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02 Shepherds Bush Empire – A One Off Gig

7th March 2011

Arrive early-ish and went to Westfield Shopping Centre before going to the gig. Al was already there queueing  as she has VIP standing tickets. Andrew had seats, Sam, Julie, Amy, Frank, Kelly, Lorraine and Gary and I all had standing.

The gig was amazing. The new stuff sounded brilliant. The old stuff sounded EXCELLENT! Friends of Mine was particularly superb. Did lots of dancing, laughing, singing. It really was a fab gig. Then we went to the aftershow.

Rocks had asked me to pass on his number to Nick so I did and had a brief chat. Simon had blocked Sam on twitter. Sam had been particularly sarcastic to his tweets of late. When Sam and Simon met up he took her to one side for a chat. He had apparently been upset with her comments on twitter, so much so he blocked her! Can’t believe Sam’s sarcasm had hit him so hard. Bless. I hope he lets her tweet him again!

We had a group pic taken with Nick, then with Roger. Roger’s sons were ther as well as Nick’s daughter Tatjana. Didn’t see John but stood talking to his driver for a bit.


It was a fun night. Gig sounded brilliant, it was vibrant and energetic. I think the band enjoyed it a lot. Going to go to a lot of the tour……Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Bournemouth. It’s going to be an expensive one!

Notes on this Entry

Once again reading back on diary entries for gigs annoys me! One song I mention. ONE! I really need to do a set list, or at least try to review a Duran gig but I get so excited and involved, singing and dancing with my friends that I simply forget! So hats off to all those people that do gig reviews. I wish I could stop behaving like an excited puppy for a second during gigs to do one like you!


Duran and The Scissor Sisters – April and May 2004

Wembley Arena – 24th April, 30th April and the 1st May

Fantastic set of concerts. Best i’ve ever seen them. Went backstage after the 30th April show and met Roger for the first time in 18 years! What a sweetheart! I also met Jake from the Scissor Sisters.

I met Ana from the Scissor Sisters on the 24th show. She was so lovely. So I called her over on the 30th’s show too and she introduced me to her best friend Christy. We had a great time.

On the 1st May show – it was a fantastic night. It was the last show of the tour and the atmosphere was superb. Met Ana again and Christy and we chatted for a while. Then we went backstage and we found out we can use our  passes to go to the party to celebrate the end of the tour at the Cafe Royal on Regent Street.

Wembley Pass 2004

Wembley Pass 2004 Copyright Michelle-Coldwell-Simons

It was so cool. Got a smile and a wink from John but the place was so full up – it was like a cattle market! Simon was huge headed, Roger was cool and Nick was laid back.

Met up with Rocks which was lovely. Fantastic set of gigs. Superb!

Notes About This Entry

The five dates of the Wembley tour was supported by Goldfrapp for the first few and the Scissor Sisters the last. For my birthday that February my husband Gary had bought me the Scissors CD. He had heard Comfortably Numb on Jo Whiley and thought – ‘My Michelle would love them!’ He was so right. No-one else had heard of them in my circle of friends except perhaps Frank so I, for once, was so excited to see a support act. It was amazing to meet Ana for the first time. She had finished her support set and came to the side of the stage to watch Duran – she is a MASSIVE Duran fan. I was standing at the front left of the stage on the barrier so called her over for a chat. She was so lovely. The following gig she did the same but this time came over to chat to me! She had been so excited to meet Duran – even got things signed! It was so refreshing!

Another after show party – I was so lucky to go to them I can tell you. In reality there really isn’t much reason for going. Duran aftershows are normally jam packed to the rafters with industry people, models (of course), some fans (how the hell did they get in!!) and sometimes the band themselves. Not all band members would go to some aftershows. This one was attended by all although I don’t remember Andy being there…..I sat and talked to Rocks (DD’s roadie from the 80’s) and his girlfriend Elena most of the night!

