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A UK Duran Fan Convention – Your Thoughts Are Required!


Another break from the norm of the Duran Diary! But I wanted to ask you – as Duran fans – what you thought of fan conventions.

A friend of mine, Dave Stott and I were chatting (in the queue as it happens for the Duran Oxford rehearsal gig) a few weeks back. We were discussing how nice it was to meet other fans for the first time and that it would be good to do that kind of thing properly – so we could all have a chat about our mutual interests. Dave told me that around 20 years ago he had set up his own Duran Fan Convention. That got us chatting about whether or not there should be a UK Fan convention in the near future.

I would be interested to find out what these conventions are actually like – so I thought I’d throw that out to you lot. Would you mind answering a few questions on this subject? Just post it as a comment and I will show them to Dave and then he can crack on (or not I supose depending on your answers) with Duran Convention 2012!


Have you been to a fan convention before? (Duran or otherwise)

If you have was it in the UK or USA?

If you have been to a convention did you have to pay an entry fee? If so how much (ROUGHLY)?

If there was to be a Duran Fan Convention, where in the UK do you think it should be?

Would you prefer to come to a convention for a day, or have a convention/hotel/dinner package?

What sort of things would you like to see at a Duran fan convention? (Not DD themselves unfortunately!) Merchandise/DJ’s/Live Acts/Speakers?

What would you NOT want to have at a Duran fan convention?

If you have any other thoughts or ideas do let me know – then I will pass them along to Dave. After that – I will let you know the outcome! Thank you! 😉




A DDistraction from the DDiary – a DD Duranictionary


The idea for this came about on Twitter recently as a bit of fun when some DD related words kept cropping up in tweets. This brought me to thinking that it would be amusing to compile them for this blog. I have tried to credit everyone that I can. If your Duranictionary word and definition is here uncredited then let me know and I will rectify it. Along with the Duranictionary there will also be explanations of some acronyms and silliness that DD members come up with themselves too. Remember this is a bit of fun…….

& – The latest way Simon leaves Twitter

aDDict – self-explanatory

Bass God – He Who Is John Taylor (Queenofthe80s)

Bonvultions – similar to JTingles (traceySMith71)

DeDDication – What is needed to be a fan of Duran Duran

Durama – Much used word about the drama surrounding Duran and their fans

Duranalin – DD version of adrenaline ie when you keep dancing through a DD gig even when in extreme pain

Duranasol – a medical preparation for soothing Hemorrhoids after much sitting on cold floors whilst waiting to get into general Admission gigs

Duranathon – A period of time, usually longer than 3hrs, during which one listens to/watches NOTHING but Duran. Common side effects include Duranorexia, Durowner & WithDDrawal. (Amanda Duffy)

Duranatic – Someone who’s looney over DD (TraceySmith71)

Duranapathy – Empathetic and supportive of ones love for DD (Margo_DD)

Durarmchair with PaDDing – Suitable chair for waiting outside all day on General Admission gigs. Very sort after (BarbaraWyett)

Durandemonium  (1) – a regular state on Twitter in which one of DD tweets and followers rush to reply first (Kazzikat)

Durandemonium (2) –  That girl panic excitement that occurs as the bWoys take the stage? (SimoneB444)

Duranorexic – Dangerous condition where need for DD surpasses need for food & water ( as seen in Q 4 gigs) may be cured with a Frontal LeBonomy

Durowner  – feeling down about lack of DD ‘I’m not going to see DD for a few months. I’m on a right Durowner now.’ (traceySmith71)

Duranporn –  Candid shots, staged photo’s, basically any images of Duran passed from fan to fan. ie  ‘Mimi shared some duranporn with me from the gig last night’ (Margo_dd )

DuranieSisterhood/DuranMoms – (US) those passing out love down to the next generation, or simply a DuranFan who is a mom  (SimoneB444 and many others!)

Durantastic, Duranilicious – describing Duran words (SimoneB444, ueenofthe80s, SirGuyOfNewWave and many more) ‘That gig was bloody Duranastic!’ ‘JT looked particularly Duranilicious today.’

