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25th August 1986 – Singing In the Rain


Chalk Farm Photo Studios

We went to a photo session, for the album I think. John Nick and Simon were OK going in, but coming out they were amazing!

It rained all day and night so we started singing! ‘Doe A Dear’ and silly stuff like that. So Duran sent some food down. I nicked the bottle of Perrier water to drink!

Amy, Sam and Das singing for their supper. 25th August 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

Before that we went to some museums for something to do. We went to the Victoria and Albert. John’s suit from A View To A Kill is in there. But it wasn’t his suit. It’s the jacket and trousers to what he DIDN’T wear in the vid.

We came back to the studio and got even more wet. That was when the food came. We got to sit inside the studios then, by the stairs.

When Simon, Nick and John came out they all had great make up on. I had a photo done with John. (JT kept talking about Andy. He kept calling him a wanker in front of me.)

This is the shirt John calls 'my favourite'! Photo shoot 25th August 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

I chatted with Simon too, but he had to leave. The doors were shutting and he wanted to go so I called him ‘Boring!’ but he was lovely. John was lovely to me too. He was sooooo nice.

I said to John ‘You’ve got the shirt on again!’ and he said ‘Yeah, your favourite!’


I think this was a typical British Bank Holiday Monday in August – it rained all day. I think there were about 10 of us at the photo studios that day. Duran would have told us roughly how long they were going to be – all day on this occasion. So we took ourselves off to get some culture!

All I remember about the V&A Museum was traipsing around trying to find this suit that John had worn in the View to a Kill video. I was most disappointed as he obviously had worn two different suits in the video, a jacket from one suit and trousers from the other and the V&A had what he HADN’T worn! Why I was bothered about that I don’t know!

It did rain all day that day. The studio’s had this little covered over bit so we had some shelter. That’s where we sang. The picture in this entry is of Das, Sam & Amy singing Doe-A-Dear from The Sound of Music! God knows why we sang that! We did a medley from musicals and I guess that why Duran sent food down – to fill our mouths to stop us singing! I mention the bottle of Perrier. I remember thinking this is POSH! Perrier was expensive and I hadn’t had it before. God I was green!

This is a day where I think John’s sadness about Andy leaving turns into anger. I was so shocked because I think that I had never heard a member of Duran swear like that. John calling Andy a wanker had shocked me – when I wrote ‘John called Andy a wanker in front of me’ – showed how shocked I was! IN FRONT OF ME!!! I was a 15-year-old girl who up until that point I had never heard a member of Duran swear!!! John was hurting at that point. He just kept on calling him it. It was sad.

This was the photo shoot for the Notorious album and promotion for it. I think there’s at least one picture somewhere either on the calendar in 1987, or the Notorious tour programme where there’s a picture of John in my favourite shirt! Although looking at it now, I think I would have to be insulting and tell him his shirt is terrible! It was a light coloured denim and had white tassel fringing on it. GROSS!