(I have also written a small piece on the back of this entry where there once was a backstage pass – it had been ripped off and some of my diary entry was missing too. I had gone to see the Scissor Sisters perform in Brighton at the Concorde 2. All I can make out of the entry was that it was a sweaty gig. Ana came out to say hi, we spent half an hour chatting and she persuaded me to never get a tattoo! She also gave me an email address to keep in touch.)

There is another gap of nearly a year or so in my diary. The next entry will be from 2005 – the year I get to fulfill one of my dreams!!


The Last Word – The End Of Car Crash TV

Friday 24th March 1995

The Word TV Studio’s, Teddington

We had tickets tonight to see Adam Ant but as we went on Wednesday we decided to flog our tickets instead. Only got a fiver each for them. We got to Sam’s, got ready, jumped into a taxi for Teddington. (We being Me, Gary, Sam and Frank.) We waited for Amy and John outside the studio and then got the press tickets – stickers to put on our legs. We then went to the bar.

As we walked through the studio’s we came across some fans that we saw at MTV. We walked past them and they shouted to Frank ‘Where are you going?’  He shouted back ‘The Bar!’ They had audience tickets but we had PRESS tickets!

We went to the bar where there were a lot of pretentious model type tarts and geeky blokes everywhere. Then we just had a wander.

After a while we found the way into the studio and stood by the stage that Duran were going to be on. Right next to JOHN!

When Duran came out before the recording started Simon came over to Sam and gave her a kiss and a cuddle. John smiled and winked at me and asked me how I was. John got a drink of water and I asked if I could have some. I said ‘It’s so hot down here’ and he said sarcastically ‘It must be all the excitement!’ Me and Amy laughed and said ‘Of course THAT’S what it is!’ He had a swig of water then gave the cup to me. I turned round to Gary and said ‘Cor I got John’s cup, he drank from this, swoon swoon’ jokingly. It didn’t please this fat girl behind us.

So when the show started we boogied our hearts out. ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ was first. It was fab. Then Terry Christian (presenter) talked to Jimmy Hill. Then this band came on….fuck knows who they were. Then Nick and Simon did an interview. Terry Christian asked if they liked East 17. Simon said they were ‘Awright’ in a sad cockney accent. Then then proceeded to talk a whole load of bollocks.

When Duran came back on they did ‘White Lines’ with Melle Mel and the Furious Five. That was SUPERB! The recording of the show finished but Duran played on. ‘Rebel Rebel’ Bowie and Iggy Pop’s ‘Success’ By this time we were behind the stage dancing!

When they came off stage John came over to us and said ‘Hi’ and then he put his arm around my waist and I put mine around his and we walked down the corridor together. We talked about how sweaty he was. He stroked up and down my back. OOOH! He then said they had been at the studio all day and was now going home. Amy asked how Atlanta was and he said ‘She’s Here’ so we asked if we could meet her and John said ‘ She’s tired and she wants to go home’. He then said his goodbyes and off he went.

Then Simon walked past. We flashed our passes and followed him. Sam called him and he came over to kiss her. He told her that she looked gorgeous. We said Hi to Nick but all we got was a ‘hi’ back!

We then went to the bar and got free beer and sat outside by the lock. Frank nicked some bags of Doritos. Then we went home.

You can see Sam and I quite clearly on the tape boogying. It’s funny. After all these years of following Duran this is the first time I have been captured on camera with them! We had such a fabulous time. It is such a shame we can’t do more things like that. I hope we meet again soon.


At this time I was working for a TV Magazine, hence the press tickets. I didn’t get to go to many TV show recordings but this one was great. Not only because Duran were on it but because it was the last ever one recorded. It wasn’t a brilliant TV show, I think that I have talked about it before – it was a real mish-mash, car-crash,  Live TV show that ran for 5 series with a variety of presenters all of which were slightly strange or quirky!