Durthrone – a throne suitable for a superfan (almadonduran)

Duranonymous – you don’t want to be this if you want to be more than a face in the crowd (Beyonkers)

Durance – Duran Induced Trance. The kind that happens when watching the band onstage (Barberawyett)

Duranged – the mental state of the more crazier fan

Durantime – meaning anytime at all in the Duran World – used when fans are told info late ie when presale is announced one day before going on sale (Queenofthe80s)

Duranecstacy – The feeling you get when DD come onstage/JT smiles at you (1207Tiger)

Durangigsalotus – a serious disease in which Duranies are compelled to attend every gig in the tour run (DuranieSue)

Duranity – Similar to vanity but this matters more (GeorgiaBowring)

Durank – (1) ranking DD tracks (traceysmith71)

Durank – (2) When DD release not a very good track  ie ‘Can’t stand this song, it’s Durank.’

Duransperation – when you’re busting for the loo at a gig but refuse to leave your spot! (Cloudofutopia)

Duraniegasm – the sheer excitement and bliss that comes from seeing Duran Duran live (LadyGrinnning)

Duranimals – referring to wolves, snakes, leopards tigers & aphids; predominantly  used in DD songs (Vampyrusgirl)

Duranimal Husbandry – breeding rearing and caring for the children of the band members (boxfullohoney)

Duranista – Fashionable Duran fan, enjoys drinking champers from NR’s designer shoe (Kazzikat)

Duranalyst – Someone who analyses DD performances (traceysmith71)

Durannana – the term describing DD singing the Reflex (JOCATJO/1207tiger)

DuRun DuRun – what you do at DD standing gigs when the doors open

Durables – fans who survive the pointy elbows at General Admission gigs (LaodiceanDD )

Durantidepressant – DD music used to ease a period of depression (boxfullohoney)

Durantidote – Medicine taken to solve any DD problems (JOCATJO)

Durancation – Planning vacation/travel for as many DD gigs as possible (expired_data via durantigger)

Durantique – Old and treasured memoribilia (traceySmith71)

Duranwich – A photograph with two or more members of DD penned by Nick Rhodes himself via (BarbaraWyett)

Durarity – rare & collectible memoribilia (TraceySmith71)

dWogs  – The name Simon le Bon gives his dogs who by admission says his have a little more woof in them

EnDurance – what you need to have to queue all day long for General Admission DD gigs

Frontal LeBonomy – Seeing Simon strut his stuff front of stage

JTeased – being on the receiving end of a JT smile

JTensity – intense concentration by JT whilst slapping his plank (Kazzikat)

JTingles – What comes after being on the receiving end of a JTease (Kazzikat)

JTrance – description of the state some fans are in whilst watching JT onstage (Joanne_DD)

JTweet – when the Bass God tweets

LeBollox – pertaining to a lot of what Simon tweets ‘Did you see SLB’s tweet last night? What a lot of LeBollox’

LeBonade – refreshment needed after seeing SLB perform/an answer to JT’s KoolAid  (LaodiceanDD/AnneRedmond )

LeBonaholic – someone with a total love of SLB (LeBonRose)

LeBonchitis – what the fans get when SLB has a cold and inadvertently sprays over the crowd (kittyfunpuppy)

LeBonFire – The passion felt by fans when hearing SLB sing (Marg0_DD)

LeBonese – nothing other than that is the language one must speak to interpret LeBon tweets. (Otmomof2)

LeBonked – the SLB equivalent of being JTeased resulting in Bonvulations

LeBonkers – The grown women’s reaction to watching SLB dance ‘Seeing those hips sway drove me LeBonkers’ (Kazzikat)

MaDDness – word use to decribe various process of the Duran process (queenofthe80’s)

Nodurangigs Tildecemberitus – description of the recognised feeling of despondence between DD shows

Rhode-Hog – An agressive or selfish NR fan (Boxfullohoney)

Rhodesian – a Nick fan (GeorgiaBowring)

Rhodes Rage – Silly behaviour of NR fans in regards to his girlfriends (Kazzikat)

Rhodiculous – anything outrageous relating 2 DD.  ‘The price of AYNIN limited edition was Rhodiculous.’ (Kazzikat)

Rogerholic – A Roger fan! (Almadonduran)

Simonitus – Serious crush on SLB (duranieSue)

StampeDDe – Word to describe JT followers’ timeline’s when the Bass God tweets (Joanne_DD)

Taylorist  – a JT Fan (GeorgiaBowring)

Taylorleaks – when JT opens his mouth & tells us something he shouldn’t on Twitter

Taylormade – a fan who believe JT was made for her (DuranieSue)

Taylorterian -A fan that only likes JT (Kazzikat)

Whoosh – Simon’s way of saying goodbye on Twitter

WithDDrawal – horrible feeling caused to fans by lack of live gigs


COTBG – Church of The Bass God; a place of worship for the discerning JT fan

Duran combinations: Can be used to describe…..well…..use your imagination!

