margo_DD)

Durarmchair with PaDDing – Suitable chair for waiting outside all day on General Admission gigs. Very sort after (BarbaraWyett)

Durandemonium  (1) – a regular state on Twitter in which one of DD tweets and followers rush to reply first (Kazzikat)

Durandemonium (2) –  That girl panic excitement that occurs as the bWoys take the stage? (SimoneB444)

Duranorexic – Dangerous condition where need for DD surpasses need for food & water ( as seen in Q 4 gigs) may be cured with a Frontal LeBonomy

Durowner  – feeling down about lack of DD ‘I’m not going to see DD for a few months. I’m on a right Durowner now.’ (traceySmith71)

Duranporn –  Candid shots, staged photo’s, basically any images of Duran passed from fan to fan. ie  ‘Mimi shared some duranporn with me from the gig last night’ (Margo_dd )

DuranieSisterhood/DuranMoms – (US) those passing out love down to the next generation, or simply a DuranFan who is a mom  (SimoneB444 and many others!)

Durantastic, Duranilicious – describing Duran words (SimoneB444, ueenofthe80s, SirGuyOfNewWave and many more) ‘That gig was bloody Duranastic!’ ‘JT looked particularly Duranilicious today.’

Durthrone – a throne suitable for a superfan (almadonduran)

Duranonymous – you don’t want to be this if you want to be more than a face in the crowd (Beyonkers)

Durance – Duran Induced Trance. The kind that happens when watching the band onstage (Barberawyett)

Duranged – the mental state of the more crazier fan

Durantime – meaning anytime at all in the Duran World – used when fans are told info late ie when presale is announced one day before going on sale (Queenofthe80s)

Duranecstacy – The feeling you get when DD come onstage/JT smiles at you (1207Tiger)

Durangigsalotus – a serious disease in which Duranies are compelled to attend every gig in the tour run (DuranieSue)

Duranity – Similar to vanity but this matters more (GeorgiaBowring)

Durank – (1) ranking DD tracks (traceysmith71)

Durank – (2) When DD release not a very good track  ie ‘Can’t stand this song, it’s Durank.’

Duransperation – when you’re busting for the loo at a gig but refuse to leave your spot! (Cloudofutopia)

Duraniegasm – the sheer excitement and bliss that comes from seeing Duran Duran live (LadyGrinnning)

Duranimals – referring to wolves, snakes, leopards tigers & aphids; predominantly  used in DD songs (Vampyrusgirl)

Duranimal Husbandry – breeding rearing and caring for the children of the band members (boxfullohoney)

Duranista – Fashionable Duran fan, enjoys drinking champers from NR’s designer shoe (Kazzikat)

Duranalyst – Someone who analyses DD performances (traceysmith71)

Durannana – the term describing DD singing the Reflex (JOCATJO/1207tiger)

DuRun DuRun – what you do at DD standing gigs when the doors open

Durables – fans who survive the pointy elbows at General Admission gigs (LaodiceanDD )

Durantidepressant – DD music used to ease a period of depression (boxfullohoney)

Durantidote – Medicine taken to solve any DD problems (JOCATJO)

Durancation – Planning vacation/travel for as many DD gigs as possible (expired_data via durantigger)

Durantique – Old and treasured memoribilia (traceySmith71)

Duranwich – A photograph with two or more members of DD penned by Nick Rhodes himself via (BarbaraWyett)

Durarity – rare & collectible memoribilia (TraceySmith71)

dWogs  – The name Simon le Bon gives his dogs who by admission says his have a little more woof in them

EnDurance – what you need to have to queue all day long for General Admission DD gigs

Frontal LeBonomy – Seeing Simon strut his stuff front of stage

JTeased – being on the receiving end of a JT smile

JTensity – intense concentration by JT whilst slapping his plank (Kazzikat)

JTingles – What comes after being on the receiving end of a JTease (Kazzikat)

JTrance – description of the state some fans are in whilst watching JT onstage (Joanne_DD)

JTweet – when the Bass God tweets

LeBollox – pertaining to a lot of what Simon tweets ‘Did you see SLB’s tweet last night? What a lot of LeBollox’

LeBonade – refreshment needed after seeing SLB perform/an answer to JT’s KoolAid  (LaodiceanDD/AnneRedmond )

LeBonaholic – someone with a total love of SLB (LeBonRose)