This was one of the only times that my boyfriend at the time Gary came out with me to a Duran thing. He was a bit bemused by the whole night but enjoyed Mary J Blige, who was the act I say in my diary entry that I didn’t know who they were! Gary was never into Duran, he liked them, don’t get me wrong. We are still together now – nearly 21 years in fact and I can honestly say that Gary likes Duran even less now! I didn’t tell Gary about JT stroking my back in case he got jealous……how funny is that!(I mention East 17 because my cousin is in that band.)

You can see Duran do Hungry Like The Wolf and White Lines on youtube if you search for it! I just did and smirked my head off!

When MTV Played Music – MTV’s Most Wanted – 17th March 1995

MTV Studios Camden NW1

Blimey, can you believe I still write in this diary?

Well, the story goes like this. I have been faxing Ray Coke’s – the presenter of MTV’s Most Wanted for days trying to get Sam, Frank, Amy, Jo, Julie and me onto the show to watch. In the end it turned out that only Frank, Amy and I really wanted to go.

I got to the studio’s after work (around 6.05pm) and only Warren had arrived. John arrived about 15 minutes later and immediately looked at us and said ‘WOW! What a blast from the past! I can’t believe it!’  So we chatted for about 30 seconds (!). I told him he looked tired etc etc and then he went in. It was superb that he remembers us.

Then Simon arrived like a drunk or something. He didn’t recognise anyone, he just said ‘Happy St Patrick’s Day – UP THE IRISH!’ and went in.

Nick came last (some things never change!) he too recognised us and was shocked to see us.

We then hung around for Ray Cokes to see if he would get us in. He came along at around 7.15. I said ‘Hang on Ray, can I have a word?’ then he said he was running late. So I said ‘I sent you loads of faxes to see if we can come and and see Duran, could you let us in?’ He said he would try and that he would need to get permission. We tried but to no avail!

So we went to George and Nikki’s Greasy Spoon for hot food and drink coz it is fucking freezing!

We went back to the studio’s. Whilst at the cafe we had each written a little note on a Channel 4 notepad I had saying how we wished we could see them more often but these days we were working and busy etc etc. When John came out I handed it to him saying ‘Read this John!’ he said ‘Thanks.’ Simon followed, seemingly out of his head. Then he saw Frank.  AND HE SCREAMED!

‘OH MY GOD FRAAAANK! Brilliant! You know it is a good day when Frank comes to see you!’ Frank was so gobsmacked!

Anyway dear diary. Duran will be appearing on The Word, a shite programme next Friday. Frank and I have tickets for Adam Ant on the same day so I don’t think we can make it.



At the time of writing this entry I worked for a TV magazine in Camden. The conference room had a direct view of the MTV building. (Before MTV it was TVAM). It was very handy for me as the studio’s were literally a 3 minute walk away. AND I sent faxes! Lots of FAXES! Back in those days that was the height of sophistication! I thought I was pretty special being the only one of the old gang that had tried to get us in to MTV! It didn’t work though!

Does anyone remember when MTV played music video’s and had Music Related TV shows on their schedule? I used to love Most Wanted and Ray Cokes used to make me laugh. I found a clip on youtube from that day and when I watched it back I was in hysterics. There are some telling points in the clip, especially when you think about my thoughts on Simon’s drunkeness and John being tired looking! If you can’t see the clip in this blog then please go on youtube and search Duran Duran Bingo Wall Of Death. You will love it!

The Only Entry For 1994 – Duran At Wembley – Simon Wore Blue Bacofoil and John Wore A Kilt!

28th January 1994 – Wembley Arena

It was quite bizarre. We travelled down from Fulham in Sam’s car. Jo, Sam and I left at 5.30pm but was stuck in traffic for nearly two and a half hours! Anyway we finally made it and got our tickets.

We met Julie and James, then Amy. Then we got as near to the front as we could, which happened to be near the gate that the people who were going backstage were using.

We saw lots of people coming and going. Naomi Campbell and Tony Hadley went through. Yasmin and Amanda with the babies.

