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14th August 1986 – The Ticket Snatcher


Saw Duran go into Abbey Road then went to the Prince concert again at Wembley.

We met Steve Ferrone outside the gig and he gave me two tickets to join him and his girlfriend Jackie. GREAT! Then S*** snatched the envelope with the tickets in out of my hand and ran through the turnstiles! SHE’S A BITCH!! It meant that me, Das and Rae couldn’t get in and were left outside. I couldn’t believe it. We were so annoyed at S*** that we went back to Abbey Road and TOLD THE BAND!!!!

Nick was really lovely. He was quiet and didn’t believe a friend would do something like that!

John Taylor August 1986 Only have one photo of Duran at Abbey Road for some reason. This was taken the week before at Maison Rouge. COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

John said ‘Really? Who did it? Who did it?’ He really cheered us up. He said ‘You show me who it is next time you are here and I’ll do something about it!’

Steve (who had come back from the concert) told me to ‘Kick her up the arse!’ He was lovely and told us not to sleep on the streets tonight. (We were staying at S*** house that night).

They all told us not to sleep rough. Renee was saying to John ‘What are we going to do? We can’t let them sleep out all night?’ But John just said we’d be fine. Renee was so lovely.  (Simon wasn’t around, I think we must have missed him)


I haven’t named the girl who did this, but she was one of my closest friends at the time. I got on really well with Steve Ferrone and I was so chuffed that he would give me his spare tickets to the gig. Steve knew I was a fan of Prince. A crowd of us had gone down to Wembley, some had already seen the Prince gig a few days earlier. So it was nice to be singled out for some attention!

In those days Wembley had turnstiles. You just turned up, handed your ticket to the attendant and went through the turnstile. S***, who snatched the tickets, gave the spare one ticket to Sam then ran through the turnstiles! Sam was part of the group I called the ‘known fans’. I think that S*** was trying to become part of the ‘known fans’ little group so she did something to try and win them over – steal my tickets! It backfired on her big time though because the people who witnessed the snatch couldn’t believe it and thought she was terribly mean! S*** tried to come back to the studios a few times afterward this incident, but I wasn’t talking to her and the other fans thought her nasty, so she stopped coming in the end.

We didn’t actually sleep on the streets that night. We still slept at S*** house. We just didn’t talk to her. For the whole journey to her house. The whole time we were in her house. And we never talked to her again. Her silly act cost her some good friends. And the chance of going to see the band she liked. Silly really.

The funny thing about this story is that apart from Renee, who was really concerned, the rest of Duran didn’t seem that bothered that a bunch of 15 year old girls were prepared to spend the night sleeping on the streets! I think that it was a case of out of sight out of mind for them to be honest, we were forgotten about as soon as they drove away!

I finally got to see Prince in concert a few years later. Wished it was that tour though. Still gutted about it 25 years later!