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Andy Taylor at The Marquee – My First Sneaky Peek Of Roger

Saturday 24th November 1990

The Marquee, London W1

ANDY TAYLOR in concert. His support were a group called LOUD who weren’t too bad. Andy was OK. His voice isn’t brilliant but the guitars were FAB! One of his guitarists is Matthew (?) maybe – can’t remember his name – but he was in a band called Chiefs Of Relief. He was brilliant and quite gorgeous!

Guess who was there? Tracey and baby Andy and……ROGER TAYLOR!!! YAY! The first and probably last time I will ever see the man I loved from Duran the longest! His face looked quite chubby from a distance but still the same…we saw him from this viewing window. Rae and I tried to go up these back stairs to try and meet him but he was gone by the time we got there.

Andy Taylor gig at The Marquee, London W1 COPYRIGHT MICHELLE COLDWELL-SIMONS

Oh and Then Jericho, well Mark Shaw was there. And Simon and Viv Cooke who work for him now I think…….


I remember not really wanting to go to this gig and that Rae – the long-term Andy fan – dragged me to it. It was great I suppose because the Marquee was an iconic venue to go to and this was the only time I had ever seen a gig there. I remember it being hot and I was getting squashed. I think that the audience were predominantly guitar music fans rather than Duran fans so it was not like any gig that I had been to before! There wasn’t any screaming girls and there were quite a few men at the gig s.  Back then not many men came to Duran gigs not like today!

I remember liking the guitarist Matthew from Chiefs of Relief. He was very cute to look at, and this gig he had a great ripped sleeved t-shirt with a question mark on it and was sporting some tattoos. I thought he was gorgeous….not my usual type but a bit of rough I suppose. I just looked him up to see what he was up to now and sadly he passed away in 1995 of a diabetes related illness. That is sad. He had worked with Adam and the Ants and Bow Wow Wow.   He was only 35.

Reading this makes me feel a little old – Andy Taylor Junior was a baby then and now he is a guitarist in his own right!

(Simon and Viv Cooke were twins that worked for Duran….I’m not 100% sure what their official title was but I used to call them Duran’s Body Guards. I am sure that someone will tell me otherwise!)