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18th/19th September 1986 – Andy Returns, Briefly

Air Studios


No-one was around today as it was Nile Rodgers birthday and the band were having a party for him. BUT…….

ANDY turned up!!!

His 6ft body-guard and Andy shoved fans out of the way of the doors where we were standing, being a right bastard!


Andy was mucking about and laughing going in. He even waved to us from the lift!

Rae cried because she didn’t see him on Friday because she was rooted to the spot the minute she saw Andy. Her excuse wasn’t that, it was because the body-guard and everyone else got in the way of her favourite!

By the way. Andy got sent up some paper to get autographs done, with a list of our names. We thought it might come back with just a few pieces of paper with ‘Andy Taylor’ scribbled on it, but he wrote ‘To so & so, Love Andy’ so that’s good.

PS. I might be in the middle of the next Spandau Ballet album!


This was Andy’s brief return to Duran Duran! I think he must have been only contractually obliged to play on some songs on the Notorious album as he was only at Air studios for two days.

I imagine that on the first day when he arrived at the studio that Andy was expecting trouble.  Hence the body-guard. NONE of Duran have body guards going into studios as far as I’m aware. I think he was hired in case irate Duran fans attacked Andy for leaving Duran! It didn’t happen like that. Sure we were annoyed that he was leaving – although officially still nothing had been said. We were happy to see Andy, and for me it would have been the first time I had met him. None of us wanted to fight him for God’s sake – we were a bunch of teenage girls and boys! He obviously thought that if he was going to the studio’s he’d need some muscle and that muscle wasn’t particularly nice to us. Sad that.

The second day he must have realised that he wasn’t going to get set upon by us and was being quite playful. We even got personalised autographs from him. I had left the studio’s later that evening and Andy was still inside. Rae, my friend the Andy fan, stayed out all night that night to try to meet him properly. At around 1am someone was sent down from the studios. They asked Rae and another girl who was hanging around outside to see if they could find a shop open to buy some Rizla (cigarette papers) for Andy. They gave them money and off they went! Honoured to have been asked! They walked the streets of London looking for a 24 hour shop which in those days probably were few and far between. I remember seeing Rae the next day and she was so tired but so pleased to have been asked to go and buy Andy’s cigarette papers! Bless! Amazed that the people in the studio would allow teenage girls to walk the streets that late at night though I must admit.

This is the last entry in my diary for Duran for a while. They must have flown somewhere else to do mixing or production or something! I had to find something else to occupy my time……..so I went to see Spandau Ballet & Billy Idol instead……..


August 11th/12th 1986 – Abbey Road For The Fab Four


After being at Air Studio’s for 4 days (or is it 5) Duran went to Abbey Road. You know. The Beatles. The Fab Four. Now being used by the Fab Five. Or is it????

John, Nick, Simon and Steve Ferrone are here so that’s four I suppose. Rumour has it that Andy had done a photo session with Duran. Rae asked Simon. Simon said ‘I don’t even know if Andy is even in the country.’ Erm.

Today, apart from seeing SLB who has gorgeous blonde streaks now, JT and Nick I also met the Pet Shop Boys and talked to Chris Lowe for a bit. And Siouxsie and the Banshees. (Siouxsie and Budgie). And Ped and Mark O’Toole from FGTH.

Talked to Koren and Rocks today and met Koren’s brother too.

I gave Nick a letter today and he said it was funny! JT was nice today too. Simon was. Well so-so.

Nick and I Abbey Road August 1986 John is behind me! COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS


Duran went to see Prince at Wembley in concert – the Purple Pain! So we went to Wembley too!

Just missed them going in – we sat and listened to it outside as we could hear it. We also got interviewed on TVAM about Prince. They asked us if we liked Prince and if we were there to see him and everyone said ‘No we are here to see Duran Duran!!’ Except me! I said I liked Prince!


This must have been Duran’s first day at Abbey Road. Previous to that they had been at Air Studio’s, which is in the middle of Oxford Street. A nightmare for Duran as I think a later entry will discuss! I would imagine, as I have no knowledge of this, that different studio’s did different things, hence why they moved around from studio to studio. Either that or they could only book certain slots then other bands needed the studio. I am sure that someone could enlighten me! My entries do go back to Air Studios, they didn’t use Abbey Road for long.

But it being Abbey Road meant that we got to see quite a few other bands, as you can read. I used to love Siouxsie Sioux , she looked scary with big hair and make up but was the sweetest lady! The Pet Shop Boys were also lovely. We saw the FGTH (Frankie Goes To Hollywood) guys around a bit in those days too. It was like there were pop stars on every corner in 80’s London you know!

This August 11th entry is bizarre in one way. Because TODAY, the day that I am writing THIS,  is August 11th 2011. So this page from my diary that I am looking at and transcribing from was written on this very day TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO. Wow. That kind of blows my mind!

(I wonder if anyone has that TVAM interview outside the Prince concert? I didn’t have a VCR then so just watched it the following morning. I think I was just seen in the footage. But I was heard saying that I liked Prince when the others were just saying they liked Duran!)

I find it a bit sad that even at this point that Duran were making what was to be the Notorious album, we still hadn’t heard if Andy was coming back. Just dismissive comments from Simon not knowing if he was even in the country. We had heard that Roger wasn’t coming back as Steve told me he was booked for the album. But we hadn’t seen any session musicians turn up to play Andy’s parts so I think we must have assumed that at any minute Andy will stroll up at the studio’s. He didn’t at Abbey Road. But he does soon…….

As a little footnote, there was a LOT of graffiti at Abbey Road from Beatles fans. Some of us Duran fans may have added to that somewhat…….sorry Abbey Road!