About The Duran Diaries

THE diary

This is it. The original diary from where this stuff will come from!

I am what you would probably call a long time Duran fan. I liked to listen and of course  to look at Duran from the age of 11 in 1982. In 1985 I tried to meet Duran…..just going around to what I thought were the addresses of various members of the band.  I kept a diary from 1986 and thought it may be interesting to write them up in a blog not only for the memories but to preserve the pages forever in cyberspace!

And the  picture of the red book above is of the actual of diary. Yes it has Care Bear stickers on it. But this was the 80’s. And Care Bears were cute.

This blogged diary contains not only the words from the actual diary pages, but my commentary on it too. This diary blog is not only about one of the best British bands in the world, Duran Duran. It is also a social commentary about what it was like to grow up in London in the 80’s and seeing celebrities on every street corner!

The back page of my diary where I scribbled who I met in the 80's world of celebrity!

The back page of my diary where I scribbled who I met in the 80’s world of celebrity!

This picture is of the back pages of my diary where I had written the names of all the other celebrities I had met or seen. Believe it or not I am glad that I scribbled these down as for the most part I had forgotten that I had seen/met a lot of them.

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45 responses to “About The Duran Diaries

  • kaz

    Fabulous. I kept a diary all through the 80s, but fraid apart from brief meetings with Bros, David Lee Roth and Bryan Adams I had no excitement so love living vicariously thru your diaries.

  • The Seventh Stranger

    Ha ha – don’t worry I’m not a 13 yr old girl on her school holiday 🙂 I’m a 38 yr old bloke! And I promise I won’t leave any Wham grafitti on the garage door!

    If you could just say the street I’d be interested to see what he chose with his impeccable taste! It looks a bit like the mews house on Return of The Saint – remember that? I could trade you that address 🙂 Maybe you could give me a guided tour of all the old DD haunts? 38 Simon Road is a bit far though. Impressed?

    Drop me an email if you prefer?


    • thedurandiaries

      It was Ennismore Mews. There. I said it! It is a lovely cobblestoned street. Do you remember an advert in the 80’s for VW Golf – the one where the model storms down the cobbles, throwing off furs and diamonds, but keeps the car keys? Think that was filmed there! 😉

  • ruy

    michelle,great memories,salute you from argentina,
    i have a blog about dd in argentina,…congratulatios for your page

  • new moon

    Loved reading your diaries so many memories! Would have loved to have been a ‘known fan’ but in reality was more of a screaming, crying groupie I guess…and only got to see them live in 2000!! But was worth the wait!
    BTW I can only see 1986..are there any more entries from other years…

  • Christine Yeap (@cycl5168)

    oh you are going to be deluged! @duranduran just sent its 47K++ followers to your blog!

    Hi from Kuala Lumpur – I’ve been a DD fan since Planet Earth and tho I have had many interests since, DD still has a very secure spot in my heart! and my iPod. I’ve never seen them live sadly and am hoping hard they do South East Asia next year.

    Thanks for this blog and I’ll be popping in regularly!

  • woozie94

    Hello 🙂 I put The Daily Duranie website into my blogroll at Union Of The Mix (http://unionofthemix.blogspot.com/). If you’d like to return the favour, I would be really pleased.

  • Kirsty

    Wow! This is such brilliant idea to set up this blog.
    Thank you for posting all your personal experiences and the photos.
    I love reading it.

    I am from Germany and when I first visited London in 1987 I also spent a lot of time in front of the DD houses. I also went to Pinner.

    Thanks again for sharing your diaries.


  • Steve H.

    Just recently saw Duran at the Brighton Centre, loved the concert, really enjoyed it – first time I had seen them since the reunion Wembley concerts. I wanted to see what was out on the internet and was quite depressed that many message boards and forums pre-Astronaut have been deleted (or I can’t find them) but this diary blog was a fantastic find!!! It’s a brilliant read and the photo’s are wonderful – I love how the 80s looks in them – they really bring back the feeling and memories of the time. The first time I saw a photo I had an immediate flashback to a Disc camera (they were The Future apparently). Thanks so much for posting, it really is a brilliant warts-and-all document of a special time and your commentary really shows it.

