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26, 27, 28 August 1986 – You Say Duranie, I say Duran Fan

Abbey Road


Today was Okay. John wore my shirt again but it had a stain on it. He gave me a lovely big smile today! Maybe coz he saw I was pissed off. (Coz S*** turned up).


They kept going back and forth today. Nick went out and did the shopping. They all came out with wives/girlfriends to go and see Julie-Ann and the E-Bab. Then they came back. Then John and Renee went out. Renee was lovely. I said ‘Baa’ like the way I say Bye and she went ‘Baa’ back!

John was in a great mood today. I cheered Nick up a bit by asking after Julie-Ann not the E-Bab. Simon was normal!

By the way we were told that……

The baby has Julie-Ann face.

Nick’s lips.

Has tufty brown hair.

Weighed 8lb 11oz.

And Julie-Ann and baby Tjarner, Tatjana (don’t know the spelling!) are doing well!


Steve Ferrone turned up! I love him! I told him I never did get a drumstick from him so he is going to give me one. He slapped my bum and tickled me before going in.

Today I never saw Nick but Simon was OK. He was being pestered by this girl called D***** – a girl who thinks she knows everything about Simon.

John was lovely! He walked up to me and said ‘Heeellllo’ breathing all over me. Had a photo done. Lovely day!


Today Steve gave me drumsticks. He gave them both to me but I gave B***** one of them.

Simon was lovely today. He signed autographs and had pictures done, me and B**** had our done together. He was really lovely.

John, however was in a foul mood. Rae burst into tears like a Duranie because she couldn’t get near John and she is soooooo upset about Andy. SOB! He just went into the studio’s. Boring. We all have our off days I s’pose!


I put these three together as it was the last days of Abbey Road. As you can see there was lots of too-ing and fro-ing over these few days as Julie-Ann had just had Tatjana and the band and girlfriends were visiting. It was nice of someone to let us know what the baby looked like wasn’t it!? It’s amazing that Nick didn’t have any real time off because the baby had only been born a few days before but he was back in the studio! Workaholic!

(I called babies E-Babs back then as you can see. There was a phase of talking in a silly language called ‘Back Slang’ where I lived. You would put ends of words in front of beginnings to form a language that not many other people could understand. That’s the reason for the E-Bab references!)

I think it is funny that I thought that John was lovely to me  – breathing all over me! That was the day that S*** had turned up. The first time after she stole the Prince tickets off me. I remember that no-one talked to her. She stood on her own. She didn’t really come near Duran either. I think that was the last time I saw her with Duran. I still saw her at school, but she wasn’t my friend anymore. Sad isn’t it? See kids – don’t try to impress people by stealing something – it doesn’t work and loses you friends!

I don’t seem to have a camera on the Abbey Road days. My nan must have been on holiday this summer as I didn’t own my own camera – just borrowed my nan’s disc camera! I had pictures done on these days but I don’t have the pictures. I must have never gotten copies of them. If you were with me on these days and still have the pictures – get in touch!

Not sure about the part where Steve slaps my bum and tickles me…….erm. Not saying anymore!

Final thought. Back in those days in the UK we didn’t want to be called Duranies. Back then if you were a Duranie it meant that you were a screaming, crying fan. The group that I followed Duran with would NEVER want to be called Duranies. That was a derogatory term back then – to us anyway. We were called Duran Fans. Pure and simple. I think that maybe it was just a British thing. Whenever Duran were in the newspapers in the 80’s and they talked about fans, they called them Duranies and showed pictures of weeping hysterical girls. We weren’t like that! I know that now there are fans that are OK with the term Duranie. But I am a Duran Fan. It’s just something that has just stuck from those days. No offence to people calling themselves Duranies. That is absolutely fine with me! This is why I so scathingly put that Rae was behaving like a ‘Duranie’ because she cried when she couldn’t get to John. It meant she was crying and hysterical – something that a Duran Fan would never do!


27th June 1986 – West Side Story Part 4 – Hide and Seek



Simon, John and Nick all arrived in JT’s Aston Martin. JT and Nick got out of the car together and they were chatting to us.

Then Simon got out of the car. He was looking for Sam who kept hiding from him. He was so sweet to her. She kept running away from him!

I got his autograph and gave him a pressie to which he said ‘Thanks’.

Simon was really sweet but only really nice to the people he knows, but he didn’t really notice *Tina and he used to always chat to her……

PS Jo2 thinks she’s right in with the ‘known fans’ now because she slept round Jo1’s house last night.

Nick and I at Westside 27th June 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONSJohn and Simon Westside 27th June 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

Simon and John at Westisde 27th June 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

It didn’t happen that often that the three of them arrived together in one car, not that often that the one car was John’s either. (It was always suprising if his brown Aston turned up as it always seemed to be breaking down!)
Simon had a great relationship with certain fans. With Sam she quite often used to ignore him and wind him up and I think they enjoyed that kind of relationship! That day they were chasing each other around the car park! I said that he didn’t notice *Tina that day. I must have noticed that *Tina wasn’t getting the usual attention. Duran did have their favourites….the ‘known fans’ as I called them!
I had given Simon a pair of silver earings. I think they were sleepers and one had a charm of the Eiffel Tower on. I didn’t really give gifts often. I thought it was a bit pointless as for One I couldn’t afford it and Two – they COULD afford to get their own gifts! But I remember loving these earrings and thought that Simon would to. We shall see later if he did!
I didn’t seem happy about the girl I  called Jo2 did I?. There was Jo1 who was a ‘known fan’ and Jo2 who was a recent addition to our little crowd. We started becoming a group of ‘known’ and ‘newly known’ fans, I suppose.  Jo1 must have invited Jo2 around for a sleepover and I was obviously not that happy about it! I mean – I had known Jo1 longer than Jo2! I felt that she should have intivted me round her house. I think a touch of jealousy here!
I put three pictures in this entry all from the 27th June 1986. I love the pic of me and Nick – shame it’s over exposed and a bit blurred. But you couldn’t check those days with film cameras! I used to love that shirt, white with pink roses all over it. The one of Simon you can see the said shirt next to him. I think that’s when I gave him the earings. The pic of John is a funny one. The girl next to him was an Italian fan who was getting hysterical and over emotional. You can tell that from the fans reaction behind. You sometimes got a fan that went a little bit over the top. I think I have written about a fan’s reaction to Simon in Oxford Street further along in the diary. I think John was quite calm about this one and just tried to get inside the studio’s as quick as possible!
Oh and in the pic of me and Nick – I’m snarling/smiling! I might rechristen that look Sniling!