LeBonchitis – what the fans get when SLB has a cold and inadvertently sprays over the crowd (kittyfunpuppy)

LeBonFire – The passion felt by fans when hearing SLB sing (Marg0_DD)

LeBonese – nothing other than that is the language one must speak to interpret LeBon tweets. (Otmomof2)

LeBonked – the SLB equivalent of being JTeased resulting in Bonvulations

LeBonkers – The grown women’s reaction to watching SLB dance ‘Seeing those hips sway drove me LeBonkers’ (Kazzikat)

MaDDness – word use to decribe various process of the Duran process (queenofthe80’s)

Nodurangigs Tildecemberitus – description of the recognised feeling of despondence between DD shows

Rhode-Hog – An agressive or selfish NR fan (Boxfullohoney)

Rhodesian – a Nick fan (GeorgiaBowring)

Rhodes Rage – Silly behaviour of NR fans in regards to his girlfriends (Kazzikat)

Rhodiculous – anything outrageous relating 2 DD.  ‘The price of AYNIN limited edition was Rhodiculous.’ (Kazzikat)

Rogerholic – A Roger fan! (Almadonduran)

Simonitus – Serious crush on SLB (duranieSue)

StampeDDe – Word to describe JT followers’ timeline’s when the Bass God tweets (Joanne_DD)

Taylorist  – a JT Fan (GeorgiaBowring)

Taylorleaks – when JT opens his mouth & tells us something he shouldn’t on Twitter

Taylormade – a fan who believe JT was made for her (DuranieSue)

Taylorterian -A fan that only likes JT (Kazzikat)

Whoosh – Simon’s way of saying goodbye on Twitter

WithDDrawal – horrible feeling caused to fans by lack of live gigs


COTBG – Church of The Bass God; a place of worship for the discerning JT fan

Duran combinations: Can be used to describe…..well…..use your imagination!

JoSi – John/Simon

RoSi – Roger/Simon

JoRo – John/Roger

JoSiRo – John/Simon/Roger

JoSiRoNi – John/Simon/Roger/Nick (not used as much as the above)

If you have any of your own, feel free to let me know and I will put them on! 😉


About thedurandiaries

Long time Duran fan. Followed them since 1985 - and that means physically going to see them! I kept a diary from 1986 and thought it may be funny to write them up on a blog. And the profile picture is of the actual of diary. Yes it has Care Bear stickers on it. But this was the 80's. And Care Bears were cute. View all posts by thedurandiaries

29 responses to “A DDistraction from the DDiary – a DD Duranictionary

  • Anne Redmond

    Very funny! Thanks for posting it. And for including mine 🙂

  • darcie chiappetta

    I actually birthed Lebonoholic many moons ago with the saying, “LeBonoholics are never cured, only comfortably medicated.”

    The same holds true for LeBronchitis, which I suffered from for three weeks post the 2008 Columbus show when Simon spit water on us.
    There was no cure for that funk!

  • Michelle Chambliss Bacon

    I have an entry: LeBonzheimer’s- the disease you get when you forget everything because you’ve been exposed to too much Duran Duran.
    I suffer from this according to my boss

  • Stacey

    duranly yours- how we duranies sign our letters/love notes. 😉

  • duranmom

    Duranniversary – anniversary of a previous Duran show (July 30, 2005 is my duranniversary of being in the front row and getting Roger’s drumstick.) or duran-related event.

  • Diana Lewis

    God people, get a freaking grip. I haven’t acted like that since I was in my 20’s. We are mostly in our forties now, with kids and some of us grandkids! That whole cutesie naming thing is way beyond us. I mean, Durantime is one thing, but for heaven’s sake, Duraniegasm? Some of us have grown up and are beyond the whole teenybopper phase of our lives. No wonder DD thinks the majority of us are so simple minded.

    • thedurandiaries

      Sorry! Hope you aren’t too offended by the Duranictiony. I hoped that it would amuse people. Duran’s official twitter has tweeted a link to it now and I am sure that they have taken it for the silliness & light hearted amusement that it was intended for.

