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December 28th 1986 – My First Concert! (And it’s not Duran – Ooops!)


They were great! They played all the songs off the Barricades album and different ones from their other albums.

Gary was making faces at us mob at the front, me, Amy and Das. We got 13th row but ran to the front. We were RIGHT at the front!

The concert was really good. Lights, sound etc. Gary looked really good. Liked the white vest top……mmmmm.

Spandau Ballet Wembley Arena December 28th 1986 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS










Tony’s voice was really good and the rest of them were great too.

The Spandau fans were really bitchy after though. They left us on the train to go to an aftershow party. Jo and Kris were invited as they had organised the strippergram for Martin and Gary’s birthday. Annoyed. I mean – Gary had ASKED where I was and why I didn’t go to his party!!!


I know, I know. This is the Duran diaries. But like I said, I met lots of bands when following Duran and Spandau were like my second choice! And they HAD a tour! Duran did not tour until the following year.

In a way I was glad I got to go to another gig first before seeing Duran live. I then had something  to compare Duran to when I did see them perform live.  And Spandau were a similar kind of band too. (Please no arguing here – both were five piece bands that started in the early 80’s under the New Romantic sound genre who were both moving into different sounding area’s of music by the mid 80’s. That’s all I meant!)

I enjoyed this gig immensely. It was lovely to also get some recognition from the band onstage too. They interacted with us, which I didn’t expect! I mean this was Wembley Arena! I thought you wouldn’t SEE the band on stage as it was such a big venue.

In those days you were allowed to run to the front of a gig. You didn’t get told to go back to your seat. You didn’t get told to SIT DOWN like I have in some more recent gigs. Gigs back then meant that if you had a seat in the first say 15 rows, you had EVERY chance of making it to the front! As soon as those lights went up – YOU RAN! Gigs back then meant you sang, danced, hollered and waved. You took pictures. You waved a lighter around in the slow numbers – taking care not to set anyone’s hair on fire of course. You could SMOKE at gigs!  You had a good time. These days you can’t leave your seat. You can’t stand up sometimes.  I have been moaned at for DANCING at gigs before. You certainly can’t have a lighter anymore and you can get your camera confiscated. A lot of the fun has been taken out of going to concerts. I know for Health and Safety reasons but still.

So this is the end of my Duran diary for 1986. And the last entry is not even a Duran one! Not to worry. More Duran to come in 1987…..