JoSi – John/Simon

RoSi – Roger/Simon

JoRo – John/Roger

JoSiRo – John/Simon/Roger

JoSiRoNi – John/Simon/Roger/Nick (not used as much as the above)

If you have any of your own, feel free to let me know and I will put them on! 😉

Girl Panic Video Shoot, Savoy Hotel, London

6th June 2011

Not sure why we went to this. We found out about this video shoot and decided to go and check it out. What a total farce. I felt like an absolute imbecile. Really hated the whole day, apart from…..well

We did get to see some supermodels. And JT kept coming out to the car with various people to play them an extended remixed version of ‘Other People’s Lives’  that JT himself had ‘rapped’ on. He kept blasting it out of his car, all the windows were wound up. We were sitting in a little park area next to his car and we could hear it! Apparently he wants Tinie Tempah or someone to actually do the rap – it wouldn’t be JT. I couldn’t bear it – I was cracking up.

We did get to have afternoon tea. Which wasn’t as pricey as I thought and the Savoy is a stunning place to be. Only £6 for a china cup of coffee. So That was good.


Security moved us on a lot. It was tedious. It was uncomfortable. It was another one of those ever increasing times that I really thought; I am too damn old for this, I’m not doing it any more.


Sadly though. I am aDDicted. 😦

One Night Only – OH What A Night

London ITV Studios 12th March 2011

We all had to apply for tickets for this One Night Only Special and luckily we did. Andrew got some priority tickets and off we went.

We first got in and spotted the stage but the stage hands put us all along these stands way back from the stage. Eventually they let us all go to the stage so naturally I stood on John’s side, right in front, as near as I could. Like I do. Ahem.

The format of the show was that Christine Bleakley chatted to them and showed some old clips in between and they also did pretty much a gig! We got to chat to Duran between songs. John give me water from his stash as they never seem to offer that on these tv things. They want us to shout and sing and dance and sweat but we never get a drink of water for it! Ah well.

Simon’s voice was a bit shaky on some of the songs. Seemed like his voice was going a bit. He pulled it off though.

They played about 8 songs, all was good. Was quite an intimate gig seeing as we were in a tv studio. Not looking forward to catching the show though. I hate to think what I look like jumping up and down like a loon to Duran! And I wore a red shirt, probably looked like a sweaty squashed tomato! Stylish!!


Notes on this entry

The one thing I didn’t write about this entry was about the fact that Sam lost the jewel from her engagement ring that night. Too much banging on the stage! We were all on our hands and knees afterwards searching for a little green gem (I think it was an emerald) and obviously we couldn’t find it. The set people were vacuuming the area as silver confetti had been shot over us at the end of the gig, Frank even asked them to empty the vaccum cleaner to see if it was in there! No luck though.

And was this the start of Simon’s voice problems?

02 Shepherds Bush Empire – A One Off Gig

7th March 2011

Arrive early-ish and went to Westfield Shopping Centre before going to the gig. Al was already there queueing  as she has VIP standing tickets. Andrew had seats, Sam, Julie, Amy, Frank, Kelly, Lorraine and Gary and I all had standing.

The gig was amazing. The new stuff sounded brilliant. The old stuff sounded EXCELLENT! Friends of Mine was particularly superb. Did lots of dancing, laughing, singing. It really was a fab gig. Then we went to the aftershow.

Rocks had asked me to pass on his number to Nick so I did and had a brief chat. Simon had blocked Sam on twitter. Sam had been particularly sarcastic to his tweets of late. When Sam and Simon met up he took her to one side for a chat. He had apparently been upset with her comments on twitter, so much so he blocked her! Can’t believe Sam’s sarcasm had hit him so hard. Bless. I hope he lets her tweet him again!

We had a group pic taken with Nick, then with Roger. Roger’s sons were ther as well as Nick’s daughter Tatjana. Didn’t see John but stood talking to his driver for a bit.


It was a fun night. Gig sounded brilliant, it was vibrant and energetic. I think the band enjoyed it a lot. Going to go to a lot of the tour……Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Bournemouth. It’s going to be an expensive one!

Notes on this Entry

Once again reading back on diary entries for gigs annoys me! One song I mention. ONE! I really need to do a set list, or at least try to review a Duran gig but I get so excited and involved, singing and dancing with my friends that I simply forget! So hats off to all those people that do gig reviews. I wish I could stop behaving like an excited puppy for a second during gigs to do one like you!

