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The Last Word – The End Of Car Crash TV

Friday 24th March 1995

The Word TV Studio’s, Teddington

We had tickets tonight to see Adam Ant but as we went on Wednesday we decided to flog our tickets instead. Only got a fiver each for them. We got to Sam’s, got ready, jumped into a taxi for Teddington. (We being Me, Gary, Sam and Frank.) We waited for Amy and John outside the studio and then got the press tickets – stickers to put on our legs. We then went to the bar.

As we walked through the studio’s we came across some fans that we saw at MTV. We walked past them and they shouted to Frank ‘Where are you going?’  He shouted back ‘The Bar!’ They had audience tickets but we had PRESS tickets!

We went to the bar where there were a lot of pretentious model type tarts and geeky blokes everywhere. Then we just had a wander.

After a while we found the way into the studio and stood by the stage that Duran were going to be on. Right next to JOHN!

When Duran came out before the recording started Simon came over to Sam and gave her a kiss and a cuddle. John smiled and winked at me and asked me how I was. John got a drink of water and I asked if I could have some. I said ‘It’s so hot down here’ and he said sarcastically ‘It must be all the excitement!’ Me and Amy laughed and said ‘Of course THAT’S what it is!’ He had a swig of water then gave the cup to me. I turned round to Gary and said ‘Cor I got John’s cup, he drank from this, swoon swoon’ jokingly. It didn’t please this fat girl behind us.

So when the show started we boogied our hearts out. ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ was first. It was fab. Then Terry Christian (presenter) talked to Jimmy Hill. Then this band came on….fuck knows who they were. Then Nick and Simon did an interview. Terry Christian asked if they liked East 17. Simon said they were ‘Awright’ in a sad cockney accent. Then then proceeded to talk a whole load of bollocks.

When Duran came back on they did ‘White Lines’ with Melle Mel and the Furious Five. That was SUPERB! The recording of the show finished but Duran played on. ‘Rebel Rebel’ Bowie and Iggy Pop’s ‘Success’ By this time we were behind the stage dancing!

When they came off stage John came over to us and said ‘Hi’ and then he put his arm around my waist and I put mine around his and we walked down the corridor together. We talked about how sweaty he was. He stroked up and down my back. OOOH! He then said they had been at the studio all day and was now going home. Amy asked how Atlanta was and he said ‘She’s Here’ so we asked if we could meet her and John said ‘ She’s tired and she wants to go home’. He then said his goodbyes and off he went.

Then Simon walked past. We flashed our passes and followed him. Sam called him and he came over to kiss her. He told her that she looked gorgeous. We said Hi to Nick but all we got was a ‘hi’ back!

We then went to the bar and got free beer and sat outside by the lock. Frank nicked some bags of Doritos. Then we went home.

You can see Sam and I quite clearly on the tape boogying. It’s funny. After all these years of following Duran this is the first time I have been captured on camera with them! We had such a fabulous time. It is such a shame we can’t do more things like that. I hope we meet again soon.


At this time I was working for a TV Magazine, hence the press tickets. I didn’t get to go to many TV show recordings but this one was great. Not only because Duran were on it but because it was the last ever one recorded. It wasn’t a brilliant TV show, I think that I have talked about it before – it was a real mish-mash, car-crash,  Live TV show that ran for 5 series with a variety of presenters all of which were slightly strange or quirky!

This was one of the only times that my boyfriend at the time Gary came out with me to a Duran thing. He was a bit bemused by the whole night but enjoyed Mary J Blige, who was the act I say in my diary entry that I didn’t know who they were! Gary was never into Duran, he liked them, don’t get me wrong. We are still together now – nearly 21 years in fact and I can honestly say that Gary likes Duran even less now! I didn’t tell Gary about JT stroking my back in case he got jealous……how funny is that!(I mention East 17 because my cousin is in that band.)

You can see Duran do Hungry Like The Wolf and White Lines on youtube if you search for it! I just did and smirked my head off!