Anyway. The three of us (Sam, Jo and me) got excellent vibes for getting into the party afterwards. We met with my darling Frank as well as Gary, Tracey and Alison. We also saw Maggie and Banger!

The concert was excellent. Simon wore a suit of which I can only describe as Blue Bacofoil and John wore a KILT!!!! Nick looked the same as usual.

John Taylor and Said Kilt. Wembley 1994 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

John Taylor and Said Kilt. Wembley 1994 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

They did old and new songs. They did ‘White Lines’ and Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five came on and did the song with them which was excellent.

After the show we went and stood at the door where the after show was. As luck would have it I saw S****** B***** who I used to work with at the Mirror. I asked him if he was going to the party and he showed me his pass. He said he would try to help me out and ask if he could have some passes. Then I couldn’t believe it. Ten minutes later he came back and gave me some passes! I got Sam Jo Julie and James and Frank in.



John and Amanda were interviewed on the Word TV Show that went out live. Simon went MAD when he saw Sam. He couldn’t believe he was seeing her! Later she mouthed across the room to him ‘I Love You’ and he mouthed back ‘I Love You Too!’ We were really laughing!

I didn’t talk to the band. I talked to Rox a lot and his girlie Elenor. Then this weird thing happened with this guy called M****** who was with S****** who got me a pass. He said he remembered me from when he filmed at Westside in 1986. He still has the video somewhere he said.

I stayed until around 12.45. That was the first after show I have ever gotten into. It was fun.

We might go to The Big Breakfast because Simon is going to be on it. We are CRAVEN!

31st January 1994

We decided not to go to the Big Breakfast Shoe as we had so much fun at the after show that if it is rubbish it would spoil it. They are flying to France tomorrow, but God knows if anyone is going to the airport.


It looks like I was only seeing Duran once a year by this time and looking ahead I only saw them twice in 1995. Then it is very skimpy until 2004 I think! Oops!

I loved going to this after show party as it was my first one. There was lots going on, lots of people, the film crew for the word, journalists, photographers – it was busy! I was so lucky to meet with an old colleague who had connections to let me and my friends in. It was OK as we didn’t bother the band, we just hung out and acted like we belonged. I think that at this time even the bar was a free one – not like it is today!

The Word was a TV show and one that Amanda De Cadenet was one of the presenters of. It wasn’t a great show – in fact watching it was a bit like car crash TV! Things went wrong, the presenters didn’t know what they were doing and it was on TV just when the pubs had shut so no one really cared! There will be another blog entry very soon about this TV Show.

I was not a very good critic when it comes to concert reviewing was I? It was excellent, Simon wore bacofoil, John a kilt and Nick looked the same. Review over!!! I don’t really remember what this gig was like. Feel free to refresh my memory!

As it turned out, none of the people I was with went to see Duran fly to France. I am sure actually that there are no more airport entries in my diary. Although it is a great place to meet them if they are in the right mood I was never a lover of meeting them at the airport.

Like I said, my next entry is the following year. My Duran Diaries are running a bit on the low side…….

The Only Entry For 1993 – Dominion Double And It’s Just Like Old Times

20th March 1993

Diary still Going! Can’t believe it!

Duran got to number six in the UK charts with their first single in years ‘Ordinary World’. They toured (briefly). They played Birmingham 19.3.93  and The Dominion Theatre twice – once at 7.30 and once at Midnight.

Dominion Theatre Midnight gig. 1993 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMON

I got front row tickets with Sam to the midnight gig. It was OK. Actually It was a bit disappointing. It was an amazing view, but I thought Simon seemed a bit spaced out. John was great. Nick was the same.

Dominion Theatre Midnight gig. 1993 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMON













We nearly got into the after show party but Jo ended up arguing with a security guard on the door so we got chucked out!!! I got to bed at 4 o’clock and I was knackered! Getting old now I’m 22!