    Thanks Again!

    • thedurandiaries

      Thank you very much Steve! I was also at the Brighton gig – wasn’t it fantastic? I also went to Bournemouth and Birmingham but maintain the the Brighton gig was the best out of the three!
      Oh, and a LOT of my pictures were taken on a disc camera, my nan’s to be precise as I didn’t own a camera back then. You have to love those daisy wheel negatives!
      Thanks again for reading!

  • Jodi Bentley (@midwifefromoz)

    I love this! was up half the night reading them. Michelle you lived the life I dreamed of (from 1982-84sih)and if I lived in the UK I would have been doing the same thing! My parents were from London but moved to OZ before I was born so always felt a UK connection. I was lucky enough to see Duran in 1983 (couldnt really HEAR them over all the screaming) in Adelaide when I was 15. I spent all my pocket money on UK pop magazines and Duran paraphernalia(still have some today)& vinyl records. I have a pic of me in my room (early 80’s) with the walls covered in posters. I must admit they lost me after the 3rd album,I liked it but it certainly was a different sound! I strayed around ’84ish and was into Spandau, Wham(yes even re postered the walls) Madonna and some Aussie bands. Then I discovered “real” boys and dont even recall any new Duran stuff! (how could I have missed ‘Ordinary World’)!! Roll forward to 2012 and happened to notice an announcement that Duran were playing a gig in Adelaide again! Decided I would go (and drag hubby along) and thought I better brush up on the music before I go. Imagine my surprise to see they had released 10 more albums!! Have got back into loving what they do, BTW the Adelaide concert was FAB!! can’t believe its been 30 years!!! Long Live Duran Duran!!

    • thedurandiaries

      Hi Jodi, sorry for the long wait in replying. Thank you for reading my diary. So glad you found them to read. I am still at it; going to see Duran that is but obviously not nearly as often and not staying out all day waiting, but I am obviously still addicted. And soon, there will be another new album and tour to get excited about…….x

  • Kirk Holeman

    The Duran Diaries- Thank you so much for this. I had surfed the net for hours to find photos of the bands houses. No luck. Only Simons Putney home from satellite. I thought I had died and gone to heaven to see their actual houses and hear about fan interaction. Oh, I am jealous of you. I longed to be in that band as a youth. You are so wonderful for doing this site! My email is *********************** if you care to swap a few emails where I can ask what they are really like. Or anyone else who REALLY has met them cares to share info. Why, with modern technology are their not street view pictures of all of their homes on the net? The neighborhood doesnt know that they liive there?? They do! Any fan with this info PLEASE email me!!
    Kirk Holeman
    Little Rock, Ar

  • Kari

    Great site! Great history! I could only dream of meeting them-and you did! I stopped listening to Duran Duran after Arena (I was 12 or so) and I got into heavy metal instead. I am now 40 yrs old & this year I have gotten Duran crazy again – mainly due to John Taylor ‘s (my fave) book. I bought his book & just now got his audio book CD so I can hear him read to me LOL! I have been listening to all the albums I had missed since Arena – minus the ones without John Taylor of course, so I am re-discovering them all over again. My teenage daughter thinks I’m crazy! Again – I love your site!

  • ente

    Thank You for share with us all this diaries of you.
    I live in Canary Islands, Spain.
    I have been a Duran Duran Fan since 1984.
    The world stopped when a Duran Duran video was on tv.
    Thanks for all this work of you.
    😉 Sorry about my english, I am spanish.

  • thedurandiaries

    Ente, thanks for your comment and your English is miles better than my Spanish! x

  • Andrew Golub

    What a lovely, heartfelt blog to discover! Thank you so much for sharing such special memories. I thought I would reach out to you to let you know of a new, limited-edition art book I just put out: “Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran,” chronicling the band’s career through selected posters from my archive.