1st July 2007 – Princess Diana Would Have Loved It!

Wembley Stadium Princess Diana Memorial Concert

We had really high up seats. It’s the first time I have been to the ‘new’ Wembley Stadium and it is impressive. But out seats are REALLY REALLY HIGH! I felt a bit giddy to be honest! Couldn’t really concentrate on the show, couldn’t tell you what songs they did or anything!

We wandered around the stadium for a bit and after a while managed to get into the after show…..

It was surreal! I actually met Prince William! Frank and I had pictures done although mine ended up being with a whole load of blondes! The after show area was really lavish. The bar looked amazing and above our heads there were scantily clad acrobats on long satin ropes! MAD!

I also met someone who I have loved since the Lost Boys – Keifer Sutherland! It was quite by chance. I went to the outside area to have a cigarette. No-one else I was with smoked so I went on my own. After my cigarette I went back in the building and standing in this stairwell was Kiefer! He was chatting to people and having pictures done. I didn’t have my camera with me just my phone so I asked someone if they wouldn’t mind taking a picture for me. They were really rude! They said no! Kiefer overheard this and looked at this other man and said ‘Would you mind taking a picture for this lady please?’ of course this man obliged! What a lovely man! After that I thanked him and he said ‘No problem’ and then held a door open for me and let me pass through first. He was such a gentleman! When I got back I told Jo who I was with too and she was so annoyed she didn’t get to meet Kiefer too! I was so chuffed.

Had a picture with Jason Orange from Take That. Saw other famous people wandering around. Didn’t really see Duran, although I did glimpse Nick sprawled over what looked like a huge bean bag fast asleep!

What a bizarre day!


This is a very short entry considering the amount that seemed to have gone on that day. Prince William, Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Orange and Duran! Not a bad after show! I don’t really remember much except what I have written above. I do remember how brilliant Kiefer was though – such a gent. Luckily I kept the image on my phone – and it wasn’t a great  phone let me tell you – and saved it onto my computer. Even though it isn’t very good quality, I really like the picture. It’s the only time I have ever felt glad that I smoked!


Kiefer and Me Princess Diana Memorial Concert July 2007 Copyright Michelle Coldwell-Simons

(I think that I also went to the Live Earth concert that Duran did the following week at Wembley Stadium but I can’t be sure! I didn’t write about it in my diary, sometimes I forgot! I don’t have another entry in my diary until 2009 and that is a brief description of seeing Duran in 2008!)

We’ve Come A Long Way! Christmas Concerts – December 2005

21st and 22nd December 2005

Earls Court

The first gig (on the 21st) had a great atmosphere – they played really well and seemed to enjoy themselves. The gig was packed out. Met up with Rocks and Elena too which was really nice.

Second gig was not so good. It hadn’t sold as many seats as the first night and some of the arena was curtained off. It really showed in their playing, the gig just wasn’t the same.

I went to the after show though – that was a laugh. I got quite drunk! I was with Amy, Frank, Jo and Sam – who had given birth to twins only a week before! She’s MAD!

The highlight of my night was John saying to me ‘We’ve come a long way from the BBC haven’t we? And you came to the USA too!’ YAY!

(Amy was the only one to have a picture with John. I asked if he would pose with Amy, at first he said no. He said ‘If I say yes to Amy then I will have to do it for everyone’. So I said ‘It’s Amy, please???’ and he said OK! Bless!)

One more thing. I met Matt Willis! He must have thought I was a right mad old drunken loon! I had my picture taken with him. How sad!

Matt Willis at Earls Court After Show for Duran Duran copyright Michelle-Coldwell-Simons










Notes About This Entry

I remember the atmosphere at that second gig. Going into the arena the day before and seeing it packed out then coming back the next day to a half-filled auditorium must have hit Duran quite hard, therefore the gig didn’t have the same energy. It was probably one of those things where they released the one date at Earls Court, near to Christmas and people treated themselves or family members to a Duran gig as an early Christmas present. I might be wrong but the second gig was probably added without much fanfare and people didn’t know about it. Shame really.

I remember that day going to see Sam with her newly born twins and she was saying – ‘I want to come with you to the gig tonight’. We kept in touch throughout the gig and then towards the end of the show Jo went out and came back in with Sam! I never would have thought that she would even want to come – she had just twins by a c-section so should have been in bed – but not Sam! She came and partied with us! Mad Woman!


And Matt Willis was in a band called Busted, for those who don’t know!