Jo, Sam, Amy, Julie (5 months pregnant!), Jason, Alison, Frank – some of the old gang all back together again – it was so amazing!

They are supposed to be touring again in July, but Sam and I can’t wait that long! We are hoping to see them again soon. Just like old times!


I had obviously had a few sparse times with Duran having not written an entry for 3 years! I am sure I must have popped to see them in these in between years but just not written them down! I am actually surprised that this diary has any entries in at all after the 80’s. On writing this entry in 1993 I had left home, moved into a flat with my boyfriend, moved into another flat and then bought my own house so moved again! This diary is probably one of the only consistent things I have had since I was a child! How bizarre is that! And I am still writing in it today….although there are only a few pages left!

I remember feeling that at the Dominion show things didn’t seem right. I said that Simon seemed spaced out…..I remember him babbling a lot in between songs. I particularly remember him talking about Jim Morrison either before or after their rendition of Crystal Ship. It just didn’t FEEL right that gig.

There I am, my 22 year old self saying I am too tired  and that it must be because I am getting old! At 22! Unbelievable! It is such as shame you can’t get these years back. The truth is that youth is wasted on the young! I think that now I am 40 I have lots more energy and stamina! Good job really as I am still going out and about seeing Duran. I must admit though – the days of going to see Duran are now slowly coming to an end……


13th June 1990/10th August 1990 – Helping Out At A Shoot and Asking For A Job

13th June 1990

Clapham Common North Side, London

Sunday Mirror Magazine Photo Session With Simon Yasmin and Baby Amber

I went with Ollie and Lucy (Fashion Ed & Assistant) to help out on a photo shoot with Simon for the magazine. Simon was fab!

Yasmin was, well Yasmin and Amber was FAB FAB FAB! She is such a sweet baby. So well behaved. And she was copying everything I did. So cute.

I had a really nice day. The house we did the shoot in was huge and gorgeous. I sat in the kitchen with Amber and Yasmin for a lot of the shoot.

Frank came down at the end of the session and was talking to Simon about the new single. It’s due out at the end of the July and called The Summer of Violence or The Violence Of Summer – something like that. The album is called – one word…something beginning with R? No L – Liberty!

10th August 1990

Wogan TV Studio

Duran were on it and because Jo and Frank were going I said I would too. I thought it would be a laugh!

Glimpsed Simon and Nick. Said hi to Simon. Saw John get into his car and he said ‘Hi’ in recognition.

So Frank and I decided to go to John’s. Amanda was there. We rang the doorbell and she peered over the balcony and screamed for John!

John came out and talked to us. We talked about everything….so much stuff! I even asked him for a job!!! He gave us the new Album on CD called Liberty it’s due out on the 20th. I’m listening to it now. It’s OK. It’s the first time that I have heard The Violence of Summer. Liberty sounds a bit Soul II Soul-y. I don’t know. I’ll have to listen to is a bit more though.

John was fab. We kind of felt like we weren’t fans talking to him at the door.


I was really chuffed to be able to go along to a photo session with Simon. I was a receptionist/junior secretary at the time at the Sunday Mirror Magazine and I must have begged them to take me a long. Good job too as I think I baby sat Amber a lot of the time! I remember the house was pretty amazing – it was a location house – not Simon’s own house. I remember helping putting the clothes onto rails and making tea and coffee. I got to do some amazing things when I worked there I must admit. I got to see Duran again a bit later as far as I remember through work too!

Going to see John at his house was something we did very rarely now we were a bit older. I think that because we hadn’t really seen Duran at the Wogan show we thought we chance it to see if John was home. Luckily he was. I felt very privileged to be GIVEN a CD without having to buy it and ten days before it was in the shops!

I do remember telling John I was very bored in my job and could he offer me some work…he was non-committal about that! I had to stick with my ‘boring’ job at the Sunday Mirror Magazine, a national newspaper with so much going on – how could it possibly have been boring? Sometimes I could just slap my younger self – I didn’t know I had it so good!