    I am a Duran Duran archivist and I recently released this 260-page, hardcover book, filled with stunning visuals that reflect the band’s history from 1978 to 2013. Special highlights include compelling insights from many of the artists and a touching foreword from Nick Rhodes. Duran Duran has called the book “magnificent” and I hope you don’t mind me writing to bring it to your attention. I designed “Beautiful Colors” for incredible fans like yourself!

    Here is an online article about the book:

    Thank you again for sharing your awesome reflections — memories which are endearing, inspiring, and anything but careless!

    All my best,



    • thedurandiaries

      Thank you Andrew for reading my diaries, I am glad you enjoyed them. Congratulations on the book too. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about it. I will certainly look into getting myself a copy! Michelle x

  • Tracey Carr Jones

    Now THAT was fun to read! I am 44 yrs old and I felt twinges of jealousy about your experiences..haha. >>John Fan<< Thanks for sharing this with us

  • Cosmic

    Hi, after a lifetime I have finally made it to london! Are there any fan meets I could come to?

    • thedurandiaries

      Hi, enjoy London. I am not sure about fan meets to be honest. Your best bet would be twitter I reckon. Put a tweet out there to London Duran fans to see if anyone would be interested in meeting up. Hope you are successful! All the best.

  • Jo

    Amazing stories! Totally jealous that you go to actually hang out with them in person and get to know them. John was a dream!! You are so lucky to have had those experiences. I’m now 37 and I’m sure a lot of people would say I’m sad but if only I could travel back to those days and have experienced them like you did. I was only 8 at the time so hadn’t quite started getting into music or boys. If only I’d known #sigh

  • Jo

    So envious! This would have been my dream life as a teen. I love both Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet but I have to admit I am more of a Spandau fan. I do love John T but was turned off by the drug use. I have fancied myself in love with every single one of the Spandau boys at various times or another.

  • Sophie Burton

    Wow, As I remember, I was the first person to find out that John’s address was Ennismore mews, that was when they were recording in Fulham. 4 of us were invited into the recording studios by Nick and Nile Rodgers to do a running sound which was going to be used on Wildboys 12″, I am very happy that you put this up, I was a Nick Rhodes fan only, and broke into the BBC regularly, I watched them perform The Reflex backstage on Top of the Pops, Do not know if I remember you, but we must have met. x

  • Sophie Burton

    Just checked years and realised that that was 1983!!!!!! I have great photos still, apart from ones I sold to other fans, Probably still have negatives though, get in touch with me and I will send you them, so lovely to remember all those good times xx

    • Joanna France

      Wow just found this blog!!!
      I think I am Jo2!! Ha ha I used to hang out with Cathy, Emma, Kirsty, Lisa, Alison, Dawn and Caroline then later with Jo, Sam Frank etc. I spend the long summers at Maison rouge/Nomis/BBC/ Wogan etc, still have some pics somewhere. Thanks for the blog reminds me of loads of stuff that happened. Never forget sleeping outside the Savoy to get pics of Nick after his wedding or getting make up for Xmas from Duran at Maison R. Thanks for the memories

      • thedurandiaries

        Hi Joanna! I remember you! I am so glad that I wrote a lot of my memories down, I would have forgotten them if I hadn’t! Hope you are well. I am still very close friends with Sam Frank Jo Coleman etc! Lovely to hear from you. would love to see any pictures you find!

  • Jo

    Hi, wish I had kept all of my diaries would have been nice to read it all again but reading yours brought back loads of memories.
    I have some pics, most got given away to fans but I have all of my old disc film negatives. Not sure if they still can develop them nowadays. Nice to know you guys all kept touch. Where do you want me to share the pics?

    • thedurandiaries

      I can email you if you like. Are you on Facebook? I think a lot of us were going to try and get together in the summer, would you be interested in meeting up?

      • Jo

        I’m on Facebook. I don’t live in London anymore I’m in Dorset.
        Would be up for a meet just depends on dates, travelling etc.
        I still have loads of video tapes with Duran stuff on from back in the day, I was going to get them put on DVDs. My poor mum had to always tape them for me as most stuff was live so I was there. Are you in touch with the Spandau girls as well? Lisa Franklin etc? Or any of the Wham fans? Funny how all of our lives collided around bands of the 80,s.

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