    • Noelia Norway

      Look,I feel offended by your comment,DD is happiness,joy,good feelings around,I used to listen to them when i was a little girl and their music ALWAYS helped me to be a little bit better if not a LOT BETTER this year i had a terrible problem and i had to say that DD music was a relief.i am a person who finds a shelter listening to some kind of songs most of all happy ones.This Duranictiony its something nice sthg for putting you a SMILE in ur face and make u remember the good times u had when u were younger or if u are a new fan u can related yourself with it.COME ONE GROWN UP WOMAN i really think u understand what im saying.You said what i said for bothering ppl.Im sorry u said what u felt i did the same. btw im a BIG DURANIE.and btw i have a life.like every single duranie i know=)

      • Elaine McKlingon

        Look, Noelia, some of the definitions are perfectly fine, but many would have been cringeworthy even back in the days of the Coma board. Those are the definitions that don’t put a smile on my face, instead, they make me gag.

        It’s great that the band make you happy, gid knows we need more happiness in this world, but it should not come with a requirement to abandon all dignity.

        Have an Andyful day.

      • thedurandiaries

        Once again, this was meant to be for fun! People submitted their Duranism’s via twitter and it kept us amused for a few days. Sorry if some definitions made you gag…..that is unfortunate. Apologies.

    • KJ

      Why are some of you only happy when putting a downer on everything? Is life that bad that something like this offends you? Seriously, get a grip! The Duranictionary is a very light hearted, humorous, witty and I repeat, LIGHT HEARTED bit of writing to collate words and descriptions that had been floating around twitter for some time. I would like to point out that I have a life, a very wonderful one Thankyou, with a fabulous husband and beautiful children, I have great friends and a healthy bank balance, so I personally take offence that you Would think participating in something like this makes me, and others, somehow sad or mentally deficient?! If you don’t like it, don’t read it and honestly, dont be miserable about it, IT’S JUST A BIT OF FUN!! xx

  • Patricia

    This is hilarious!! What about PTFBJ – Play The Fucking Bass John.

  • jtschauffeur

    Love it!! One I know is Duraniecrack – what a retweet from JT or SLB is considered. Can’t remember who came up with it tho.

  • Stephanie Shawn

    Durapocalypse – the end of the band which would effectively be the end of the world for Duran Duran fans.

  • daisy

    Duranified: that cool stereo pan sound whilst listening 2 D2 on headphones

  • Ianpjohnson

    How about DURANG (n). (Duran/Gang) collective noun for a group of DD fans who congregate on a DD face book page like http://www.facebook.com/numberoneleopard

  • Julie de Sousa

    Duranning – The word used in the 80’s by the “known fans” for following the band all over the place. Want to know more here is my website. http://www.allyouneedisnow.co.uk

  • Sandra Spencer

    You have forgotten DURANTASTIC.. used in …the replacement of Fantastic.. Have a DURANTASTIC day

  • Angie (@Otmomof2)

    This was the so fun watching this develop! The product is priceless : )

  • @Barbarella_5

    Here’s a few to add to the list:
    Duranology – the subject or study of the history of Duran Duran
    Duranophilia – to be blessed with the affliction of loving Duran Duran
    Duranophiliac – an individual suffering, in a good way, from the consequences of being a Duran Duran fan OR a fan that craves everything that is Duran Duran
    Duranitis – a condition the arises from being a Duran Duran fan
    Duranotic – a healthily crazed and obsessed Duran Duran fan
    Durantasy – dreaming or fantasizing about one or all the members of the band (come on we’ve all done it at some point in time! LOL!)
    Duraniculous – something you say to a non-DD fan when they say something you don’t like about DD or about any of the band members

  • Sarah Bishop

    Gisellousy: wishing you were the one married to Roger Taylor.

  • Julie de Sousa

    Why is Durama not on this list? Its something that happens with Duran fans all too often!

  • Duranice Land

    Hello from Brazil…. I loved it!!! I have two new words:

    Duranice ( Duran plus Nice song ) it means that is very nice to be a Duran fan or the band is nice !!!!

    Duranice Land – Imaginary Land dedicated for nice Duran fans and their members.

    Thanks for this space.

  • Armand Wilhelm (@bluesilvertk)

    Interesting duran duran dictionary. I already knew some but I’ve learned some new here.

  • parlance

    American. fan, just came across your blog, which I think is brilliant. It reminds me of the “Mortified” books. Two more that came to mind were “Duranavan,” – any mode of transportation for Duran fans, Rhodie for Nik fans and JoNi for John/Nick.

  • Jeanette

    Please add one…inspired by an anesthesiologist friend of mine (mind you, a homebirthing non-epidural-birthing Duranie myself).
    Epiduranal: the high/anesthestic effect a Duran concert has on a Duranie, typically lasting at least two weeks.

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